Miami host committee chairman: "The fix was in for New York"

The chairman of the South Florida 2014 Super Bowl host committee is not pleased that his group’s bid lost to New York. And he’s suggesting that it wasn’t even a fair competition.

The fix was in for New York,” South Florida host committee chairman Rodney Barreto told the Miami Herald. “We threw $1 million extra on the table last night for game-day expenses. We could have put $10 million and it wouldn’t have made a difference. We put an incredible presentation that clearly was head-and-shoulders above everyone.”

There might be some truth to what Barreto says: There has been a widespread belief for months that the New York bid was going to win, and the two Florida bids were largely treated as afterthoughts.

On the other hand, Barreto’s comments come across like sour grapes. And the fact that somewhere between nine and 15 owners wanted the 2014 Super Bowl to be played in Florida indicates that the two Florida bids were given consideration. Just not consideration from a majority of the owners.

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  1. is this site based in miami or something there is constant jets and new york hate posted daily

  2. Barreto basically failed to buy the SB bid so he’s crying that NY won?
    OMG they bribed them before I did!

  3. “And the fact that somewhere between nine and 15 owners wanted the 2014 Super Bowl to be played in Florida indicates that the two Florida bids were given consideration. Just not consideration from a majority of the owners.”
    Of course!!!! Now they all have ammunition to petition the league for SBs in their backyards.

  4. The State of Florida ought to declare war on New York. Heck, with Miami alone we’d have all the weaponry we’d ever need.

  5. Ooh wah. “The fix was in” Florida’s already hosted 15 Superbowls.
    The fix has been in their favor for a long time already.

  6. Poor baby….suck it up Barreto, Miami has gotten the Super Bowl more than it’s fair share of times. I am sure that reality has far more to do with climate and the fact that it is Miami than any presentation that was made for those Super Bowls. The fact that a majority of the owners wanted a game in New York/New Jersey doesn’t mean a fix was in, it just means that a majority want to give an outdoor cold weather Super Bowl a chance. I wouldn’t be the least bit shocked to learn that all the New York votes came from cold weather city owners with open air stadiums, they would obviously be the ones with the most to gain from a cold weather outdoor game.

  7. He’s complaining that another superbowl won’t be played in miami when they’ve hosted what? 10 superbowls? He’s just crying because now they’ll have to build a new stadium to actually attract a Superbowl with all the other cities will start vying for it now.

  8. Miami and NO are the best places for a super bowl and should switch back and forth. (assuming NO has the means to actually host the game) NYC is a horrible idea that has every jackass in the North thinking they should get a Super Bowl.
    When JFK shuts down due to weather and the game is played in an empty stadium the NFL will say sorry and move on.
    They should build a Super Bowl only stadium in Vegas and perma host the game their, that would be ideal. If they build a dome or some ford field thing they can use the stadium like a convention center the other 50 weeks of the year. And i think if the commish asked, money would rain down like money, and someone would build the Super Bowl hotel and Casino.
    That would be awesome.

  9. What is he bitching about? He literally JUST had a Superbowl there. I am all for moving the SB around. As someone who lives in the northern-ish states, I am sick of seeing Bowl Games in college and the Superbowl constantly being played in warm weather. Football is meant for the elements!

  10. If I hear “the fix was in” used as an excuse for when some whiny millionaire doesn’t get what he wants or when the Minnesota Vikings fail to win the big game again, I am going to go postal.

  11. Now you can use that extra million to make upgrades to Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Dolphins/Dolphins/Landshark/Sun Life Stadium.

  12. I can’t believe Goodell would ever do something to give his hometown NY teams an unfair advantage…
    …I mean besides brokering a deal to bring Brett Favre to the Jets
    …and making a mountain out of a molehill and taking away draft picks from a Jets division rival that was taping playcalling from the sidelines instead of the stands

  13. Boo hoo. You’ll get the Super Bowl 5 out of the next 20 times I’m sure. God forbid someone other than the same six cities gets to host it.

  14. Boo hoo. You’ll have to start your vacation a day later. Actual football will be played during the Super Bowl.

  15. Goodell: “Al Davis I will slide you some cash to vote New York say 5 million?”
    Davis: “DONE!”

  16. Jesus…
    Learn what “sour grapes” means before you use it in a blog post, nerd.
    Sour grapes is when someone doesn’t get something, and then they proceed to say they didn’t want that thing anyways. That’s the complete opposite of this. It sounds like Barreto still would really like the Super Bowl in Florida.

