Taylor Price becomes the highest draft pick to sign

Ohio University wide receiver Taylor Price opened eyes throughout the pre-draft process, and now he’s done something worthy of notice as a pro.

Price was the first third-round pick to sign on Tuesday, when he inked a four-year deal with the Patriots, according to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald and ESPN’s Adam Shefter.  The deal is worth $3.35 million over four years.

I got a chance to watch some drills from inside the combine, and Price stood out in his workout for his hands, in addition to his size and speed.  He’ll be competing with Torry Holt, David Patten, and Brandon Tate for snaps in New England while Wes Welker gets healthy.

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  1. As an OU alum, it is very exciting to see one of our own getting a shot in the NFL. I wish him nothing but great success in the NFL, I tip my Junction Punch to you, oh great Bobcat.

  2. Fingers crossed that this guy works out. The Pats have whiffed on drafting WR’s lately, so hopefully Price and Brandon Tate are starting with Welker in the slot in 2011.

  3. He is a burner and good Size to go with it , not to mention his hands. Great to hear they singed him for four years . Go Pats

  4. I guess Edelman doesn’t have to worrry about his competition for snaps? At least Rosenthall think so.

  5. Forgot Edelman, that guy did a great job for them when Welker went down. That said, Price should develop into a solid #3 for the Pats and should make some highlight plays when he gets 1 on 1 with a safety, not many NFL safeties will be able to match his speed.

  6. Other players should take note that this is how you do it. You sign for an amount of money that will reasonably set you up for the rest of your life. After this contract is when you are able to get the luxury money.

  7. “The Pats have whiffed on drafting WR’s lately”
    *cough* Edelman *cough*
    But other than him you’re right, we haven’t done great with wideouts drafted the last few years.

  8. Price a #3? More like the evetual replacement for Moss @#1. This guy can play.

  9. It’s important for Price to come into camp on time so Belichick can coach him up on the finer points of cheating.

  10. The Patriots get beat up constantly for the Chad Jackson pick (36th pick overall). People should go back and look at that draft. When someone says “they blew it with that pick” I always look at the next 10-15 players taken to see if there was someone better. (It is unrealistic/unfair to find a late round gem and try to say in retrospect “see, they should have taken him!”) The next WR was Sinorice Moss (44th pick) and he hasn’t gotten out of the trainers room. There were no other WRs taken until Jennings at #52.
    The only Pro Bowl WR taken in that entire draft was Brandon Marshall who ended up going in the 4th round (119th pick).
    The Pats took the player most projected to be the best out there (aside from maybe Holmes who was ahead of Jackson on several mock draft boards). Draft King (20), ESPN (25), Sportsnuts (15), Walter Football (15), and practically every other mock draft has him going in the top 25 of the 1st round.
    Just sayin’

  11. This is great news to have our # 3 pick signed so early in the process Shows the kid is serious about getting the right start to his career.
    Brady and Kraft has been lauding Brandon Tate this off season.
    Sounds like the making a potentially a very good group of receivers, Moss, Welker, Holt, Edelman, Tate, Price along with Gronkowski and Hernandez at TE.
    Looks like Tommy has some new weapons along with another full season of recovery from the ACL. Still 28TDs LY.
    The AFC East is going to be a very strong division with the Pats, Jests, and Fins.

  12. SixburghDynasty
    And if the Steelers had chosen him, he could have been coached up on the finer points of rape and steroid abuse

  13. I was pissed that the Browns didn’t make a move to slide up and grab him. Pats got a player in Price.
    PS, no way he is a 3 (slot receiver). This guy has hands, size, and absolute blazing speed. He does very well getting off the blocks and chucks in press coverage too. Only weakness I saw in Price was his route running ability…. But, when you can do the things that cannot be taught, you can learn to run a good crisp route!
    Good pick Pats, I for one am envious. Not to mention, he signed quickly and is smart to do so! Wasn’t worried about the bank, worried about himself getting reps, learning the system, and playing the game of football. Gotta love a player like that!

  14. HarrisonHits says:
    May 25, 2010 9:52 AM
    “The Pats have whiffed on drafting WR’s lately”
    *cough* Edelman *cough*
    Come on, man; I’m a Pats fan also. But you know the WR’s I am refering to…Chad Jackson, Bethel Johnson, PK Sam. It’s a who’s who of NFL garbage.

  15. jjklaw:
    You’re right, but the irony is that it was the pick that the Pats traded to the Packers (so the Pats could get Jackson) with which the Pack took Jennings.
    By the way it’s always nice to see a mid round pick like Price get signed early and get all the BS out of the way and get on with learning the system. So far this kid seems to get it.

  16. As far as cheating goes it should be TwoburghDynasty since Terry Bradshaw says all your guys were using steroids in the 70’s.
    It is good to see David Patten back.

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