Apart from suspension, LenDale's effort was lacking

The Seahawks’ abrupt decision to sever ties with running back LenDale White could have been motivated by news of his four-game suspension.  (More on that later.)  Regardless, White quickly fell out of favor in Seattle because, as Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com explains it, White’s “effort level ‘stood out like a sore thumb.'” 

Marvez also reports that, despite the fact that White lost 45 pounds in the offseason, his overall physical condition was “poor.”

As to the suspension, it remains unclear whether White violates the substance-abuse policy or the steroids policy.  If it’s the latter, a first offense would have triggered the suspension.  For the former, a four-game suspension arises only after multiple violations, including a fine in the amount of three game checks.

Though the program is strictly confidential, the Seahawks had the right to inquire as to White’s status with respect to both policies before making the trade.  If they did, then they knew about the looming suspension before picking him up.  If they didn’t, then it’s their own fault that they didn’t know.

26 responses to “Apart from suspension, LenDale's effort was lacking

  1. When the coach who benefited from your collegiate production casts you aside, that sends a very strong message to the rest of the league.
    A true BUM!

  2. Does this mean the Seahawks might actually have some heart now? I’ve watched them for about the last 6 seasons since I moved to the PNW and the only guts I ever saw them show was Holmgren in a sweater vest. And that ain’t the kinda guts you wanna be showing…
    Carroll and Schneider seem to have made some good moves (with a couple questionable ones; see Whitehurst, Charlie) and they probably righted a wrong in this case.

  3. When Pete Carroll made the trade, he had probably forgotten that, unlike USC, steroids are prohibited in the NFL.

  4. Too many of Carroll’s USC players come out of college with an inflated sense of their self-worth.
    Taylor Mays and Matt Leinart come to mind.
    White always talked a bigger game than he played in Tennessee. And now his own college coach wants nothing to do with him.
    He’s still young and relatively fresh. Will he mature? Or is he just a soft, slow runner with no future in the NFL?

  5. I hope he can get his life and career back on track. He has talent he just cant let it g

  6. Mr. White, Mike Brown on the phone for you. How do you feel about striped helmets?

  7. Please explain how Lendale lost 45 pounds but his conditioning was lacking…. something does not add up here.

  8. Is it just me or is he one of those guys who just looks better when he’s fat?

  9. There’s no way to lose 45 pounds and still be in bad shape without smoking a lot of crack.

  10. hey, he’s a puffer. In some circles that”s a ticket to good times. Yet when it comes to NFL RB’s, it’s a ticket to unemployment, Ricky Williams aside…

  11. When my beloved Seahawks signed LenDale White I thought that was totally sweet. Because I thought that finally we would have a rad running back. Thanks a lot LenDale White for killing my dreams!!! You sir are being added to my “Joey Galloway-List”. (This is not a cool list to be on).
    On the other hand, hopefully Leon Washington is going to be super sweet and make my Hawks awesome again.
    On a totally different note: I wish the Seahawks would go back to their old-school uniforms, or at least once or twice a year, because the old uniforms were totally sweeter than the new ones. Dont get me wrong the new ones are cool, except the lime green ones, those suck, and when I think of LenDale White as a Seahawk, I will picture him in a lime green uniform.

  12. Strike 1 against Pete Carroll. Trusting his ex-player to have the fortitude to succeed but instead receiving an unmotivated loser. Nice work Lendale, there goes your free agent windfall. Hope to see you in Canada someday.

  13. I’m blaming too many snaps for CJ for this latest blow to White’s career.

  14. Well he better have held some of that money he’s already made, because this may be all she wrote.

  15. LenDale seems headed down the same trail as Pacman. Maybe the Titans need to start doing a little better detective work on their draft choices…

  16. Hunh…..not much good has happened to LenDale after he stomped on the Terrible Towel……
    Coincidence? Or something we just can’t explain at this time?

  17. For those of you mentioning steroids, stop. Substance abuse and 45 lb weight loss is more likely to be coke, meth or crack… Its unfortunate.

  18. I am sure Carroll remembered his play at USC. Then after working with him now decided he was not the same player. Give him credit by not trying to justify a bad decision and he cut him loose.

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