  17. Wah wah STFU Miami!
    All of the Super Bowl’s (except for Detroit) have been played in FL, CA, New Orleans, or CA. The only ppl who are against it are the sports media b/c they want to go to warm climates for the Super Bowl/vacation paid for by their network.
    Not only does CA, FL, New Orleans get all the tourists, but they also benefit by having the vast majority of the college bowl games and all the Super Bowls.
    Once again….STFU Miami and TB

  18. My god, we’ve all lost sight of the true victims. They can cry it out over beers with Toby Gerhart.

  19. Although I am totally against the Super Bowl being played in New York this guy needs to stop cryin, Miami gets more then their share of Super Bowls…seems like its there every other year

  20. He needs to understand “fixing” better. If the fix was in, it wouldn’t have taken four votes. What a moron.

  21. Haven’t like 13 Super Bowls been played in Florida? Let some other parts of the country host for a change. The New York Super Bowl might end up being a disaster but at least try someothing different.

  22. Barreto’s not saying anything new here, so I can’t bash him for feeling that way. He’s just the only one involved in the process that has publicly said this. To read the media reports leading up to this, it seemed to be a foregone conclusion in a lot of minds.
    Having said that, can we forget about this for a while? There are going to be THREE other Super Bowls played before this one in New Jersey that we can concentrate on first.

  23. The silver lining in this is that no florida team will be in the superbowl in 2014 so it’s a moot point.

  24. Miami is cryin like a little b*tch. How many times in the last ten years has the super bowl been in Miami? Being from the northeast I look forward to a superbowl in a cold weather state. I always thought it was unfair to the cold weather cities to not get a chance at hosting a SB and receiving all the peripheral monies that come with it. That is a huge influx of cash for a city.

  25. Yeah that is why it took four seperate votes and the rumor is the last vote was 17-15.
    Sore losers, Miami was the first city to get knocked out.

  26. Good Lord, what a whining little bitch. God forbid that the 2014 SB gets played in a state other than Florida, which has to host the game about 50% of the time. Give it a rest, they’ll win the 2015 SB, hands down.

  27. Approximately 20% of the Super Bowls have been played in Miami. I think they can give someone else a shot on this one.

  28. On the bright side, Barreto has been promised an indefinite pass to all events the proposed new stadium in the N.Y. area.
    He will be ensconsed in the Jimmy Hoffa suite.

  29. wah. how many times has the superbowl been played in miami?
    how old is their stadium gonna be by 2014?

  30. New York is simply taking back the Super Bowl it lost for 2010 (due to the Jets’ failure to build the Manhattan stadium)…and where did that Super Bowl go? To Miami. A mere 3 years after they’d hosted another SB.

  31. Maybe if your stadium wasn’t in the middle of the ghetto they’d consider you again. Modify your garbage of a stadium!

  32. I have already talked with 10 friends that go each year that will not be going to the game in New York. They tell me it was a choice of not going and sitting home having pins shoved in thier eyes or the trip to New York and they took the pins. They also did not want to trade in the cold beer for hot chocolate

  33. Look, I was initially annoyed with this decision but not anymore. I just can’t stand NY fans who covet Florida (weather, taxes, the beaches) but can never get any of that in their miserable state. They live to hurl insults at Floridians as if is our fault NY sucks for them and they can’t carve out Fl and plant it in the middle of Hoboken like some palm tree. A SB in NJ just means a new set of earplugs.
    Come down to Tampa and Miami and see / hear Yankee this and that. They accuse Florida home sports fan of being homers, but you never hear discussions about non NY teams in NY period. They can’t accuse Philly fan or sox fan of homerism because they unfortunately don’t fester in those towns. They come to Florida with their brand of obnoxiouness.
    Ever heard of Sid Rosenberg. This native NY ingrate who relocated to SF and takes every opportunity to insult Floridian sportsfan is the prototypical sap I’m talking about.

  34. Goodell gets what Goodell wants. End of story.
    He wanted a cold weather location that everyone would jump on board with so that he could then push for a London Superbowl.
    Goodell will have the Superbowl played outside America by the end of the decade.
    F**K Goodell.

  35. Perhaps Barreto should be thankful. Despite the NFL PR-machine hyping the economic Super Bowl has, I’m very skeptical that a city or region actually profits from hosting a Super Bowl. Consider the money and resources the city is expected to pony up, the only winners are a handful of hotel owners, along with the politicians getting free tickets and lots of camera time.

