Report: New York Super Bowl a "virtual certainty"

As the moment approaches for the casting of ballots regarding the location of Super Bowl XLVIII, Gary Myers of the New York Daily News report that Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey remains the clear-cut favorite.

Per Myers, the prospect of winning the vote is considered to be a “virtual certainty.”

Still, absent a report that at least 17 owners have decided to vote for New York in each and every round of voting, the move won’t become an actual certainty.

Thus, to quote another New Yorker, it’s not over until it’s deja vu all over again.  Or something.

19 responses to “Report: New York Super Bowl a "virtual certainty"

  1. It’s going to be awesome to watch the Carolina Panthers win a Super Bowl in that place one day. We closed that old dump with a 41-9 beatdown and we’re going to open the new place in similar fashion.
    Remember Giants fans… 41-9

  2. LOL
    Nice 41-9 hang your whole teams history on that.
    It’s cool to wish for things like a superbowl victory, good luck with that Carolina. Not sure your team will even be there by 2014 lol. Might be the LA Panthers, dont you have some Nascar to watch the day we open our new stadium??

  3. “Remember Giants fans… 41-9”
    Actually I more fondly remember Jake’s 5 picks against AZ a couple of years ago as well as 39-20, 20-19 and 17-14.
    Panthers SB wins, those scores escape me, perhaps you can enlightened me of them?

  4. For those posting about the “elements” effecting a superbowl game, regardless to the point of whether or not NJ hosts – you do realize that the playoffs/ Conference Championship games are/have been predominately played outdoors, in all types of weather through the years in places like Lambeau, Heinz, Gilette, etc? Some of the most iconic games ever played are derived from weather induced situations – ie – the Icebowl, the “Tuck Rule” game, Coughlin’s melting face game. (Ok, threw that one in there, but you’ll remember that image far longer than any particular image from the Saints playing the Vikes indoors last year.) Point being – if all the games that are played outdoors are subject to conditions of the day, why would the most important game of the year be treated any different? Sponsors will still pay regardless, let’s not even think they’ll stay away. I don’t know about you, but if it snowed 2 ft the day of the superbowl, I think it would be even more a draw, if that were possible, than seeing 75 degree weather in Tampa, San Deigo or some dome someplace.

  5. St.Jimmy says: “Remember Giants fans… 41-9”
    Remember Jimmy, in Carolina pigs out number people. You are the pig s**t capital of the world. Your largest “lakes” are man made and are holding containers for pig s**t. No football game can ever wipe away that stain. You must be so proud to be a resident of the state that’s known for producing 9.5 MILLION TONS of hog manure A YEAR!!!!
    “We’re the cesspool of the United States,” says retired hog farmer Don Webb. “I mean, all you got to do is see a map somewhere and put a commode on North Carolina, and that’s what you got.”
    I’ll take a 41-9 lost over that anyday. BTW-How many Super Bowl wins do the Pathers have again?

  6. Dappolock – “I don’t know about you, but if it snowed 2 ft the day of the superbowl, I think it would be even more a draw.”
    It would be more of a crawl – if you can even get within site of the stadium. Only game ticket holders – meaning no Jet fans – are allowed near the stadium.
    I can’t wait for the first Stupid Bowl held outside on the frozen tundra at New Giants Stadium filled with snow – it will suck for the fans attending and the teams playing – while most NJ/NY fans watch from some where inside and warm – loving the fact they don’t have a game ticket.
    And then next one held in Ann Arbor, MI where the NFL will expect to break SB attendance records.
    And then on to State College, PA – the first real small town venue to host (sorry Green Bay – not enough seats).
    What I most hope for is Anchorage, AK getting into the SB mix – NJ will be tropical in comparison.

  7. Pier588 – You keep posting the same grossly inaccurate post. The NFL DOES NOT GIVE THE SUPER BOWL TO CITIES WHERE THERE IS NOT A NFL FRANCHISE. You’re an absolute jackass because you have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about. Does your sad, moronic “arguments” mean that all playoff games now have to be held in domes or in tropical climates? What happens when it snows during a playoff game? Has a playoff game ever been canceled due to snow? Your stupidity and ignorance is startling, even for this site.

