NFL takes unacceptable risk with New York Super Bowl

I usually like to go against the grain.  Not long ago, the notion of a Super Bowl in New York/New Jersey would have been about as against the grain as possible.

But once it became a likelihood that the game would be staged at the new Meadowlands Stadium, I decided again to go against the grain.

As explained in our latest item at, it’s a bad idea.

The NFL could get lucky on this one.  Or very unlucky.

Either way, the NFL needs to handle the Super Bowl with greater care.

107 responses to “ NFL takes unacceptable risk with New York Super Bowl

  1. As a fan who’s gone to the Super Bowl….having it in NY is a very ignorant idea.
    1st is that…if you are going to go to the game it’s a full week or full weekend of events.
    …who want’s to deal with the problems of driving in the snow
    re snow: a bunch of out of town people driving in the snow…..what a cluster F…..
    2nd- If I own a business…I’d much rather give my tickets to someone to go to a beach town than a snow trip where they aren’t going skiing.
    3rd – Sitting in a cold weather game sucks. We are lucky in AZ to have the best of both worlds with our stadium….imagine them having the Super Bowl in AZ with the dome open with 115 degree temp…that’d suck…just as bad as a 20 degree game will.
    4 – if the playing surface is iced over…players slipping and sliding is not what we want to see….we want both teams at their optimal level.
    5 – what are they going to do if it is postponed….people fly out and spend THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars to attend….it’s not like they can turn around and do it next week.
    If there aren’t palm trees …. no super bowl

  2. Forgot to add that the SuperBowl kickoff is at 6:35 pm Eastern time and the sun goes down at about 4 pm in February so that will add to the warmth (or lack thereof).
    No babes during the half time show either.

  3. I’m not even going to look at the video because I think people complaining about a New York SB are just plain wrong. If New York is ok to play a post season game 2 weeks before the SB then why is it not good enough to play the SB in? Makes absolutely no sense to me. Weather is part of the game, deal with it.

  4. I just find it funny how the greatest games of all time are weather related. It seems to me that only the press wants it warm. Most players and fans realize the game is played outdoors. Weather makes legends. Suck it up Florio.

  5. If someone can explain ANY additional risk to a NY Super Bowl than a Detroit or Indianapolis Super Bowl with the EXCEPTION of actually playing football in the elements like it’s SUPPOSED to be played, I’d like to hear it.
    All these weather and travel related concerns are no different in New York than these domed stadium venues with the only exception being the four hours on Sunday. It’s alright to play in sub-zero temperatures to GO to the Super Bowl, but it’s not okay to do that IN the Super Bowl? Yeah, that makes sense.

  6. It is kind of like the whole overtime thing, you had no clue then and you dont now.

  7. Soooooo… your argument against a New York Superbowl is it could be cold?
    aaaaaand the problem is???
    I’m pretty sure fans in Green Bay, Buffalo, New England, etc, etc go to plenty of cold games.
    I don’t get it… What’s this “nightmare scenario” you’re talking about… They can’t get a stage at halftime in the snow? To be honest with you I could not care less if they did away with the halftime shows all-together…

  8. another story that florio does not break but yet manages to include a link to the original story that someone else wrote. LOVE IT

  9. This really annoys me. Football in cold weather is great. If people can’t deal with it, then don’t go. I’m sure plenty of real fans will still watch the game.
    And so what if the half time show gets snowed out. I’d prefer that actually.

  10. Football is an all-weather sport. Some of the greatest games in it’s history were played in bad weather. It’s okay to play a Championship game in the snow but not the Super Bowl? The only thing better would be for the Jets to play the Giants. They did the right thing.

  11. Unacceptable risk? Good one.
    Why is it ok for them to play the AFC and/or NFC championship games in cold weather but not the sacred Super Bowl? Ridiculous. This was a great decision and a great vote outcome.
    Go NY/NJ!

  12. “handle the super bowl with greater care”
    Grow up, Florio. Some of the greatest games ever played were the ones where you’re battling the elements just as much as the team you’re up against. Games like that bring out the fight and the heart, you get to see who wants it more and is going to prevail. Epic.