  36. Barreto needs to stop his complaining and realize it’s time to spread the wealth. The SB was there in
    1989, 1995, 1999, 2007, and 2010 so just shut up you greedy bastard.

  37. Super Bowls by state:
    Arizona 2, California 11, Florida 15, Georgia 2, Louisiana 10, Michigan 2, Minnesota 1, Texas 3, New Jersey 1, Indiana 1
    Miami area: 10, NO: 10, LA: 7.
    Fix has been in for awhile, imo.

  38. Miami should be quiet, they may never get another one. So just wait and enjoy the NY ass wipes freeze there ass off, wait, they can’t get tickets, the teams get the tickets, so only a few NY ass wipes will freeze, while the owners set up in there dry, warm club houses, you have be screw and are to stupid to know it. Bill

  39. OMG cry me a river FL. I think it was BS that Florida was even up for consideration again being they’ve had SBs in 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2009 there. Part of the reason the Giants and Jets even built a new stadium is because the NFL said they’d seriously consider a SB there. Should we just have the SB in Florida every year? Give me a break!

  40. Born and raised in Miami and it IS a terrible stadium in a terrible location. I don’t blame them for wanting to put Super Bowl’s in other areas.

  41. “it just means that a majority want to give an outdoor cold weather Super Bowl a chance.”
    No, it means they’ll give the game to any new stadium now, no matter how dumb it is to actually do so.

  42. Zach
    OMG they bribed them before I did!

    Exactly! And these are the guys who run the NFL nad hire the refs!

  43. Well, obviously the Commish doesn’t want a home team playing in their own backyard in 2014. What I really can’t understand is why Goodell whined about a little bit of rain a few years ago and told Miami they have to build some type of roof to cover the fans, then wants a non-dome stadium to host the game. Is frozen rain better than wet rain? Makes no sense.

  44. Obviously they dont care about the sour economy in florida. He who has the newest stadium is winning the superbowl trend continues

  45. @ Ken West
    If you didn’t know, the NFL can not be associated with gambling what so ever. So a stadium or team will never be in Las Vegas plus the place is a sh_thole.
    The tickets for the New York Super Bowl are all sold already and they are not even printed yet. Who care if no one shows up, let snow, let it snow, let it snow, NFL still gets rich.

  46. I live in Miami and that stadium is a joke, the Orange Bowl was 10 times the football stadium Sun Life Land Suck Stadium is. Godell said it to Miami, fix it or you ain’t getting a superbowl. I hope he stands pat on that.

  47. @ Ken West
    If you didn’t know, the NFL can not be associated with gambling what so ever. So a stadium or team will never be in Las Vegas plus the place is a sh_thole.
    The tickets for the New York Super Bowl are all sold already and they are not even printed yet. Who care if no one shows up, let snow, let it snow, let it snow, NFL still gets rich.

  48. I know that the NY/NJ fans don’t want to hear it but I think it was as “fair” as the “coin toss” that gave the Giants the first game in the new stadium.
    You can bet your asses that no CLASSIC – read OLD – artist is going to want to play that gig and they should probably give it to Janet Jackson so she can show that she’s a real fan by having a “malfunction” in that weather. How about a Michael Jackson impersonator moonsliding right off the stage. 🙂

  49. JaggedMark says:
    May 26, 2010 12:53 PM
    This Super Bowl process was every bit as fair as the NBA Draft Lottery!
    I absolutely concur with this statement!
    Abe Pollin’s ghost

  50. Miami did not ask for the 2010 SB, they bailed the NFL out and agreed to host it for them.
    It’s the only city that can host a SB on the fly.
    And the stadium has been upgraded a ton in the last 3 years, its not a dump anymore, some people need to get out more and check the facts.
    Check the ZIP 33056
    1/3 of the ZIP makes between 50k and 100k per year (in FL dollars thats like 1 million). AVG household income is 40K (again FL dollars)
    I guess the majority of residents being black makes it ghetto despite the above average income and education. I take back my previous post that claimed we have come a long way on the race front.

  51. FFSentinel well said.
    Bring back Paul Tagliabue… as the NFL has taken a big turn for the worse under the current administration.
    When Goodell “decides” to host the Super Bowl outside of the USA, I for one will not be watching.

