Dolphins could have interest in Atogwe

On June 1, St. Louis Rams restricted free agent safety O.J. Atogwe will likely become an unrestricted free agent, as the Rams aren’t expected to tender him at 110 percent of his 2009 salary.

The Rams and Atogwe are still talking, but if they don’t reach a deal that keeps him in St. Louis, one team that could be interested in his services is the Miami Dolphins.

Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel reports that the Dolphins signing Atogwe is a possibility, and that the Dolphins’ front office had interest in Atogwe in 2009, when the Rams kept him in place by slapping the franchise tag on him.

Atogwe would make sense for the Dolphins, who are trying to upgrade their free safety position. If the Rams don’t get a deal done with him, the Dolphins will have a chance to sign him in five days.

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  1. Has this “story” changed at all since every Dolphin fan knew their was interest in Atogwe last year and there was little attention to getting a free safety in free agency and the draft over the last several months, or is it the same non-story?

  2. O.J. Atogwe- welcome to Miami. Nolan and company are building are solid formidable defense. Can you say playoffs for the phins?

  3. And I could have a slice of pizza for lunch…or could have won the lottery…or could have induced vomiting on a Philly police officer….could have

  4. Honestly, EVERY team in the NFL has interest in this stud FS, but not every team is willing to pay a high price for him. That’s like saying one or two teams have interest in Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson. Clearly every team would take the player for the price they’re willing to pay.

  5. Something has to be up with Atogwe. Did anybody show interest in him before the draft?

  6. The Dolphins, Bears and Cowboys are all interested in this dude. Bidding war, here we come!

  7. I can say playoffs for the phins. I can also say playoffs for the Lions, Raiders and Bills. The fish are clearly better than these teams but I think you get my point. Let the last Miami playoff memory resonate for quite some time. Chad Pennington giveth, Ed Reed taketh to the house.

  8. # 305DOLFAN says: May 27, 2010 9:39 AM
    O.J. Atogwe- welcome to Miami. Nolan and company are building are solid formidable defense. Can you say playoffs for the phins?
    Nope… I can’t

  9. Don’t be surprised to see the Jaguars make a move for him as well.
    The new “best GM in the league” Gene Smith hasn’t said a word about him, which means he probably LOVES him and doesn’t want to tip anyone off. (see: Tyson Alualu)

  10. Rams wont let Atogwe walk. There’s no way. At least I hope.. if they let him walk, they might as well trade SJax now while they can get some picks for him because they basically don’t care about having the best players anymore. And, there are more than just a couple teams out there who need this guy. I can think of a few inside the division alone: Niners, Cardinals, Seahawks? heh. Honestly, there’s no team in the league who can honestly say this guy wouldn’t instantly upgrade their secondary. He’s gotten off to a better start in his career than any other safety in the league today, including future HoF’ers Ed Reed and Brian Dawkins. This guy is heading to Canton.

  11. OJ is a fantastic Canadian player. Any team would benefit from his skills. Especially with the league so pass happy now.

  12. Problem with Phins in playoffs is that they are going to finish third or fourth in their division.
    East- Pats
    South- Texans
    WC- Colts & Jets.
    Dolphins will have an awful season this year, 5 – 6 wins this season at best.
    The owner will freak out, because they have spent so much money in the off season without winning a SuperBowl.
    Parcells will walk away, you can already see it by ownership going over his head and bringing Thomas back for one day, not something he would ever do. Dolphins fans don’t realize that you cheer for the team and the players on the current roster. Thats why they still march out the ’72 team every chance they get, great undefeated. No superbowl titles since ’73.
    And Marino was great but no titles. Jimmy Johnson tried to bring Miami a winning organization but the fans cried about an over the hill guy with talent who can’t win titles at QB.
    As a fan I would rather have a bunch of guys who come and go and win titles then put my hat on guys who never bring the team a championship but think because they play in the NFL they are owed something.
    Ireland will be right behind him along with Sporano. Sporano is not a head coach in the league, good guy,but not a head NFL coach.
    Peterson will come in and they will throw every dollar they have at Bill Cowher.If they get him then you might have AFC East titles, but until then that team is a mess on and off the field.
    Enjoy sweating in that outdated stadium. The league should black ball them for their comments about NYC getting the SB, and they won’t make improvements like the league has told them to do. Lets alos not forget the stadium is in one of the most awful neighborhoods in the country.
    At least Marshall will have an unlimited supply of walkers readily available to him in South Florida- way to force that hand once again ownership, running Parcells out of town.Why don’t you just tell Parcells that TO is now on his roster). Dolphin fans get your boats ready for the fall, your sundays are going to be filled with disappointment. Better to be happy on the water and listening to games while bringing in the catch then going home mad after every loss with this team they are putting on the field.

  13. Hey Florio and other writers, can you do a story or a list of guys who are in the same situation. Who else is tagged now but could/will become unrestricted on June 1.

  14. The fact that the Dolphins have made effectively zero progress in finding a starting safety likely means that Parcells already has an under-the-table deal for Atogwe.
    Gotta cut down that cap number in STL so they can raise capital, yo.