  8. Can someone PLEASE tell me where the stadium is at in NEW YORK that the Superbowl will be played at in 2014?? Thats right NEW YORK doesnt have a stadium NEW JERSEY DOES!!!! So the superbowl WILL NOT be played in NEW YORK it will be played in NEW JERSEY. I am sick and tired of New York claiming everything New Jersey gets. The teams practice and play in New Jersey they should be called Jersey Jets and Jersey Giants. They are the only teams in the NFL that moved to another state and kept the name of their former state. Why didnt New York build them a new stadium years ago???
    Sign: Disgruntled Jersey Fan

  9. REALLY…who cares if the game is played in the top terrorist target. The JIIINTS and GEETZ will never see a Super bowl in the next 100 years.

  10. Ravenmuscle says: “REALLY…who cares if the game is played in the top terrorist target.”
    You’re right about that. What terrorist would EVER target Baltimore?!?! One, whatever they blew up, they would improve. Two, no one would notice or care. Three, no way they can kill as many residents as you guys murder each year. Baltimore is definitely safe from terrorist attacks. Now, if you could only get your own, home grown, violent sociopaths under control, you might actually have a city that a rodent would consider worthwhile.

  11. east96street. – “You’re an absolute jackass because you have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about.”
    The NFL gave the Super Bowl to the Rose Bowl in the past.
    DUMBA$$ – I just checked and Pasadena has never had an NFL team nor does the city of Los Angeles.
    How does it feel to be an “absolute jackass”? Your personal stupidity and ignorance are not startling, especially on this site.”

  12. easy69street – “if you could only get your NYC, home grown, violent sociopaths under control, you might actually have a city that a rodent would consider worthwhile.” Nothing like the PFT resident “absolute jacka$$” – easy69street – from one over crowded metro area dissing another for like in kind problems.
    And they’ll be playing the Stupid Bowl in NJ – if the NFL is stupid enough to give it to them later today – not NYC where the JETS last played sometime last century in Shea – no wait, Shea is in Queens, not NY.

  13. Pier588 really man calm down. Easy 69 street is 100% correct. When you google make sure you get all of your information. Here it is in Black and white. READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE. Yes the Rose Bowl has hosted in the PAST But PAST IS PAST.
    Super Bowls
    Main article: Super Bowl
    The Rose Bowl stadium has hosted the Super Bowl five times. The first being in 1977, Super Bowl XI when the Oakland Raiders beat the Minnesota Vikings 32–14. The game was also played there in 1980 (Super Bowl XIV), 1983 (Super Bowl XVII), 1987 (Super Bowl XXI) and 1993 (Super Bowl XXVII). The Rose Bowl is one of three venues (Stanford Stadium and Houston’s Rice Stadium being the others) to host a Super Bowl though having never served as the full-time home stadium for an NFL or AFL team (Stanford Stadium hosted one San Francisco 49ers game after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake).
    Because the NFL has a policy limiting the hosting of a Super Bowl to NFL cities (& metropolitan areas), the Super Bowl has not been played at the Rose Bowl since January 1993. Since the Rams and Raiders departed the L.A. area in the mid-1990s, the NFL’s title game visits to southern California have been limited to San Diego only, home of the Chargers.

  14. Bigkahunano – The NFL hasn’t ever taken a Super Bowl to a northern (NFL city) without a roof either – this proposed NJ game would be the exception.
    That opens the door for all kinds of going forward rule changes – like holding it in a college venue like Michigan’s 148,000 new addition – double the New Giants Stadium capacity. And the city of Ann Arbor is very near Detroit – home of the NFL Lions.
    Who really knows what other changes will come about regarding hosting the Super Bowl – if the NFL is stupid enough to open that can of worms and give it to NJ?

  15. When will the media ever get it correct? Giants and Jets play in NEW JERSEY. I love NY, but PLEASE get it straight after all these years, it’s NJ

  16. Boy does it suck to be a Panthers fan on this board! Phew…thank goodness I’m a Pats fan! Bring on the cold weather super bowls!!!
    BTW – how many Panther super bowl wins are there? I missed it…

  17. Awesome. So we get to see 2 teams running the ball every down, falling down every few steps, and nobody knowing where the outside marker is due to the snow depth

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