  13. God, I really REALLY hope super wealthy people who pay $5000 for a ticket to a game they couldn’t care less about don’t get the sniffles during a cold weather game.
    The horror… The horror…

  14. Whinning about the NY/NJ superbowl will be far and forgotten, cause by the time this event happens, the SB will be hosted outside of the US…

  15. Florio your antiNYNJ agenda is known for some time now. It’s done. Shut it.

  16. money! they told the owners theyd make more there. these owners could care less about a level playing field or whether it snows or not.

  17. It’s a great idea. Football is an outdoor sport, and when we play division playoffs and conference games, all you talking heads say weather shouldn’t be a factor, you have to play the game no matter what. Now the first big SB will be played outside where it is supposed to be played, you are crying? OH, yeah, you are trying to sell your rags to people so if you don’t cry about it, no one will buy your rags. Look at all the other teams lining up, the Redskins, Patriots and the Ravens. Times are a changing, get with it. You guys got nothing to worry about, just walking from the bus to your box up in the heavens of the best seats in the stadium. Quit your crying, this SB will be great……especially if it is like Tampa Bay and San Diego. Or even better, the Vikes and the Chargers. Football, baby. It’s an outdoor sport.

  18. Right, but you still think a London Super Bowl would be the cat’s meow, don’t you?
    Get your story straight.
    …hypocritical elitest.

  19. I disagree Florio. The NFL is a League, which is supposed to treat every team in fairly the same manner and do what it can to support and make each team viable and profitable.
    The NFL should put together stadium guidelines and, for each city that meets those requirements, get a shot at hosting the big game.

  20. Call me crazy but I would rather spend my time in beautiful weather watching bronzed women in a Bikini while kicking back with a Margaretta. And be able to watch both teams at thier best rather than wrapping up in a huge jacket and gloves and heading to nothing but a mass of humanity.

  21. “the NFL needs to handle the Super Bowl with greater care.”
    You should handle your stupid opinions with greater care and think again before you type them up and post them. The weather is usually fine in NYC in early February, look up the past few years if you want. And if the weather is bad, we’ll get a more memorable Super Bowl. It’s football, it’s meant to be played outdoors in the elements. The more elements, the better.
    Maybe they’ll shorten the SB half-time, too.

  22. It’s New York, not Boston. Its colder and snowier up there. New York City doesn’t get THAT much snow OR cold. It isn’t typically single digit temperatures like you mentioned. Maybe in the 20s-30’s, but that isn’t ridiculous cold like we saw when the Giants went to Lambeau on their way to the Super Bowl. I think you’re harping on it a bit to have a story here, Mike. The real story is that the greatest city in the world is about to host the Super Bowl in 2014. It’s gonna be a good one. Imagine it was a Jets vs Giants Super Bowl? Both teams are going to be HIGHLY motivated to work towards that… like from right now. Rex Ryan may want to win a Super Bowl this year, but 2014 has to be the real do or die situation in their minds now.

  23. Look, I’m about as far from a New Yorker as it gets. I grew up mainly in Texas, fled to the Midwest because it actually seemed like a better option, and am now happy to call myself a Californian. And yes, I love the fact that I often don’t need much more than a windbreaker, even if the Bay Area weather sometimes warrants a little wool.
    With all of that said, I’ve also been to cold-weather games in Cleveland, Baltimore, and DC, and they ARE fun. So I’ll get behind the words of your fictitious New Yorker: Suck it up, Nancy.

  24. Play it at the North Pole for all I care. The average football fan doesn’t have enough money to get within 100 ft of the Superbowl anyway.

  25. An unacceptable risk is putting American troops in Iraq for no good reason. This is just a stupid football game. And it doesn’t matter where the game is, I’ll be watching it (or not) from the warmth of my TV room.

  26. “The Super Bowl is the single greatest day on the American sports calendar.”
    Do you even watch football from your ivory tower at NBC? The single greatest day on the American sports calendar, BY FAR, is the conference championship day, when you get TWICE the football, and they don’t have an hour long halftime “show”. The conference title games are far better to watch in person or on television than the Super Bowl.
    The Super Bowl is just a corporate retreat. There’s hardly any real fans there. The crowd and weather should be a factor in the “biggest” game of the year.