  15. Craigolney…..Wow you have some imagination….are you serious with that nonsense????? MUST be a jets fan

  16. @craigolney Do you really think Parcells cares if Thomas retires a Dolphin? Are you on crack? The combination of Sporano and Nolan will be unstopable, The Phins take the AFC East easy this year.

  17. “Bleeding Green” & “Jetfan in Miami” – you two retards make it seem that you won it all last year. All the over rated jets did was back in to the playoff and have all the media hype them up and make you moron fans think they are gonna be special in 2010 – complete joke.
    “Craigolney” – thank you so much for your deep analysis of the dolphins, you are a complete jerk-off

  18. craigolney says much but knows nothing. I was wondering craigolney where were you an NFL owner or general manager. Someone with your knowledge must have labored as a GM or owner in the NFL (sarcasm)

  19. He will get paid the big bucks no matter where he goes. St. louis needs to be smart about this. They have a proven playmaker, at least sign-and-trade him. It doesnt make sense to just let him walk.

  20. Of course the Dolphins are interested. Atogwe is in his prime and one of the top 10-15 players at his position. 20+ teams would be interested in him as a UFA. You know how many AWFUL safeties start in the NFL?

  21. I love when unknowledgeable jest fans feel like they have to comment on everything dolphins. Go away, you just make yourselves look stupid.

  22. @ Marino13 no rings
    ED REED… now go paint your nails orange and teal, pansy boy.

  23. “craigolney” I’m glad you can predict the 2010 season in MAY! congrats! Now they dont even have to play, thanks miss cleo.
    Reading some of these comments makes me realize why you hear about so many people doing dumb crap on the news. I’m convinced 75% of people are just plain stupid. It’s so simple. Thanks!
    Maybe people are just a little upset that after going 1-15 in 07 the Dolphins went 11-5 in 08 and once again have a highly competitive team? I know the Jets have only won the division 2 times and have a pathetic history, with less franchise wins then the Browns. Saints fans may have invented the paper bag, but Jets fans perfected it’s use. At least the Patriots have earned the right to be cocky even though they cheated by spying on teams and haven’t been able to win sincce then.
    And are people seriously saying Brandon Marshall was a mistake because of his surgery? Okay then, maybe the Jets should get rid of Sanchez, who had knee surgery. What about Brady? He had surgery over a year ago. or Wes Welker, maybe the Pats should dump him. Marshall had minor surgery and was walking and jogging 3 weeks later, Welker probably wont even start week 1. Last time the Fins/Pats played Henne lit up the Patriots sorry defense…without a #1 WR. Now the Fins have a top 5 WR. Marshall with one arm would be better than Ginn, who blazed past 3 Jets defenders on MNF.

  24. Thomas retiring a Dolphin is a control issue. If you keep intruding into Bill’s world he will leave. You might not think he cares, and I guess the only way we all will know is if he is back next season.
    Nolan is a great D-Cord, just look at what he did in Baltimore, but he doesn’t have the same style of players. Dansby is great, the 2nd yr CB’s are going to be really good, but what else is on their D?
    Hire an O-Cord. Dolphins are still building for a run at the Super Bowl, they are just not there yet. Don’t kid yourself. If you are reading this site you obviously follow football, so don’t let some big names in select positions lead you to think you are going to win titles automatically,if they do, get out of the sun. Henne has an arm but needs more experience. The RB situation is suspect. Ronnie Brown is injury prone. Ricky Williams is not a number one maybe not a number 2 at his age. Their O-Line is good, not great, but getting better. They give up sacks and that leads to a young QB making mistakes and that means Marshall doesn’t get the ball. Every young QB needs a TE they can count on, who is their TE? There are giant holes on the O side of the ball.
    Who is a better team in the AFC West than the Chargers? Are you saying Jason Campbell is now going to take the Raiders to their division title? Oh wait, Weiss and Romeo are going to make the Chiefs title contenders? And Tebow will take the Broncos to the West title?
    Since their last SB appearance in 1984 the Dolphins have won 5 AFC East titles(’85,’92,’94,’00,’08). Dolphins have one more SB title than the Baltimore Ravens, and they have only been around since 1996. Dolphins have been in the National Football League since 1970.
    Miami will have an interesting season,but their schedule is too tough for them with the overall team they have. And I must be smoking something for wasting my time on the only organization to have an undefeated team in NFL history and “almost” the greatest QB in NFL history. Good luck, Dolphin fans.

  25. U jet fans are funny.. Miami was a better team last year and if we had a #1 WR we woulda won the divison easy. 2010 is our year it may not be a championship year but its the year we take control and begin our decade or so run of ruling the AFC EAST.. I dunno who i hate more the pats or the jets.. I live in Massachusetts about 30 mins from gillette stadium and have to deal with Pats fans all year but u know what theres just something about the jets that makes me hate them a little more.. now the fact that they got fat ass Rex Ryan just makes it more clear.. but to comment on this post i say hell yea miami we better be biddin on ATOGWE!!! this will just make our D-Backs that much stronger with Davis,Bell and Smith
    Miami – 11 – 5
    Pats – 10-6
    Bills 7-9
    Jets – suck

  26. You know why you hate the Jets more? Because they are always cocky and arrogant and yet have not won anything since 1968. The Jets are a great example of a losing organization.

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