  52. Hopefully the UFL will be the tops in pro football within the next 3 years and this will be a moot point. NFL needs to get it’s wings clipped. Too many people running it with themselves and making money in mind and not the good of the game. The fans want the game, not the other crap that comes with it.

  53. @Bubby
    The NFL is in all ways associated with gambling and everyone knows it. Only a fool thinks otherwise.

  54. its discusting how many times florida gets the super bowl anyways, seems like almost every year its there, i think a state should only be allowed to have a super bowl in there state three times every 10 years… how ungrateful the state must be considering the huge amount of times they get it anyways.

  55. Maybe Barreto should have proposed Cuba for the SB bid. Maybe the NFL – like AZ – id fed up with these hispanic strong arm lobbyists who want to turn the USA into a Barrio North. Go wack a pinata!

  56. Wow alot of hatred form the fair weather fans down in Florida. Face facts and know your place on the food chain. Miami is shot and your city will never compare to cities like NY. .Your stadium is garbage, and the last few Super Bowls there have been a dissapointment. you want it there every year? Come on. The owners want to try something different and go with a cold weather game. Anyone who does not think that this game would sell out almost instantly is delusional. there is more money here than anywhere else. Worry about paying your mortgages down in the second biggest foreclosure state in America.

  57. Fix????
    Did I hear Belicheat and Goodell talking about “fixing” something again??

  58. who cares as long as it’s not in California. The sooner that state falls into the ocean the better! Sportscenter Los Angelas is why I watch the NFL Network 24/7 and gave ESPN the finger!! Bias is an understatement!

  59. Obviously the fix was in…. that the SB would be in NY was pretty much known for a few months.

  60. For all this gloom and doom about a NY Super Bowl, it’s gonna end up being 44 degrees and sunny at kickoff of that game.

  61. football games are played in any weather and so should the Super Bowl.
    stop with the soccer mom bullshit in a mans sport.
    wah wah wah wah wah…. MOMMY…..

  62. Anyone in SouthFlorida who cries about the “fix being in” in voting can give me President Gore and have their Super Bowl.

  63. All the anti-NY stuff just STFU New York is the only city in america that is the hub..the most important city in the world and it is about time the game was there….no other cold weather place will get it..New York got it because well..its NEw York not Pittsburgh (THANK GOD) Denver, Washington Cleveland, Green BAy, etc) the Miami blwhards can welll blow away…and I hope there is a blizzard that day that is the way football should be played not in these cookie cutter BS domes can’t wait to see a warm weather team come in and say it is unfair..the best would be Dallas to come in and have their asses kicked LOL or Pittsburgh

  64. How many Super Bowls has South Florida hosted?
    I had no idea there was another city other than New York being considered… and when it comes to cities who build stadiums the fix is always in.
    But hearing South Florida complain about not holding the Super Bowl… again… is a bit much.
    In fact, I thought the unwritten rule was… you build a new stadium you host the Super Bowl. South Florida hosts it every other time.

  65. Lets do it on the moon! Roger can really get behind that one. Think about your legacy Roger. They’ll say your the first commish to host a Super Bowl on the moon. That’s what really matters, right?

  66. Well then, that explains why the Jets got no discipline for taping defensive signals, and the Pats got drilled….
    Hahahahahaha, note the sarcasm, but seriously, makes you wonder….

  67. @ Ken West
    What everybody is saying is that the stadium is (or at least was)a dump. You are the one making it about race. I lived in Miami for years and went to HS not far from the stadium, it’s a nice area. Just because someone on this post called the stadium ghetto doesn’t mean they’re speaking about the race of residents residing around it. Relax man…
    One thing I did like about that stadium was the roads leading to it. 10 or so lanes which would change travel direction. Before game 9 lanes in one out, after game 9 lanes out one in. Good idea, too bad you can’t get out of the parking lot…

  68. @Ken West.
    I’m not sure what Florida dollars means. As far as I can tell things are more expensive in Florida than they are in Ohio. And even in Ohio there is a huge difference between 50k and 100k a year.
    That wasn’t a very convincing post.
    1/3 of a population makes above 50k means that 2/3 of a population is lower middle class or poor.
    I’m still trying to figure out what the hell a Florida dollar is.

  69. Super Bowls by state:
    Arizona 2, California 11, Florida 15, Georgia 2, Louisiana 10, Michigan 2, Minnesota 1, Texas 3, New Jersey 1, Indiana 1
    Shocked there have been/will be 4 of them below the sun belt.

