Justin Smiley passes physical, joins the Jags

There was concern on Monday the Dolphins guard Justin Smiley may not pass the physical that he was required to take as part of his trade to the Jaguars.

In the end, it was no big deal.  A league source tells us that Smiley passed his physical.

He’s now a member of the Jaguars, and the Dolphins have reduced their complement of interior offensive linemen to 21.

8 responses to “Justin Smiley passes physical, joins the Jags

  1. Smiley will start at LG and Uche will move inside to center. Manuwai could be the odd man out because he looks like the son of the Michelin Man and Pillsbury dough girl. He pretty much sucked last year. Yeah he was in first year removed from ACL tear but he couldn’t even move for cripes sake. Meester is more versatile than Manuwaii and I don’t think he is as expensive. Injury at guard and slide Uche back over and put in Meester. Alot depends on if Keenan Forney performs solidly. If he does Manuwaii becomes expendable. They like Vince and think he has unique upper body strength but the guy is about as mobile as a port a pottie. I personally think he is done. I hope I am wrong. A healthy Vince and Smiley at Guards and Uche at Center and all of a sudden the Jags don’t have OL problems, assuming the two rookie tackles continue improving as they appeared to be during last season.

  2. Jaguars got a good player, who should be able to perform at his current level for several more years… as long as they don’t expect him to play 16.
    Jacksonville should be even closer to home for Smiley… who’s a genuinely good guy. I wish him well.
    Dolphins get to dump the salary of a chronically injured player whom they now have the talent to replace, and a late pick… which I suspect annoys the ever-loving-crap out of Florio. lol

  3. Buyer beware… His shoulder is messed up beyond belief and he’s going to end up on IR sooner than later… If he was healthy he could help a team out, but he couldn’t stay healthy in Miami so why would he be able to somewhere else..

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