Plenty of owners didn't want New York Super Bowl

Lost in the unbridled enthusiasm that emerged once NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made like the late Juan Antonio Samaranch and awarded Super Bowl XLVIII to New York/New Jersey is the fact that a sizable chunk of the league’s owners didn’t want it.

The rapid-fire four-round voting process, which occurred so quickly that it’s unlikely anyone changed their minds, failed through three segments to conjure a 24-vote Super Bowl supermajority for New York.  In the end, as many as 15 of 32 owners voted against New York. 

Given the inability of New York only minutes before getting at least 17 votes to land 24, it means that at least nine owners were opposed.

So, basically, anywhere from nine to 15 owners didn’t want the game to be played in New York/New Jersey.  (Some would say that there’s a, yes, schism among ownership on this point.)

In the end, maybe I’m focusing on this point because we (or at least I) believe the league is playing Russian roulette with an American institution.  But the conscious and deliberate risk that at least 17 but no more than 23 owners are willing to take will serve only to increase interest in what will be the most anticipated Super Bowl ever.

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  1. The fact that people are so interested 3 years before it will even happen should tell you right there that this is a good idea.

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  3. Umm…maybe just maybe, the owners who voted against it are those who have domes and/or warm winter weather, and don’t want the competition for hosting a Super Bowl to open up to ALL NFL teams.
    Little conflict of interest there? Just a smidge?

  4. Here is a thought, what band in their right mind would want to play the half-time show in frigid conditions?

  5. How stupid is the NFL gonna look when they play a Superbowl in an empty stadium to 90 million worldwide viewers? The corporate jackasses that get all the overpriced tickets didn’t sit in the rain for the Colts~Bears superbowl in Miami, why would you think they are gonna sit in the cold and driving snow, especially after all the whining about it being cold outside Ford Field in the last Detroit one?

  6. NY/NJ superbowl is a great idea. This is football, who cares if its cold. I guarantee you not 1 single player will be bitching about the weather if his team gets there. The game will sell out. I’m not really sure who’s bitching besides rich owners who don’t want to get cold and Florio but I don’t really think a cold weather super bowl is that big of a deal. Do it once every 5 years or so.

  7. Just stupid to have it in NY. While cold weather games are cool, what about all the festivities that go along with it. The “games” and activities in the week leading up to it. What about the half time show?
    Just a bone headed decision.
    And to the first poster, just because people are interested in something in NO way means that something is a good idea. Think about that again.

  8. Goodell just wants his name in the history books. Good ideas or bad ideas, he just wants to be remembered. Just think when they look back to how perfect the 16 game schedule was before expanding to 18 and killing a good portion of the season.

  9. North Jersey in February…I guess the Red Roof Inn, Exit 16W, will be booked solid.

  10. And you want the game in London, Florio. That is messing with an American institution not playing the game in cold weather.
    Does that mean that each time an NFL game is played in a cold weather climate that we are directly harming the shield and Americana?

  11. clearly an example of
    glass more than half full
    glass somewhere between 28% and 47% empty

  12. when was the last time ANY super bowl was awarded before the 4th ballot? give me a break. you’re only posting this because of your anti-ny bias. we didn’t have any less support than any other city that previously hosted a super bowl. don’t think we don’t see through you.

  13. Known inside jokes on this blog:
    1. “Schism”
    2. “It was Ike Hilliard that wore number 88 with the Giants in 2002”.
    3. “Move on or move out”.
    4. Any Seinfeld reference.
    5. The Ed Block Courage Award.
    Okay, help me out, what are the others?

  14. Let’s take a guess at some of the owners that didn’t agree with it being in New Jersey… Arizona, San Diego, Tampa Bay, New Orleans, possibly Dallas, San Francisco, Houston and Miami. Basically anyone that has a legitimate chance for their city and stadium to host the Super Bowl several times over the course of 10 years.
    The NFL may be taking a risk in the eyes of the sports writers and reporters that use the Super Bowl as a yearly vacation and possibly some coporate heads but the it will be a sold out game, the TV ratings will be just as good if not better AND it opens up the possibility for ALL NFL cities to potentially host a Super Bowl.
    Who wouldn’t love to see a Super Bowl in Green Bay? How about Carolina? Why not New England? Each NFL city should get to host a Super Bowl. That’s the bottom line. There should be 32 options for a Super Bowl, not 4-5. That’s simply not fair.

