Gerald McCoy's tweets get him in trouble

Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, the third overall pick in the 2010 draft, likes to use Twitter.  But someone doesn’t like what he likes to do with it.

The folks at speculate that the Bucs have told McCoy to watch what he says.

“Apparently my tweeting is getting me in trouble
and I can’t be myself so you guys just get scriptures,” McCoy said.

McCoy later changed his mind:  “Man forget that! 
I’m tweeting ain’t nobody gone stop me from being me. I don’t do
anything wrong or stupid!!  So I’m back!!

The issues regarding McCoy’s tweets might have come from his decision to use the phrase “no homo” regarding his feelings as to the rest of the members of the incoming class of rookies.  We believe this for one simple reason — McCoy has deleted the “no homo” tweet.

33 responses to “Gerald McCoy's tweets get him in trouble

  1. tweeting just sounds homo!!
    You’re a GD man now, stop twiting and tweeting…… HOMO!

  2. Maybe he deleted it because….yes homo? I think Bucs is just a made up word for butt and f**ks.

  3. And it was a toss-up between choosing him or Suh? This is the Manning/Leaf ordeal of DT’s.

  4. Because, of course, Mama Tried, being a homo is a bad thing, right? Surely you use all the other slurs out there, don’t ya?
    Good grief. How many inbreds post on this board? Gives me a headache.

  5. Doesn’t matter what this loser says. The Bucs will still only win about 2 games this coming season. What a horrible football organization they have in Tampa.

  6. If his teets are getting him into trouble, maybe should workout more and lose the man boobs….oh…wait, you said TWEETS? My bad.

  7. That’s ridiculous GK is one of the nicest and most sincere athletes out there. Let him tweet whatever he wants. Trust me you wont find a reporter or fan that has a negative opinion of him here in Oklahoma. If more athletes conducted themselves the way he does, things like the Turd Watch wouldn’t be necessary.

  8. Frankly, this No Homo thing is getting annoying. If any one has heard Run This Town by Jaz-Z, he says it in the song. People are joking around, maybe the higher powers should loosen up a bit.

  9. So basically he was told to stop or watch himself by the Bucs when it comes to his teenage girl twitter hobby and he’s already giving them the middle finger before he signs his first contract. The concern was that he did have character issues. Bucs thought they could change that….so far, not working.

  10. LMAO!!! What another non story..FIRST off I do think its dumb to “tweet” your every little move but hey, they choose to do it…
    And everyone STOP getting your panties all in knots over NOTHING!! He didnt call any a homo or anything offensive..move along
    I am DYING LAUGHING at some of these comments tho..its like the whole world is doing stand up comedy LMAO!!

  11. So this guy would rather tweet than obey the wishes of a team that is paying him millions of dollars?
    I smell a bust.

  12. Yeah, what’s wrong with you McCoy? Put away your babytoys and get out there and boink a couple of kollege kuties in the keister like Ben Roethlisberger.

  13. Ridiculous. I say “no homo” all the time. The phrase goes way back. A lot of gays and lesbians I know don’t take offense to the word, when it isn’t directed at them. People too touchy about WORDS these days. No bad words, just the context in which you use them.
    “I love you man, no homo” is not the same as “get away from me, homo.” period.

  14. Nobody who tweets can claim “I don’t do anything wrong or stupid” with a straight face.

  15. I think the real issue was when he posted this:
    “Day 4 down. Now its time to go get faded for memorial day! “

  16. Isn’t tweeting a gay thing? I mean, if I saw one of my buddies tweeting, I’d say, “Dude, you’re gay”. And he’d say “I know”.

  17. “I’m tweeting ain’t nobody gone stop me from being me. I don’t do anything wrong or stupid!! So I’m back!!”
    Our long national nightmare is over. Some idiot with nothing to say is tweeting again.

  18. Twitter is so stupid. For athletes its fine, I mean anything they can do to make people pay more attention to them, ok I get it.
    If you are just some schlub working and tweeting like anyone cares that you just posted, “getting paid minimum wage sux, just grabbed a hotdog”.

  19. I am repeatedly amused by folks who tell us they think twitter is silly by POSTING COMMENTS ON A BLOG. Pot, meet kettle.

  20. The “No Homo” thing started out as a hip-hop thing a few years ago, primarily among Cam’ron and his ilk kinda as a joke in the “that’s what she said” vein. It’s a pretty common piece of slang, among different sub-cultures as well.
    Search “No Homo” on youtube and you’ll kinda get an explanation.
    Sure, at it’s core it’s homophobic, but to act like Gerald McCoy is a raging bigot or something is a bit much.

  21. MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter…when will it all end. Between ridiculous “social media” and reality shows I am really starting to believe that the movie Idiocracy wasn’t fiction at all and rather as prophetic look into our country’s future!

  22. @ Macadamia,
    It really is. When I first saw that movie a few years back I thought to myself, “wow, this movie actually seems to be dogmatic.” I mean with the continued decline and general disinterest in education and the growing mountains of landfills, some of which are the size of cities, we will soon be facing a future with garbage piling up in cities and a population too dumb to function as a society anymore.

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