  27. Sweet, a final score of 7-3 with all of the fumbling and incompletions that snow/crappy cold weather guarantees. Also, let’s not forget that whatever dinosaurs they get to do the halftime show will get hypothermia and pneumonia and die.

  28. a snow storm would give the Vikings another reason to cry when they don’t win the big one. perfect.

  29. Cold weather or not, people will still be buying tickets to the game – whether or not they have to spend $2k (LOL) on hats and gloves.

  30. Every game of the season should be played in perfect weather conditions then so teams are always at their “best.”
    Also why should warm weather teams be the only teams that have a chance at home field advantage for the super bowl.
    If you don’t enjoy cold weather, stay at home and watch it on TV. I’m guessing 99% of the people that post on this website have never and will never attend a super bowl.

  31. and the difference between a conference championship game and the super bowl is that during the conference championship game, the home team has earned the right to play at home. it’s called home field advantage.
    the super bowl is supposed to be neutral.

  32. Florio, sit in your press box and zip it. All real football fans want the Super Bowl to be played in all climates. You actually think the game will not sell out if the weather is not great…unbelievable. And you actually think the fans will give a Rats @ss if lame has been bands, like The WHO, can’t play during snow fall or cold wind. The REAL fans are jumping with Joy! I would like nothing better than to see another Ice Bowl. Bring IT!

  33. And memo to the morons posting here, NY is not in Canada. If it snows 5 times a year, thats alot. The odds of there being any snow on the ground for the Super Bowl are about as good as Jamarcus Russell doing a Weight Watchers commercial. Wake up and leave your trailer once in a while. K thx.

  34. oh man now the Reporters that get that time off to go to the warm climates have to rough it out in the cold weather area’s. Boo Woo. Or as Artie Lange would put Wah Freakin Wah.

  35. I hope the weather is crappy and cold so it deters the “couldnt careless of the outcome I’m here w/ a business client” fans from going and opens the window for the true fans to enjoy the greatest sporting event of the year.

  36. Wow- seems like most people disagree with Florio. We may not have a “a source close to the situation” like PFT often does, but these are the fans that follow the sport- people who watch the playoffs played in harsh weather climates. People who want to see the game played like it should.
    How many Super Bowls played in fair weather places might have been a little closer if the game were played under less than ideal conditions?

  37. Boudin says: May 25, 2010 5:02 PM
    a snow storm would give the Vikings another reason to cry when they don’t win the big one. perfect.
    And this story has what to do with the Vikings…?
    The reaches you retards take is pathetic. Go outside.

  38. So the championship games can be played in the snow and ice but not the Super Bowl? Pull your head out of your ass.

  39. I cant believe the comments on here. you would think that every mans wife took over his account and posted. THIS IS FOOTBALL. Its a mans game. Who gives a rats ass about corporate fans, I guarantee you could have this game on the Summit of MT Everest and the game will still sell out. The wussification of America has finally reached our most beloved game…….sad.
    ‘The greatest game ever played’ was played in snow……..nancy boys.

  40. Why is it okay to play a championship game in cold weather? Because the team hosting that game is a cold weather team and they EARNED the right to play in theit native habitat due to having the better record.
    Some of the greatest games ever were played in cold weather? WTF are you talking about? The Ice Bowl? Neither team gained over 200 yards of TOTAL offense. If 3-and-outs and punting is your thing, then, ya, cold weather games are great. If you really think about it, there have been “great” cold weather games because cold weather comes at the end of the season when games mean more. So, ya, there have been some meaningful games, but they were far from “great” games.

  41. Bunch of sally’s buck up, this is football man! It should be chocked full of snow and rain and mud and blood and guts and piss and…… snot?
    Bring it on… crybaby’s, the shiny new helmets are getting old… fast.

