Patriots release Stanback; announce Derrick Burgess signing

We told you about Derrick Burgess re-joining the Patriots a few weeks back.

The news was made official today, with New England cutting wide receiver Isaiah Stanback and linebacker Bruce Davis to make room.

We rooted for Stanback because everyone loves a good converted quarterback turned wideout.  (Stanback essentially served as New England’s No. 3 quarterback on the practice squad last year.)

But if the Patriots can’t use a multi-dimensional player, there probably isn’t a team that can.  Julian Edelman, for instance, is another former quarterback that quickly passed Stanback on the depth chart.   

6 responses to “Patriots release Stanback; announce Derrick Burgess signing

  1. Any of those nitwits in the past telling the Pats drafting Pat White or Tim Tebow to run the Wildcat because Belichick is close with Urban Meyer:
    Grand total of passes thrown by converted QB or WR (Edelman, Stanback et al) last season: 0
    Yeah, Belichick loves me some Wildcat, Wishbone, Flexbone.
    Shut up.

  2. Too bad for Pats fans that they resigned Burgess.
    They could have started to forget about how they got scorched by the Raiders on that deal.
    Now, they’ll remember it every game.

  3. The Raiders did not “scorch” the Patriots on that deal… Sure, you wish you could get more for a 3rd and a 5th, but he was putting pressure on QBs down the stretch. Now, Richard Seymour for a high 1st or Randy Moss for a 4th? That’s getting scorched.

  4. Raider fans were crying when we got him about being screwed.
    Really, for a part-time player to get 5 sacks is pretty good, especially getting most of them in the last few games when he became acclimated to the system. The Pats made a good trade.

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