New York Pro Bowl is possible, too

The decision to give the 2014 Super Bowl to New York would presumably mean the 2014 Pro Bowl would be played in Hawaii, as NFL stars aren’t going to want to travel to a frigid location after the season is over.

But maybe that presumption is incorrect.

NFL Senior VP of Events Frank Supovitz told the New York Post that the Pro Bowl might also be played in New Jersey in 2014.

“You never say never,” Supovitz said. “We haven’t discussed that yet, but it’s definitely within reason. It can’t be ruled out.”

This year’s Pro Bowl was played in Super Bowl host city Miami, but the next two Pro Bowls will be played in Honolulu. If future Pro Bowls are played in the cold, the NFL is going to have an awfully tough time persuading its star players to show up.

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  1. Last year 12 players didn’t show to the pro bowl…because it wasn’t in Hawaii.
    That was the first year I’ve ever seen the 4th and 5th string guys get in….such as Rolle and some of these players who weren’t even in the backup roll.
    NO WAY after a long season they show to a cold weather game…
    We may get players like Jamarcus Russell into the pro bowl…..

  2. Well won’t that be fun.
    If you ever wanted to see an NFL-type game played in a completely empty stadium, have the Pro Bowl in NY in February. LOL
    People will brave the cold to go the Super Bowl, no doubt. But the Pro Bowl?
    Here is how you can kill two birds with one stone: Since no one will come to watch the Pro Bowl, and no decent musician will agree to play outside in 20 degree weather- how about a 25 minute pro bowl at half time of the Super Bowl? LOLOL
    This becomes more and more of a joke with each passing day.

  3. Fine. Hold the Pro Bowl wherever you like. Do a tour of historic stadiums (Lambeau, Soldier Field, Candlestick, etc.). Do whatever you like- because the game means nothing.
    It’s an exhibition. It’s a spectacle. It’s largely a waste of time.
    But don’t screw with the Super Bowl. The last thing we need is for the NFL champion to be decided in a 6-3 game played in the snow in Cleveland.

  4. Since the Pro-Bowl actually had viewership this year it is safe to assume Goodell will keep it the week before the Super-Bowl untill people stop watching…. meaning in all likelihood, the Pro-Bowl WILL be in NY/NJ and none of the high-profile players will attend due to weather

  5. This idea reminds me of an old movie, “What if they gave a war and nobody came”?
    Seems like that would be an appropriate title if the NFL held the Pro Bowl in NJ, since neither players nor fans would come for that.

  6. I wonder if the Pro Bowl will be played in London when Goodell has the big game moved overseas

  7. Why don’t they just play the Pro Bowl in London (or other international destinations) rather than move regular season games there?

  8. As much as I am for the SB in NJ
    I am againest the pro bowl being played here
    Put it back on the islands where it belongs reward the players with sun and sand and give the good folks of our Island State a taste of the NFL
    We play in London but ignore the nicest state in the land

  9. I can understand having the Super Bowl in a cold weather city, but the Pro-Bowl?? When these players go to the Pro-Bowl its like a vacation for them. I dont see how taking their entire families to a city that is packed with snow would be considered relaxation time. I know the league is just trying to make more money, but I think they also need to think about their players because these are the guys that are actually bringing in the money.

  10. remember when Pro Bowl quarterbacks would take their offensive lines with them when they went to Hawaii as a thank you?
    i suspect it’s gonna be a banner year for sacks…

  11. elite players would pass on the trip to hawaii and/or miami……….. whats gunna happen if the game is played in north jersey ?

  12. Want to make it an interesting game? Use the Pro Bowl teams at the Hall of Fame Game instead a pre-season game. That would be far more interesting than what they do now.

  13. Why is the superbowl that Is played in new jersey…being called the new York superbowl?

  14. Hey, why don’t we just let New York have everything!
    They’re so much better than us anyway, just ask them.
    I’m still waiting to hear if the NFL Draft will rotate cities now. I mean, if New York “deserves” a shot at a Super Bowl, then maybe Miami deserves a shot at hosting the draft.

  15. where ever the pro bowl is played it needs to be played AFTER THE SUPERBOWL, that pro bowl was garbage last year

  16. Ok this is where I have to draw the line. I have lived in NYC my whole life and love it, but at the same time a man needs to face reality and so does the NFL.
    the Super Bowl is one thing, as a cold weather game in the biggest city would be fun and a nice change. We would put on a show for that weekend you can guarantee it. But thats where we need to stop it.
    the Pro Bowl is not a game any player cares about. Getting elected to the team guarantees them certain incentive bonuses and thats all thats important. In Hawaii it made perfect sense, because its a beautiful spot and the players could take their families there and make a nice trip out of it. to expect them to go to a meaningless game at the end of the year and play in bad conditions is not realistic. And even in this football crazed market, no one will want to shell out money to watch a game that doesnt count in the freezing. Its a dumb business move and it would be a disaster. As much as I love NY, they need to think logically

  17. I don’t get why everyone keeps saying New York Pro Bowl/Super Bowl………’s New Jersey, different state. In fact the Jets and Giants should never call themselves New York Jets, New York Giants. They play in New Jersey, isn’t that misreprensentation?? The only NFL team from New York is the Buffalo Bills. The Jets and Giants can stay in that cese pool of a state New Jersey and change their name to New Jersey Jets and New Jersey Giants. Funny, it’s the only two teams in the NFL that play in a different state and take a different state’s name.

  18. eff says:
    May 27, 2010 12:12 PM
    Hey, why don’t we just let New York have everything!
    They’re so much better than us anyway, just ask them.
    You’re kind of up your own ass on this one. If you’ve been following all of the posts on all of the articles about this topic, you’ll find it is the old-school fans from the flyover states who think it’s great to have the game in NJ because football should be played “in the elements”, and are hoping this will all lead to a SB in their city.
    Most (not all) of the New York residents, like myself, who are familiar with how traffic in and out of Manhattan works (or doesn’t work), have been warning of the logistical nightmare that would occur if we get a snowstorm on SB Sunday.
    New York didn’t get the SB because we think we’re better than everyone else- we got it because the league made under-the-table promises to have one here if we helped fund the stadium, and because owners from other cold weather cities with their own Super Bowl agendas (Robert Kraft, Daniel Snyder, Randy Lerner, Pat Bowlen, etc.) pushed it through.
    I for one, have no intention of being anywhere near New York on Super Bowl week. I will be on vacation when the media, out of town fans and celebutards descend on the city, and send the whole area into gridlock.

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