  15. “In the end, maybe I’m focusing on this point because we (or at least I) believe the league is playing Russian roulette with an American institution. ”
    ROFL Florio you drama queen
    Football is MEANT to be played in any weather, I’m so tired of people crying about this. We have truly become a nation of pussies…

  16. mrzazz41387
    Maybe people are so interested 3 years before it happens because its such a BAD idea……
    while the NFL has had Super Bowls in cold weather cities, including Indy coming up in 2 seasons, those games have been in domes. It has never had a game in a northern city where the game will be outdoors.
    We now have 3 years to hope for a major snowstorm, if for no other reason than to watch the chaos from our comfortable living rooms with our warm fire and plenty of beer 🙂

  17. begin sarcasm
    shocking. you mean to tell me that a bunch of owners from “warm weather” teams would be opposed to having the super bowl in the stadium of a “cold weather” team? how could they be opposed to ending their own monopoly on hosting super bowls and opening the door for other “cold weather” teams hosting the super bowl in the future?
    end sarcasm
    the super bowl should be played in all conditions just as it was when the league started.

  18. In the end, this will only impact those going to game. The players could care less once the game starts and the people watching on TV could care less. So less than .0001% of the people who watch the Superbowl could care less where it’s held.
    I do attend the Superbowl often and hate the idea of it being in cold weather but I’ll still go. It’s Superbowl WEEK, not just the game. It’s an event, not a football game. Kind of sad to be honest but it is what it is….
    It will be hard now to say YES to New York but NO to Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Cleveland, Cincy etc.. We all know it’s New York and they get everything but once you break the rule to cold weather what about the others????

  19. Anything to support your opinion. The fact is that what the minority of owners wanted is irrelevant. If I built my team to play 8 games in sunny, 65-degree weather to be in the best position to win a chmapionship, I wouldn’t want the prospect of having that championship in weather that would put my team at a disadvantage. It’s a democracy Florio; majority rules in everything. As a lawyer, you should know this: the legislature needs only a majority (or 2/3 vote for vetoes) to pass a law; the Supreme Court can strike down a law with a mere majority if 5; and even the basic fundamental right to be foun guilty of a crime by a jury of our peers doesn’t contain a constitutionally protected right of a unanimous verdict in trials of more than 8 jurors (unanimous verdicts in 12-person jury trials is granted by the states). Why the hell shoudl we give the NFL owners the option of a unanimous verdict? There will always be a minority & maybe they shoul come out & say why. Better yet, why don’t you go out, investigate a little, and tell us who voted no & why they did so? It’s a hell of a lot more responsible thank throwing some numbers game out there of as many as 16, but not 23. Give me a break dude. Do your job & tell me who & why.

  20. The owners that didn’t want a New York Superbowl should be happy because this isn’t a New York Superbowl. It’s a New Jersey Superbowl!

  21. Sorry Florio, but have you even looked at the comments from your last post about the NY Superbowl? Here’s the link in case you feel like taking a peek.
    I’ve never seen THAT many people straight up tell you that you’re wrong about something and usually when they do I’m on your side. Not so this time. I’ll say it again. If New York can host a playoff game that occurs just 2 weeks before the Super Bowl, then why is it so dangerous in your eyes for the to host the Super Bowl itself? I don’t get the thinking process involved.

  22. This league hasn’t done anything wrong in a long time.
    Whatever the weather, people all around the world will tune in to watch the events unfold. And if it snows, it’ll make the game that much more dramatic. Look at what has happened to hockey since they started the Winter Classic. The TV numbers won’t suffer, and that is what counts.
    Now the league will have to work a little harder on the infrastructure for the half time show and it may suck for all the people actually in attendance, but what the hell do I care? I’ll be watching the game on my couch, drinking my own beer.
    Afraid of a little cold, snow and sleet? Give your ticket to New Jerseyan or New Yorker who knows how to handle the weather.

  23. Really, if you are not a high roller who can afford a party and a ticket, this is a non-issue. I do feel a little sorry for the average Joe whose team makes it to the SB that year and would try to scrape together the money to go to the game and has to decide if he/she wants to do that if it means sitting in the cold and wind and snow.

  24. Let’s be honest. There’s a core of ‘warm weather and dome’ franchises that view the Superbowl as their own private property. The last thing they want is to split up the pie into more pieces.
    It has nothing to do with New York… or even the weather. It’s dollars. It’s greed.

  25. Oh no. Snow. How could we have planned for something as unexpected as this? No one could have foreseen this happening. Its just like Russian Roulette. There is no way to deal with snow, just like there is no way to dodge the bullet.

  26. The NFL is a dictatorship. Goodell gets what he wants.
    How many of you people are going to be cheering a cold weather Superbowl when it is being played in London?

  27. kaprieli…………………. Huh?
    There we go again, someone “trying” to be witty!

