PFT Daily: Chargers' handling of Ellison hints at double standard

At first, it looked like Chargers safety Kevin Ellison would realize no specific consequence from the team as a result of his recent arrest for possession of 100 Vicodin pills.  Now, it’s not looking as good for him.

Meanwhile, the team has never taken action against receiver Vincent Jackson, who has twice pleaded guilty to DUI.

So what gives?  PFT Daily explores.


20 responses to “PFT Daily: Chargers' handling of Ellison hints at double standard

  1. Ellison was a 6th rounder who is decent enough but not great. The Chargers were probably going to cut him anyway, and they had already drafted his replacement. He was only asked to stay away for 3 days of minicamp this week , but he’ll be back for OTAs in the future. Another case of poor reporting by Florio.

  2. Yeah, I hate double standards…
    Like changing OT rules for Florio’s man-crush Farva…
    Changing DB rules for Peyton…
    Allowing Pats to cheat, stealers, donkeys…
    Letting Vikes and Saints players play for over two years AFTER violating league rules…
    Letting convicted murderers play
    Yeah, double standards suck….
    Has it occurred to the dipwads that run this Hearstian rag that
    A) Performance matters
    B) Performance matters
    C) Performance matters
    Nah…let’s just bash on a football organization even though we couldn’t throw a spiral if our lives depended on it.
    Par for the course boys.

  3. “Chargers’ handling of Ellison hints at double standard”
    If you ever needed proof that Florio is rquired by contract to have X amount of posts and videos on a regular basis- this story is proof. So much goes on in the NFL shows a double standard. Do you think a medicore 7th rounder would be around long if they acted like Big Ben? Pretty much every facet of society has some form of double standard.
    Florio rolled out of bed and thought ” I need a topic, what is the easiest for me to do and BANG we have this video. Florio is livin the dream, congrats- what a sweet nitche you have carved out.

  4. I thought all the NFL’s problem children were Raiders?
    What gives? Why not a discussion on the numberous Raiders in trouble with the law? What, you say? There have been none for years and years? I mean I read it here every time there is a turd FA available, that the Raiders are the natural home for any Pacman or Vick.
    You know I’d be sorry for being such a over the top ahole about this, but I’ve read the BS for waaay too long. Had it up to here.

  5. This isn’t news Florio. Better players, or those more vital to the team at the time, can get away with more. /Yawn

  6. It’s like that in the “Real” world too. If a star employee gets in trouble for something maybe he doesn’t get in trouble at work. If a secretary does the same things maybe she gets fired. It’s called life. The better you are at something the better you get treated. Right or wrong.

  7. Ask the never been charged or arrested Ben who has to miss 4-6 games if there’s a double standard.

  8. The underlying issue is that Ellison is not as fast to the ball as hoped and does poorly in coverage. Steve Gregory actually stepped up and outplayed Ellison last year. Now that the Chargers have also drafted Darrell Stuckey and have Paul Oliver in the wings, Ellison was probably on his way out anyway. However, getting popped for posession a great way for a “bubble” player to be sent packing.

  9. Didn’t you beat this double standard rhetoric to death with the Steelers? We all know that a nobody is going to be released and a Pro Bowler isn’t. Get over it and stop whining. I liked this site better when it wasn’t your full time job.

  10. DOUBLE STANDARD? uh hello. Pro Bowler vs under achiever.
    Welcome to the NFL (and life!)

  11. Steve Gregory actually stepped up and outplayed Ellison last year.
    Bro, Gregory stepped up and took the Nickel Corner spot from Cason, not Ellison. Ellison as pretty much the starter at SS once Hart was cut. Ellison can be a solid contributor, but lacks the speed. I don’t see the team cutting Ellison when he’s the only other true SS we have on the team. Stuckey and Ellison will rotate, but only one will see more playing time. We’ll have to wait and see after pre season.

  12. Why does this always surpise you? Its not about “double standard”, its risk/reward.

  13. Beast: Gregory did take over for Cason at the nickle spot, but he’s listed as a SS on the roster. I’ll be surprised if they don’t send Ellison packing before the season starts and rotate Oliver with Stuckey. Moving him out now would violate his CBA rights.

  14. Even Florio can’t equate possession of a controlled substance, a felony, to DUI, a misdemeanor. This is not to say that DUI is not abhorrent and should not be tolerated but possession of Vicodin comes with a prison sentence for a reason. Come on Florio get your head out of your……………………….

  15. Double standards?!??!
    When Terance Kiel was shipping cough medicine (sizzuryp) back to Texas, got caught, he was let go that year. We can name plenty of people with DWI cases that are still playing and just fine..
    100 pills of vicodine un-prescribed=illegal
    Alcohol= legal, but not behind the wheel..

  16. Pro Bowl WR with alcohol violation treated differently than on-the-fringe safety apprehended with illegal prescription drugs? The hell you say……
    Pretty dumb, Mike.

  17. If they were the New England Chargers or the New York Chargers, you wouldn’t say squat, Florio. You’re an east-coast man-whore.

  18. Bens Bodyguard says:
    May 27, 2010 2:19 PM
    Ask the never been charged or arrested Ben who has to miss 4-6 games if there’s a double standard.
    I posted weeks ago here and elsewhere that all you Steelers fans need to watch carefully what Goodell does on this one. He is big on the whole “pattern of behavior”thing and it was part of the reason BR was suspended. VJ has a definite DUI pattern now. Plus wasn’t he driving without a license on top of that?The commish needs to sit him for 6 games pending evaluation…just like he did with BR. If he does not, Steelers fans should bombard him with e-mails and call him out for hypocrisy.
    FTR I am a Pats fan, never liked BR’s personality, and wanted the Pats to draft VJ. Fair is fair though.

  19. @ Beast and Toad:
    1) What is this, X-Men vs. the Brotherhood of Mutants?
    2) Ellison is definitely good enough to make the Roster. Gregory and Oliver are nickel-backs, and that is all. With the signing of Vasher and Strickland, I’d be surprised if both Gregory and Oliver make the team. Ellison’s job may be in danger now, but last week he was just fighting for playing time. C.J. Spillman is better than you’d think and plays bigger than he is, but that doesn’t make him an answer. Unless Stuckey is ready to go, the Chargers don’t have any true SS behind Ellison.

  20. In terms of Vincent Jackson, I think it is up to the league to decide his suspension not the Chargers but they had to wait until he actually had his court date and plead guilty.
    I think the league suspension is 4 games for a 2nd DUI.
    Not sure what will happen to Ellison because he had great character at USC as a leader of their D. He would have probably started at SS this year until Stuckey was ready and is decent against the run.

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