Dan Morgan at center of odd "key to the city" controversy

Former NFL linebacker Dan Morgan is in the middle of a strange controversy in Coral Springs, Florida, where the mayor wants to honor Morgan with the key to the city, while others city officials are opposed.

Mayor Scott Brook notes that Morgan was a high school football star in Coral Springs, an All-American with the Miami Hurricanes and a Pro Bowler with the Carolina Panthers, and he wants the city to give Morgan the honor in recognition of all he achieved.

“He has made most of his connections in Coral Springs,” Brook said. “His accomplishments are outstanding. Presenting someone with the key to the city shines the light on Coral Springs.”

But City Commissioner Ted Mena is one of several city officials who think the key to the city is something truly special, and giving it to Morgan might dilute the honor.

“Maybe we can give him a special plaque,” Mena said. “I don’t want to give the key to [just] any person.”

Unless Mena is under the impression that the key to the city actually opens every door in every city building or something, I fail to see what the fuss is all about. Morgan had a successful football career, and playing high school ball in Coral Springs paved the way for that. What’s the harm in giving him the key to the city?

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  1. In other news…Florio is 15 minutes late to his bikini wax appointment.

  2. guy was a beast they dont want him coming in there homes are you crazy? would you want an ex all everything mlb with the key to your house. give him the dam key big deal. dude was a tremendous athlete he deserves it!

  3. “Unless Mena is under the impression that the key to the city actually opens every door in every city building or something” — Well doesn’t that metaphorically represent what the key to the city means? Are you going to give it to just about anyone?
    I think keys to the city are dumb anyway. You want to honor the guy, name a street after him. At least that has more substantive meaning.

  4. Because the key to the city is basically the highest honor a city can give, apparently Mena doesn’t feel he’s quite earned that level of recognition. I tend to agree with him.

  5. Maybe Mena is afraid that Morgan will use the key to let in a bunch of illegal immigrants or something. Can’t have that.

  6. Morgan is a stand up guy and was a hell of a player for the Panthers. His concussion issues and other injuries ultimately made him stop playing… I’d bet Charlotte would give Dan a key to the city.

  7. This is just my opinion, but maybe the guy doesn’t want to glorify athletes more than they already are by stupid people(most fans) and the media. Dan Morgan isn’t exactly “one of the greats” when you talk about linebackers either.

  8. You fail to see what the fuss is about? He’s Dan F’ing Morgan – not exactly Lawrence Taylor. Ok, bad choice, but you see what I’m getting at.
    “Who’s Dan Morgan?” – Lavar Arrington

  9. I agree… Someone who grew up in Coral Springs made a great career for himself and it’ll probably help the morale of the city, so who cares? Its not like they’re recognizing some drug king pin, this guy can serve as a positive role model to young kids in that city.

  10. Another petty bureaucrat trying to justify his job and make himself important. Go away Mr. Mena. In the words of an NFL coach you, sir, are an over-officious jerk.

  11. I was at that commission meeting and was surprised at how long such a discussion took. The mayor, like me, is a NFL football fan. He probably also knows what PFT is. I don’t think that the other commissioners, who voiced opposition, are fans nor did they probably know that much about Morgan. Good news is that I am running for Mayor this year to replace the current mayor and know what Morgan did and his contribution. PFT = my official site for NFL news.

  12. Giving the Keys to the City of Coral Springs to Morgan seems more worthy than giving the Noble Peace Prize to someone who’s only accomplishment was winning an election.

  13. Is every pro athlete with a reasonably good career supposed to get a key to the city where they did their HS athletics? “Key to the city” does sound a little much for that. It should be for someone who saves the city from destruction, brings a lot of money into the city, etc.

  14. being from Coral Springs, I can say that I don’t care. give him a key. better than the suburban punks flipping ki’s and acting all hard in a super jewish city driving around in their parent’s benzes

  15. Dan was the best on the field.
    If he could have stayed healthy and concussion free he might have made it to Canton.
    Give the dude a key before he forgets where his hometown is.

  16. Dude needs to get over himself, it’s Coral Springs, Florida, fer cryin’ out loud, not the blooming Valley of the Kings, Egypt or Rome, Italy.
    We’re talking a key, not a statue to the Gods, or a pyramid in his honor.
    The guy’s a hometown boy who did well. Very well. Better than this dude who I have no idea who HE is, but I DO know who Dan Morgan is, all the way up here in NC.
    A plaques a slap in the face, after all he and his family’s sacrificed, and what he put his body through, for people’s entertainment and to get into the NFL. This little fella who thinks he’s so high and mighty needs to be put on the field, so he can see Dan didn’t just waltz through his career and gave the town a good name.
    This Mena is giving it a bad one.

  17. Mena hates football players ever since his niece Sylvia went to New York to work as a stripper and got knocked up by Haynesworth.

  18. Coral Srings, Florida?
    It’s not exactly like getting a key to New york City.
    What the hell is the big deal here? Give the guy a *uckin key. And get the putz who is making all the fuss off the city council.

  19. Mena is right. these people throw/catch/run with, an inflated bag. give the honor to someone who actually does something worthwhile. If Dan Morgan parlayed his NFL experience into a noteworthy charity then he should be considered.

  20. clearly mds has never received a ‘key to the city’, it DOES open every door in the city

  21. Mena is scared that the “key to the city” will open the locked trunk in his office that houses his huge collection of kiddie pr0n.

  22. My father-in-law taught Dan in high school. Not only was he an outstanding athlete, but he was one of the nicest, hardest working kids he had ever had in 40 years of teaching. He was an active volunteer in the community and often came back to speak at community and school events after he made it big. Give the dude the key.

  23. It’s not the symbolism, it’s the notion Dan Morgan could clock himself in the head with said key and… ooops, another concussion.

  24. i live in coral springs and i didnt know about this until coming to PFT lol
    who cares if he gets a key…..it doesnt effect my property taxes or my gas bill.
    while we are at it make his house a city landmark for all i care lol

  25. damn those officials are cold blooded…”maybe we can give him a plaque or something” wtf…

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