  28. Complete BS! Why was each vote count not revealed after each vote? And what kind of logic is it after being down to just 2 cities to even have that “3rd” AND THEN that “4th” vote? When all you needed was going to be a majority at 17 and the cities voted on were the SAME ones that you just voted on in the 3rd vote? IE – if one had got 17-23 votes on the 3rd vote.
    Another thing, showing on TV all those ultra rich old white men as if they were some college football player who grew up poor and was hoping to be drafted in the first round for the big money that will change that kid’s life. Then them behaving like the rich man who just won the lottery. For a game that the vast majority of the players faces will not look anything like those of the vote casters.

  29. Of course some of the owners would be against a New York/New Jersey Super Bowl. If you were an owner in one of the southern cities that regularly gets the Super Bowl, why would you want to set the precedent of a cold weather Super Bowl and open up more competition for the event.

  30. How many people remember the last World Cup? By the time this game is played we’ll be on the verge of a second. tournament. On this environment thats eons maybe even World’s away.

  31. The superbowl is the superbowl. it will be fine.
    It will be played, regardless of weather. The ratings will be high, regardless of weather, because more than half of the people watching aren’t even football fans, and watch for the commercials.
    The only risk would be the corporate cronies who are rich enough to attend the superbowl might not want to in New York. But actually, New York is the capital of corporate cronyism and the linchpin of our (busted) financial system. People will attend.
    Glad to see the NFL nut up or shut up on this one.
    BTW Florio, you don’t think that some of the owners voting against New York aren’t doing that for selfish reasons, like say, being a warm weather town themselves and beign afriad of losing an monopoly on superbowl hosting and the money that goes along with it?

  32. Here we go again. The Mike Florio/Peter King Whine Train is departing the station.
    We didn’t get what we wanted! How the owners of NFL teams not listen to a couple of Interweb writers on how they should run their very successful business! No, we’ve never run a business of that magnitude in our own lives, but we have opinions, and an audience, and thus are experts on what should or shouldn’t be done!
    And now NFL owners who didn’t agree with us (the majority), you will feel the wrath of the Interweb Blogger! I will blog and blog and twitter and cry until you, sirs, cry for mercy! (Or you’ll just ignore us, because, well, you’re successful business men running a successful business and have billions of dollars to keep you warm and happy at night.)

  33. Florio – give it a rest. You act like there was a lot to consider for these guys in between rounds. They are picking cities. They’ve been to a Super Bowl in each of the contending cities except NY. They know what they are getting. I’d imagine they’ve been to NY before. They know what they are getting there too. Quit whining about a possible fix being in on this. Why don’t we wait until 2014 to decide if this idea sucks as bad as you think it will? If it sucks, then they wont do it again – pretty simple. It can’t be worse than Jacksonville…

  34. I’m curious to know why New York gets a SuperBowl when the league turned KC down for hosting a SuperBowl two years ago due to it being outdoors.

  35. Even for a lawyer, you are uncommonly slow on the uptake. Maybe the reason some of the owners were dead set against this is that warm weather/dome venues have had a monopoly on the game for nearly five decades. These men didn’t become billionaires by fostering and encouraging competition. If this works well, and it will, owners that had to wait three to five years to get the financial rewards associated with the Super Bowl, may have to wait over a decade. Money out of their pockets. Nobody likes that, even if in the long run, it is in the best interest of the League. There aren’t many “mysteries of life” that can’t be figured out by looking at the how they affect the wallet of those involved. Since you like old movie/TV references so much, “Run, Florio, Run”.

  36. The only people not wanting this to happen are Suits and News people. Fans of the game realize that the weather is a factor throughout the entire football season and see no big deal if it is a factor in the Super Bowl.

  37. Lighten up, Francis. If they play hockey and football outdoors, and the World Series outdoors in November, they can play a Super Bowl outdoors as well. Wears some thermals and bring some jack and coffee and enjoy the game.

  38. Florio,
    Wouldn’t it would be great? You and your girlfriend Rosnethal spending a cold wintery night together in a hotel room overlooking Central Park, laying nude by the fire, sipping hot chocolate, catching snow flakes with your tongues. walking the cold streets on New York hand in hand, riding down 5th Avenue in a horse drawn carriage, shopping for toys at FAO Schwartz and then more toys at Leatherman down on Christopher Street. Sounds like a very manly Super Bowl weekend for you and Rosenthal to wallow in and enjoy.

  39. c/p
    Hollywood Tisch must have pictures of Roger with Rosie O’Donnell. “He’s a great forward (thinking) commissioner,” Giants treasurer Steve Tisch said. “He likes pushing the envelope. Without coming out and saying I want the Super Bowl in New York and New Jersey, he said this is kind of an interesting idea. So he kind of endorsed the idea that the owners should think outside the box, which they did. … We’re going to deliver the promises we made.Then as I promised him I destroyed the pictures of him and Rosie.”

