Report: Phillip Merling arrested after domestic dispute

P. Merlingmug.PNGA few days ago, we read a report that the starting left defensive end job in Miami was Phillip Merling’s to lose.

Well, here’s one way to lose it.

Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that the third-year player was arrested Wednesday night after a domestic dispute with his pregnant girlfriend. 

(UPDATE: Merling is in Broward County jail after an arrest for aggravated battery on a woman.) 

Merling was part of Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland’s first draft class in Miami as the No. 32 overall pick in 2008.  He’s the fourth Miami Dolphin to be arrested since the end of the 2009 season.

48 responses to “Report: Phillip Merling arrested after domestic dispute

  1. I hope he kicked the McDonald’s bag that beat up Brandon Marshall.
    I mean, that bag did a NUMBER on that guy.

  2. He beats women a hell of a lot better than he beats any offensive lineman.
    Your shithead club card is coming in the mail.

  3. If it’s true this guy needs to be gone. He was on his way out anyway and it looks like he decided to expedite it. What a class act!

  4. i’m not condoning beating up women, but as a father when my girl was pregnant she got on my damn nerves…i’m sure any man whos dealing with a nagging, whiney, bitchy pregnant girlfriend can relate

  5. 4-6 week suspension.
    Or would it be more, cuz he actually, like, did something.

  6. Of course when a woman accuses you of something you’re automatically guilty. Everyone knows that.

  7. Get your facts straight, He wasn’t the 32nd pick pof 2008, he was the 33rd pick of 2008.

  8. wow,maybe next he can start pushing the elderly down stairs,or beating up girl scouts,what is worse than hitting a prego,,,,not much

  9. Yeah, listen to the Patriots fans. It’s only OK to hit a woman when she’s attending an away game wearing another team’s jersey…

  10. I’m surprised the Pittsburgh Steelers haven’t traded for this guy yet, WE NEED HIM!!!

  11. He needed to show Sparano and Parcells something different this offseason to prove his worth, in an already crowded DLine….I guess he just did.

  12. Panther4life, No he was the 32nd pick. The Patriots lost their 1st round pick in 2008. So the 32nd pick was the first pick in the second round that year.

  13. When are people going to drop the incorrect rap on the Raiders as being the turd team?
    Miami signs Marshall, has this guy, bt we are the “natural home” for TO?

  14. Guys are going to start realizing that they just need to vacation in South Florida and not play for this organization. Twenty something to Thirty something guys with lots of money is not a good combo when trying to win championships in South Florida.
    This organization tries to be a part of the community, but what message are the really sending when their players are; running wild, beating up women, getting DUI’s. etc? Its all just a smoke screen to get you to buy tickets when they talk about how they are apart of the community. They don’t care about their fans, they just want your money.
    In what might be their greatest D player of all time walked across the street and in one day already talks about what a better place it is to play.
    The Miami Dolphins are a joke of an organization.

  15. Good thing Miami used their first pick in the draft on the best DE coming out this year. I seriously doubt Parcells would draft Odrick if he didn’t feel like he could get the starting job. Besides Merling’s int against Favre for a TD he hasn’t done much since being drafted. I think he will get cut and they will continue with the plans they had before this happened. Langford and Odrick and DE and Starks at NT.

  16. :facepalm:
    “The Real Shuxion says:
    May 27, 2010 11:05 AM
    He beats women a hell of a lot better than he beats any offensive lineman.”
    I laughed.
    Merling was a huge underachiever anyway. Stupid, just stupid. *sigh

  17. @Panther4life How about you get your facts straight he was the 32 draft pick because there were only 31 picks in round one that draft.
    But anyone who hits a women pregnant or not should not be playing in the NFL. Cut his ass now. When will these players start being standup guys? I don’t blame Goodell for being the Sheriff of the NFL because players like this.

  18. Wow…Miami is just going down in flames and the season hasnt even started…..nice job Parcells and Ireland!!
    Go Patriots!

  19. Well I can understand………she was pregnant….so isn’t that really 2 against 1????????
    Thats much more fair….
    Another jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Does that sort of thing surprise anyone? Young millionaire thugs thinking that they are above it all.

  21. maybe she took his big Mac from him? a guy that big and a pregnant chick, now there’s a good fight.
    hey phillip, this is a good way to get in the spotlight, douche!!!!!

  22. Another racist arrest of a black man by police.
    No white players have been arrested this offseason.
    It is just unfair.

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