  70. Hes got to be more upset that now, any team thinks they can host the superbowl and he wont have it as frequently. I mean what team doesnt want the Superbowl and extra revenue?

  71. Any rationale human being that knows anything about the NFL can agree that the decision to play a Super Bowl in an outdoor cold weather stadium has to rank up there as ONE OF THE WORST decisions ever in the history of: sports (Jamarcus Russel), politics (Sarah Palin), music (Hall & Oates), movies (Caddyshack II), or television (Cavemen)…….the fact that they chose NY / NJ only ensures its place at the TOP of that list!

  72. God damn, some of you ignoramouses should stop worrying about football and SB and go back to school. Talk about NY fans when half of you heathens can’t even spell! How embarassing for you.

  73. No way! A Proffessional Sports League that does stuff for MONEY?!?!?!? Next thing someone will say is that the NBA ref’s don’t give Star calls or that they extend a playoff series to make money.
    What ever happened to that big eyed wonder and positive optimism in the integrity of humankind?

  74. I’m sorry but all I’m hearing is WAAAAH WAAAAAH WAHHHHHH.
    Miami gets the SB all the time (10 to be exact) and will prob get it in 2015. Deal with it, your city isn’t the only one suffering economically. That’s all this is about. Miami and Tampa don’t wanna share the rotation with anymore teams cuz they want the benefits that go along with the game for their city. They know NY is gonna do a phenomenal job and it might open the door for more cold weather cities, making it an even bigger rotation.

  75. Hey listen, it’s not NY hatred, it is THE PEOPLES of NY arrogance that gets my craw. I’m glad NY got it. We had it here many times, so Im ok now with ny. But it will be insuffrable listening to your collective mouth.
    We are upset the commish demands protection from rain but snow is OK. Sunlife stadium is OK. At the time it was the best location to build it. It’s spreadout down here and people will complain no matter where a new stadium would be built.
    To the assclown typical new yorker that think it’s funny about home foreclosures, we are high yes, but this is a sad national story just like your affinity to attract terrorrists up there.

  76. Yep. The fix was in alright. People are tired of seeing that game played in Miami.
    It’s good to know that no amount of money could have persuaded that committee to give Florida that game for the record breaking 16th time.
    And it’s good that the people of Miami know it. Nothing left for them to do except to eat a bag of dicks.

  77. Babedolll says:
    May 26, 2010 3:30 PM
    God damn, some of you ignoramouses should stop worrying about football and SB and go back to school. Talk about NY fans when half of you heathens can’t even spell! How embarassing for you.
    Speaking of embarrassing…

  78. @ Ken West
    You are 100% wrong on the gambling. While yes the fan gamble on the games in every way, shape and form. The teams, their personnel and players can not be connected to gambling at all.
    4 of the Rooney brothers had to sell their part of the Steelers to comply with this NFL rule. Just because the racetracks they also owned in florida and New York added slot machines.

  79. I don’t like the Super Bowl in a cold weather area like NY, but Cry-ami has had their share of hosting the game. South Florida host committee chairman Rodney Barreto has sour grapes indeed.
    It is funny to read about all the other cold weather teams waking up from hibernation and crawling out of their snow caves to demand the Super Bowl now.

  80. +Part of the SuperBowl experience is spending a week in the host city and seeing the sites, laying on the beach or playing golf and getting ready for the game. Have fun doing any of this in New York in February. I’m from Tampa, but I can’t afford to go or benefit from the game being here, but I hope they have a blizzard and the entire affair is horrible. Eskimo Beatle cover band at halftime, called the Blubbers. Funny you have to wave a temperature rule in order to vote. The fix was in and I hope That the New Yolkers get bitten on the ass. What a dumb mistake.

  81. What a crybaby. As if the fix wasn’t in on all the Super Bowls FL has gotten. FL should never get another Super Bowl until the rest of the cities in the league get to host it as many times as they have.
    Football was meant to be played outdoors in the cold, not indoors on plastic grass. That’s the way the vast majority of HS and college teams play. REAL fans will go, this will just keep out all the corporate sissies who don’t even care about the game to begin with and are only there for the spectacle. Staying warm in the cold isn’t hard, you just got to dress properly.
    The NY bashing is amusing because the NY Giants are really the NJ Giants. Their entire operation is in NJ. They haven’t had any part of their business in NY for decades. The name is just tradition.

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