Myron Rolle donates to Tennessee flood victims

Tennessee Titans rookie safety Myron Rolle hasn’t yet signed his first NFL contract. And as a sixth-round draft pick, he’s not going to become fabulously wealthy even when he does start collecting NFL paychecks.

But that’s not stopping Rolle from offering some financial assistance to some people who can use it.

Rolle presented two $1,000 donations Tuesday to the Tennessee Emergency Response Fund and the Metro Nashville Disaster Response Fund.

Rolle noted that he’s “not crazy wealthy,” but added, “it’s very pertinent to help in a community” and that “this is my first way of doing so.”

The money came from the foundation Rolle started in January 2009 after leaving the Florida State football team to become a Rhodes Scholar.

21 responses to “Myron Rolle donates to Tennessee flood victims

  1. Myron Rolle will be the second African-American President of the United States by 2040.

  2. It’s nice to hear when a pro athlete does something good… Getting sick of the thug mentality that99% of them have

  3. NO WAY! A titan with character!? They actually make them?
    Nicely done Myron!

  4. Just having this guy on your team should make the rest of the team want to become better people.

  5. I only wish Albert Haynesworth would just show up and practice for his money, and this guy does not even have any yet and he is giving it away…….. Props.

  6. smart,donate now,and when the big check comes in you are already off the hook,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,screw off,im joking,he seems like a really good person,tenn is lucky to have him

  7. Rolle isnt smart enough to be president. Well I take that back, he shouldn’t be but based on american history you don’t have to be a genius to run a country. Not a big fan of him. He goes out of his way too often to talk about what he has done. Slight above average intelligence at best. Is dedicated though and deserves the credit he has earned for that.

  8. Nice actions from a good kid..
    The NFL could use more high charactor guys like him, but unfortunately, Rolle is not going to be in the league long. He just plain doesnt have the speed or change of direction needed to make it.
    Its probaby for the best though. Now he can go become a surgeon and actually help people, instead of just playing a game that people take far too seriously…

  9. @ Dan Snyder.
    Hes an effing Rhodes Scholar and could probably repair all his teammates injuries with his surgeon skills. I think he’s pretty intelligent.

  10. DanSnyder, did you forget your boat? Trolling works a lot better when you’re not standing on a tiny island by yourself.

  11. first off, the media is the one who talks about him all them time… and they should. i don’t see him running out saying “look at me”. he just does things selflessly and it gets some attention. This guy has his act together. the real travesty is that he wasn’t drafted till the 6th round because his goals go way beyond football. he’s a first round talent and i wish the skins would have selected him. lord knows we could use a free safety other than Laron Landry. This guy is going to be good and when he’s done, he’ll become a doctor. quite a legacy.

  12. @ Dan Snyder
    And Dan…that is why you ARE WHO WE THOUGHT YOU WERE! And, you will never win a Super Bowl!
    BTW- if you are serious….In a “na na , na na naaaa na jingle”….You are a MORON!!!!!

  13. Followed this guy since he was making his college choice and PSU was still in the mix. He is pure class. It’s nice to see an American with a sense of community and decency.

  14. DanSnyder is an idiot. Myron has the whole world ahead of him at this point. He had a disappointing 40 time (4.7 which dropped him so low in the draft) but I am rooting for him. I wish him the best. And if he goes from being and NFL player to president it will be off the chain.

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