  42. To call this unacceptable is one of the most rediculous statements I’ve ever heard. I think this is one of the best decisions the NFL has made in years. The best games I have ever been to were extremely cold and snowing. Going to the game is about the ATMOSPHERE and ENVIRONMENT. I go to a game for the love of FOOTBALL and my team. If I required comfort and coziness I would stay home on my couch. The best outcome of this would be all the business execs, media types, and celebrities stay home and the real fans go to watch the game.

  43. 1. going to nfl games is so 1980’s. i don’t give a sh1t where they are played, i’m watching from home.
    2. some of the best games ever have been played in bad weather.
    3. some of the best games in recent years have been played in bad weather (GB vs. NYG, the NYG london game, the 49ers vs. GB mud game from about 15 years ago, the cheating for the rats game–i mean tuck rule game, even the monday night pitt slop game was great). i hate that we don’t see mud or slop anymore on football fields. it’s all too sterile now.
    4. maybe this will actually lead to…wait for it…football fans being in the stands.
    5. i hope they do cancel the halftime show. it’s absolutely pointless, always terrible and actually detracts from the game.
    6. the superbowl should be moved on a rotating basis to every stadium in the league.
    7. i couldn’t care less about the press, sponsors, player parties and other assorted bu11sh1t that takes place around the superbowl. i’m so sick of us real football fans having to cater to a bunch of douchebags when it comes time for the biggest game of the year. if you can’t tell me who won the hall of fame game, you shouldn’t be allowed to watch the superbowl.
    – an actual football fan

  44. Here’s the interview with Roger Goodell after the NY/NJ Super Bowl gets approved:
    Goodell: “…and we are pleased to bring the Super Bowl to New York!”
    Reporter: “But won’t you be cold watching an outdoor game in New Jersey in February?”
    Goodell: “No, not at all. My ass will be in a luxury box.”

  45. most important point i forgot to mention: we’re talking about new jersey. i don’t even think they get winter, let alone snow. suck it up (no homo).

  46. @SBS0311 says: May 25, 2010 4:42 PM
    If someone can explain ANY additional risk to a NY Super Bowl than a Detroit or Indianapolis Super Bowl with the EXCEPTION of actually playing football in the elements like it’s SUPPOSED to be played, I’d like to hear it.
    Excellent post, including the part about playing in, possibly, the same nasty weather conditions in order to get into the SB.

  47. First off there are 2 classes of fans that this will affect:
    1. The rich few who get to personally attend the game.
    2. The rest of us.
    For group #1, who cares what they think, they’ll still go regardless.
    For group #2, the ones who want to watch a great game at home. The history of the playoffs is loaded with GREAT weather games that people talk about for years and years and years….why not extend that to the Super Bowl?
    For anyone complaining about the lack of ability for the host city to hold events, remember cold cities have hosted Super Bowls(Detroit?) events with everything except the game held in the “cold” city.
    The best thing that could happen to a SB would be for the weather to be a scapegoat for one team or the other to complain for years about why they were hosed, and finally get that redemption shot that legends are made of.
    Football is a game of the elements, that is played that way all year, why should the final game be any different?

  48. You aren’t going against the grain, here Florio. ESPN was talking about the same stuff last week.
    And you’re wrong. I could care less about the geriatrics they were planning to march out for the halftime show. I’m in it for the actual football.
    Also, don’t tell me that this is a throwing league and people want to see high scoring games. That’s like lamenting that a baseball game will be played in a pitcher’s park. Who cares? I wouldn’t mind seeing defense and running games make a return to the big game.
    So suck it up…pull on your longjohns and throw on your parka and go see football how it’s supposed to be watched.
    Or better yet, leave the big game to the native New Yorkers and watch it with the rest of us in a heated bar on HDTV.

