Teammate: Shockey was "out of it" for a minute

The good news is that Jeremy Shockey was able to walk to an ambulance under his own power after experiencing seizure-like symptoms during a weight training session on Thursday.

Still, the incident sounded pretty scary for those who saw it.

One player, talking anonymously to Brian Allee-Walsh of New, described the scene this way:

“It was a little scary; it looked like maybe a mild seizure or a full
body cramp or something. There were a decent amount
of guys in the weight room at the time,” the player said.  “At first nobody really knew
what was going on, but the trainers took control of the situation after a

“He was shaking and everything, and he was basically out of it for
probably a minute or so
, but it seemed longer. After he started coming
back everything was pretty much all right. He seemed aware and
everything seemed OK after a while. He got up and was walking around.”

It’s not fair to draw many conclusions from this account.  We’re sure the Saints and Shockey will do everything possible to uncover why this happened, and whether it has anything to do with his hospitalization last year in Las Vegas for dehydration.