  40. I don’t care what anybody thinks! I’m stoked about it being in New Jersey, and I only live an hour from the Meadowlands! Time to save my pennies for the next 4 years so I can get 2 tickets! (actually going to save my $100’s for the next 4 years!)

  41. All this extra money Giants and Jets will now make – think the owners will reduce the seat license and game ticket prices for their buyers?

  42. I say let every city that has an NFL team have a turn at the Super Bowl. I would love for the game to be at Lambeau. Beautiful.

  43. “I’m curious to know why New York gets a SuperBowl when the league turned KC down for hosting a SuperBowl two years ago due to it being outdoors.”
    Cause New York City doesn’t suck.

  44. If a cold weather Super Bowl forces the suits and fairweather fans to miss the game then I’m all for that. The NFL needs to price in the real fans, however. And, if your team makes it to the Super Bowl and there are bad weather conditions then chances are you’re going to see a classic game. Most games with bad weather in the playoffs end in dramatic fashion. Sure, the offenses are terrible and the NFL has changed almost every rule it can so teams can score more points but there is something more tangible about a defensive struggle that requires strategy.

  45. Wonderful … Championship game out of doors in New York in February … kickoff around 6:30 PM, after the sun goes down.
    I home the commish understands we will expect him to be sitting his lily white ass … not up in the heated luxury boxes, but right down in the open-air seats … for the entire game, along with the suffering fans.
    Him and the other big shots that had to have this all need to enjoy the open air experience. For them to now hide up in the enclosed, heated boxes would be pure hypocrisy.

  46. More and more I continue to visit your website, I am convince you are an Idiot or it must be the offseason?

  47. Looks like Tom Petty, Springsteen, The WHO (insert any safe, over the hill band that nobody under 30 knows) will be playing from the locker room…stupid idea

  48. The Super Bowl should not be played in a cold weather location unless it’s domed. You want the best team to win because of their talent and abilities, not because of the weather. Also as a fan I would not pay the exorbitant cost for a ticket to a game where I will be freezing my ass off and possibly getting snowed upon for three + hours. Yes, I know that both teams would be playing under the same weather conditions. However, those weather conditions usually benefit the weaker team by slowing things down. I would not want to lose the Championship because of fumbles, slips, etc. that usually occur at the most inopportune time. And I haven’t even got to talking about the other big factor. THE ZEBRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. This is being whined and bitched about because people like Florio don’t get a free Miami vacation. Sorry. Quit your whining.
    Maybe some of us who have the money to purchase a ticket, but not the full plane fare, time off, and grossly overpriced hotel rooms might want to see a SuperBowl. Ever think of that?
    This was all about warm weather teams trying to make money because they can’t field a decent enough team year to year to get people in the stands to make money.

  50. To all those idiots out there, do you realize that a few years ago it was 70 degrees in NYC in January. PLUS, the term frigid and NYC only go in the same sentence when spoken from the mouth of one of the “Real Wives of New Jersey”…

  51. Today’s Superbowl has nothing to do with the fans whatsoever. This is a small step in that direction.

  52. Ok NYC/NJ won the 2014 article, stop writing hate articles about it. More people voted for it than against it. It would be more intriguing to find out who did vote for it and why. Not who didn’t because it’s a cold weather superbowl.

  53. What risk? Will the Earth disintegrate if Super Bowl XLVIII turns out to be a blizzard-bowl — a game millions of viewers will wind up excitedly telling their grandchildren they viewed live?
    Relax, Mike. I love your work, but you’re getting a mite overheated here.
    By the way, is this the first-ever non-unanimous Super Bowl siting decision? Is it really so momentous that there were dissenting votes?

  54. As there should be….having a SB dictated by Weather is a freaking joke
    Now the best team will suffer while the SB will be decided by who can deal with sub-zero temps, wind, and snow
    What a joke

  55. seriously though. there is just as much of a chance that t would be 60 degrees that day as a blizzard. It does not snow every single day in North New Jersey in the winter. Get over it people who cares what the weather is like. If the Colts could win in heavy rain I am sure both teams could play in whatever weather NJ wants to have that day.

  56. @FalconFan
    Thanks man, great post. Assuming the city can handle all the extra people (I wonder about GB), all NFL cities should absolutely be allowed to host the game. The game does so much for the economy it shouldn’t have to be in the same cities year after year.
    These are football players, supposedly the toughest athletes this country has to offer. Other countries mock our football cuz they wear pads, now they can mock us for what a bunch of pussies people are being about playing in a little cold weather.
    On a side note, anyone that thinks this game will have empty seats, get real. It’s likely that the rich fat cats won’t wanna sit in the cold so they’ll give up their seats which means there’s a good chance they’ll fall into the laps of REAL football fans that are there for the game and not to sip umbrella drinks.

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