  49. Ridiculous worrying.
    I am a Steelers fan and I support NY/NJ in hosting the SB. Let me debunk the ridiculous concerns
    1) It’s too cold for the attendees of the week long festivities.
    Guess what. People will still show up, just the tougher kind and those who truly love football. And that number is still enough to fill the festivities and the stands. Plus, it is only going to be better in NYC than Indy or Detroit.
    2) It is too cold for those who attend and demand will be less.
    Demand will be less, but still strong enough to fill the stands easily. Plus you get a better crowd that will be louder and adds a better atmosphere for the TV visuals meaning better TV product.
    3) It is not fair conditions for football.
    IS PLAYING IN A DOME IN THE SOUTH FAIR FOR TEAMS BUILT TO PLAY ON GRASS IN THE NORTH? Won;t teams lke the Saints, or the late 90s Rams have a big advantage playing in a dome over teams like the Giants and Steelers which won SBs in recent years?

  50. Get off the “meant to be played” crap— football was meant to be played on green grass, in the fall of the year. Not on in the middle of winter. If I want to see people hit each other while standing on something frozen, I’ll go to a hockey game.

  51. Love it maybe all the aholes will stay home in there warm weather so real football fans not you SD and AZ FL punks will go and enjoy
    Have tailgated in 20 weather with 30 mph winds welcome to NJ
    The Swamp II is the perfect venue for the game the Giants are one of the best teams to play the game the Maras are NFL royalty its just to bad that Wellington will not be there to see it.
    Fluero stay in WV on your porch where you belong

  52. Everyone claiming that weather is not a factor now that NEW JERSEY has been granted the SB are probably the ones that complained the most when it rained in Miami and the commish demanded a dome.
    Frankly, don’t care. I could never afford the price. And they better not try to stuff JZ and Beyonce down people’s throat. Tire of them . Wishing for the grandaddy of all noresters specially if jetsgiants are in the mix that year.

  53. Florio you are a wimp. Those of us who are from cold weather citys know that New York is hardly a cold weather city. It is as possible that the pre game temp would be 50 F as it is that there will be snow, and even if there is 6 inches an hour is a strech in buffalo, one inch an hour is the maximum likely. so, if the game time temp is such an issue then have the game at one when real football fans want it. we hate the late start times anyway. so take off the sleved blanket and get used to the cold. yes it is also true that the warm weather teams will have to give up there advantage and i guess this means that miami will not win the 2014 superbowl, sorry mike. but isn’t this about you getting that “buisness trip” to south florida any way.

  54. nfl couln’t care less if fans dont want it there or if fans dont want games in LONDON ENGLAND!
    soo\n fans will care less about moneygrabbers like the silver spooned sons of rich daddies like mara and tisch and johnson are.
    tisch told eisen on nfl network responding to why didnt you put a roof on it, he immediately claimed poor and then added “we like to play football outdoors in the cold”
    “WE!” – this money grabber claims HE likes to play football in the cold! what a joke!

  55. bohsnos
    Also why should warm weather teams be the only teams that have a chance at home field advantage for the super bowl.

    only ones? giants won 3 super bowls, jets won one super bowl all in florida, arizona or california.

  56. Oh, those poor celebrities who might get cold. Those sad performers who might slip on the ice and break a hip. If thousands of people can stand outside in New York for New Years Eve, I think they can handle a few hours in a stadium a month later. Weather shouldn’t be a problem – people in the north know how to handle cold weather, know how to clear the streets if it snows, and know that football belongs outside. Well, except for people in Minnesota and Detroit. I guess their fans are delicate. If you can’t handle outdoor football, get out of the NFL and start watching arena league.

  57. Your position is valid, but I disagree, and for one primary reason – you say:
    “The Super Bowl isn’t an event with which such risks should be taken.”
    In my opinion, it’s the numbing *lack* of any element of risk or surprise which has made the Super Bowl an increasingly boring spectacle over the years. The Giants taking down the Patriots was exciting, though most of the game was boring. The Saints’ onside kick in the last SB seemed exciting at the time, but what remains in my memory is the Colts’ miserable sleepwalk of a performance. The games as a whole tend to be tired shadows of the playoffs preceding them.
    For me, the SB has become too safe, too climate-controlled, and too sterile. It’s now just a step above the Pro Bowl, and has rarely been as exciting or as vital as the playoffs.
    This Meadowlands idea may not work. But it’s going to create something exciting, unpredictable, and uncontrollable in what’s become a very safe and stale formula. No other American sport does something this bold with its championship. It’s a way for the NFL, which has been creaking a bit in recent years, to make a powerful assertion of strength and going-for-it-ness.
    Financially, it seems pretty safe. People will still go; those turned away by the cold will be replaced by those drawn by the allure of “I was there when…”. People will watch at home in droves, especially in the most heavily-populated area of the country. Advertisers will pile on. Where’s the risk?
    Sure, a 6-3 slog of a snow game would be a jarring contrast to expectations which have been built for years. But even though it would turn off non-football fans, it’d be a near-legendary gift to long-suffering real fans everywhere, and something unique to punctuate what’s become a long line of balmy-weather snoozefests.

