Shanahan wasn't asked the money question on Santana Moss

So now that I’m back at the PFT controls and I’m looking over the more-than-capable efforts of MDS and Rosenthal (it’s always heartening to know that I could drop dead and the site would actually be better off), I noticed something on which I need to briefly comment.

On Wednesday, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan spoke fairly extensively regarding receiver Santana Moss, who has been implicated in the investigation of Dr. Anthony Galea for supplying athletes with hGH.  Said Shanahan:  “I sat down and talked to Santana today and we went through a bunch of situations that have happened to him and feel really good about where he is at.  I feel really good that he will, I don’t know if vindicated is the word, but I think when people find out all the facts he will be OK.”

Based on the transcript that was distributed by the team, it appears that Shanahan wasn’t asked a fairly relevant question.  Did he give Moss a lie-detector test?

We joke about the issue from time to time, but the wise-cracking is rooted in reality.  Shanahan said during his time with the Denver Broncos that he used the device on certain players who faced allegations of misconduct.  He did it most notably with receiver David Kircus, who was accused of assault and who claimed self-defense.

“I said, ‘Well David, I’ll give you a chance to take a
lie-detector test,’ and he wanted to do that,” Shanahan said.  “And he passed it with
flying colors
, so he will be on our football team.”

For all anyone knows, Shanahan got the same treatment on Wednesday.  I wonder whether the head coach also asked Moss if he ever watched pornographic videos.