  58. Whatever. I’ve been to over a hundred NFL games in my life and the ones that were the most fun were the freezing cold/snow games. It’s not tough to bundle up. Layers people..layers. I was at the Browns Bills game in 2007 in Cleveland with a whiteout blizzard and frozen temperatures and never felt it…and I don’t drink. The most miserable games I’ve been at are those September games that are 85 degrees with the sun beating down on you all day. It’s hell.

  59. And another thing. This is just a pretext for a SB in DC, Chicago, Baltimore, NE. OK, I’m mad for some reason. I’m a urbanite southerner and resent the folks up north calling us faux football fans because we are upset about potential bad weather. I don’t care about where the SB is held. I just can’t stand new yorkers.

  60. Who cares? I don’t. I was priced out of attending a regular season a long time ago, I entertain no hopes of attending a Superbowl. From what I’ve been told, half the people there aren’t even watching the game anyways.

  61. If, I mean WHEN it snows, lets just hope there is an ex-con available to drive a friggin snow blower onto the field for the winning kick to make the final score 3-0. NFL=Fail

  62. @ GoBrowns19,
    You live in Cleveland, and you don’t drink?!
    Good luck with THAT. : )

  63. The NFL told Miami that it would need the stadium covered, so fans wontt get rained on like the Colts/Bears game in order to be awarded another SB, but wind chills, snow, and ice is okay. Lame

  64. If you were a real ‘purist’ of the game, you’d like to see the season, post-season and championship over and done before the end of the calendar year!

  65. this is a terrific idea!!!!!….. Does anyone complaining on this board actual think you wil be able to get a ticket to this game. It is not for us the real fans it is for people who could care less about the game but can afford the ticket…..
    I hope it snows a$$hole deep to a ten foot gorilla

  66. The live Superbowl experience is for rich people only. Let them suffer, who cares? Let them have their flakes and eat it, too.

  67. Hay Candy Asses,
    If you are afraid of a little cold weather – STAY home. PLEASE. You will not be missed.
    We will have a great time WITHOUT you.

  68. A Super Bowl where it belongs: The stinking frozen marshlands of New Jersey.
    I wonder if Springsteen will write a song to mark the occasion?

  69. What a lame idea. Snow has a potential to lessen the quality of the biggest game, and could even grant a huge advantage to one of the teams. And while I think that the cold weather could ruin the week long festivities, I certainly wouldn’t miss a snowed out halftime show.

  70. Hooker – 1,000 an hour
    Hotel Room – 1,000 a night
    Ticket – 3,000
    2 ft. of snow – priceless

  71. Hooker – 1,000 an hour
    Hotel Room – 1,000 a night
    Ticket – 3,000
    2 ft. of snow – priceless

  72. Just have the SB in Hawaii every year. Spend a little jack to improve the stadium and the immediate area for the experience and everyone is happy. Bitches.

  73. There is something seriously wrong when BASEBALL PLAYOFFS are played in colder conditions than the SB.

  74. f u and all u fair weather pussies. football is played in the elements go empty out your tampon and flip on some baseball.

  75. Give it to Jersey, then to be fair its got to be rotated to other Northern sites, maybe on a one out of four basis. Wealthy will roll out their fur coats (PETA!), half time will be cold weather themed like the Winter Olympics. Not bad at all.

  76. Oh wait global warming will be so severe by this Super Bowl I’m sure the game will be sunny and warm. I’m Algore and I approve of this message.

  77. I don’t get it.
    Why are you so worried about football being played in * gasp!* bad weather?
    Bad weather makes games so much more interesting. Football is a winter game and snow, rain, mud — they all add a dramatic element to the game.
    When did football become a namby-pamby sunshine game?

  78. @ Az Red Bird
    Sitting in a cold weather game sucks.
    Oh, you poor darling.

  79. the entire argument is moot because only a small, small percentage of people will actually be able to ATTEND the game. the rest of us will be partying it up in the comfort of our own homes or at a bar or whatever. you essentially wrote a few thousand words complaining that YOU will be cold when you go to the superbowl. the rest of us will enjoy snow in HD.

  80. I agree that a cold weather super bowl is not a good idea. I’ve been to 1 game in giants stadium every year watching my Eagles play. Fans are miserable in that weather. They have tons of warm clothing, but it’s still too cold. You see fans with blankets trying to stay warm but they just aren’t able to show as much enthusiasm. The cold can take a lot out of you. And this was just in December. I don’t like the idea. Especially since there’s a chance of snow.
    But on another note, I would like to ask Florio where he shops, because I have never met anyone who spent $2,000 on warm clothing

  81. Cold weather my a**…I am retired army and spent many a cold january sleeping outside.
    We had a term for that..”embrace the suck”
    its not origional but its the truth in those situations.
    Hell it COULD be 39 degrees and sunny that day, who knows

  82. I think it is a great idea. Let the weather be a part of the outcome.It is a game and let all teams play in the elements just like they do during the year.
    There are to many dome teams in the league. If they want the championship let them earn it. We had 2 dome teams in the Superbowl this year if they had to play outdoors it may have been different

  83. feb 4 2010 33 degrees clear
    2009 24 clear
    2008 38 dusting of snow then rain
    2007 28 clear
    2006 48 degrees very light rain
    I dont know the actual date of the NJ Super Bowl.
    But that gives eveyone a sample of what the weather has been like around the date the SB would be played.
    Yes its not going to be 70 degrees. But is the chance of snow any greater then the chance of rain in Miami, Tampa or LA?
    As for the filed being iced over…Hasn’t NEW Eng pretty much showed a filed can be designed to limit that.
    People are going to whime and worry for the next 4 years and it will probably be 50 degrees at game time just because!

  84. I grew up when football was played in the cold, but not in February. It makes no sense for two out of town teams to play at a neutral site in the middle of winter. I think the team with the best record should be entitled to host the Superbowl and then we can stop all this nonsense. By the way, let’s stop all this half time show nonsense. Why do we have a rock concert in the middle of the greatest game of the year? Isn’t the game enough?

  85. You’re a whining Cassandra, Florio. You’re basically writing this article so that when the Superbowl comes, if the weather is bad, you will link to this one and tell the world of how you foretold the tragedies of the future. But when you’re wrong, you most likely won’t mention this whining bullsh!t of yours. Who cares if the weather is bad. F*ck the corporate schmucks and f&ck the whiny media p*ssies that don’t like it.

  86. Some of the greatest games in the history of the NFL are remembered because of the freezing temperatures the games were played in. The Super Bowl is not about millionaire businessmen going to a resort town to watch a sport they couldn’t give a rat’s butt about for 22 previous weeks. The Super Bowl is about the best team prevailing to become world champions. Natural elements such as rain, snow, wind, and cold temperatures are part of the game and it’s about time the Super Bowl will be played in REAL weather. Call me old-school, call me a homer, but I am PUMPED about the Super Bowl coming to the NY Tri-State Area. If a team cannot adapt to bad weather and win, then they do not deserve to be crowned champions. I guarantee you those Who Dat pansies down in NO wouldn’t haven’t won a single playoff game this year if they weren’t protected by their dome. The toughest team will prevail in 2014 and it’s going to be a throwback to how football should be played: Smash-mouth offense, and dominating defense.

  87. Florio must be a defense attorney. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I want you to focus on the potential snow that may fall and focus on the potential problems with setting up a stage for yet another stale ass halftime show to avoid some titties, which all of the viewers want anyways(GoDaddy and Budweiser ads). Hey Florio, why don’t you focus on the real potential of the Super Bowl being blown up by terrorists if it is in New York??? That is a more rational potential that your Left Coast buddies wearing a windbreaker and hood. If someone can shell out $2k for tickets, they can afford clothes…

  88. This is a better idea than playing the Super Bowl in London.
    This Super Bowl bid in NY/NJ is an acknowledgement of cold weather being a factor in American football and should allow other cold weather teams in certain markets to compete for future Super Bowl bids.
    To incorporate cold weather into the Super Bowl, it would make sense to have the big game played in a cold weather climate once out of every three years. This way warm weather climates still get some preference and the other venues get a chance to host the game.
    The media outside of the NY/NJ area hates the idea that this game is being played in a cold weather climate though. Jim Rome, Florio, and all of the other sportstalk guys like the ability to party it up during the week in South Beach or Tampa. Strip away all of their criticism of the selection and that is the reason they want the Super Bowl in a warm weather climate. Certainly, one of them will probably advocate that the game be played in Mexico City, Rio de Janerio, or Jamaica one of these days–to further advance their selfish motives rather than attempt to make the NFL a better, all-around North American sports event.

  89. Let’s look at the arguments against the NYC/NJ Super Bowl, shall we?
    1. The potential weather will affect travel, transportation and the ancillary events surrounding Super Bowl week.
    Um, sorry. Detroit. Minneapolis. Detroit again. The sky didn’t fall, and the weather in these cities is much worse.
    2. The quality of the game would be negatively affected by poor weather.
    Wrong again. We can all remember fantastic football games played in the elements. The people who brought up the conference championships are right. If you concede that a conference championship can be fairly contested in poor weather, then you can’t argue that a Super Bowl cannot.
    3. The quality of the live experience for ticketholders will suffer.
    Laughable. Ask the people scalping tickets for sold out games in poor weather about the demand. Look at the World Series, for crying out loud. They play in cold weather every November. And that’s BASEBALL, where they stop play for poor weather, unlike the NFL.
    Let’s discuss what this is really about. Where are the complaints coming from? The media, not the fans. And why is that? Because the media see the Super Bowl as a vacation, a reward at the end of the year. They get to take a week-long free trip and hang out with colleagues and friends. And they want their vacation to include sun and palm trees. So do the sponsors and corporate types who use the Super Bowl to do business.
    Bottom line…the objections to a cold-weather Super Bowl all revolve around things that have nothing to do with football. And if a little cold weather makes the Super Bowl more about football and less about reporters, guys in suits and women in heels treating the game like a big corporate retreat, then hell. Have it in New Jersey every year.

  90. Florio I guess you have some credibility now that some shmuck over at the SportingNews agrees with you. Oh wait.
    For all the morons talking a 7-6 SB in NY, the 2007 NFC Championship game was -20F with wind chill and the score was 23-20. And it was a great game.

  91. “Each game is going to be made on individual basis…I do believe that New York is a unique market. And I think the membership recognizes it.” – Roger Goodell
    “I think this is a unique opportunity to play the biggest game in the world on the biggest stage in the world,” Giants co-owner John Mara said. “We’re very excited about it. It’s going to be great for New York, great for New Jersey and certainly great for the National Football League.” – John Mara
    Goodell and Mara are saying the same thing here: NYC is the greatest city on earth, so we gave them a Super Bowl.
    Face it haters (Florio), NYC is one of the greatest cities in the world, if not THE greatest city in the ENTIRE world. Think about that for a second.
    With that being said, I’ll leave you all with a great quote from Mayor Bloomberg:
    “Given the way New Yorkers know how to throw a party, I think the impact of New York City on the Super Bowl will be just as big as the Super Bowl’s impact on New York City.”

  92. 1. If you’ve got money to attend the Super Bowl, stop complaining.
    2. Grow a pair.

  93. As a football fan, I wish more Super Bowls were in the north. Best way to test a team’s mettle and versatility.

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