Sparano on Merling arrest: "I'm not a judge"

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano says the recent arrest of defensive end Phillip Merling is a matter for the league office — not the team — to handle.

“That’s a situation right now that we’re dealing with closely with the league with, trying to gather facts, trying to gather information, but it really is a league situation right now, the league is handling this,” Sparano said Friday, per the Palm Beach Post. “We’re going to let the process play itself out right now and see what the league decides down the road.”

Sparano also tried to punt on the Merling case by saying, “I’m not a judge”

Of course, NFL coaches act as judges of players’ off-field conduct all the time. But Sparano sounds inclined to back Merling, perhaps inspired in part by the fact that he and Merling share an agent, Jimmy Sexton, who also represents Dolphins front office boss Bill Parcells.

Parcells said when he got the job in Miami that he didn’t want “thugs and hoodlums” on the team. If that’s the case, he can’t be happy with the Dolphins’ four arrests in the last four months. That includes Merling’s felony domestic battery charge,
Tony McDaniel’s misdemeanor battery arrest, Ronnie Brown’s DUI and Will Allen’s DUI.

Sparano called the arrests “frustrating.”

19 responses to “Sparano on Merling arrest: "I'm not a judge"

  1. Getting a DUI doesn’t necessarily characterize someone as a thug or hoodlum. The battery charges however…

  2. I wouldn’t think DUI’s make someone a thug or a hoodlum.
    Maybe assaulting a 20 year old college chick in a bathroom at a bar would make one a thug or a hoodlum though.

  3. The Big Tuna has his hands tied up with the Jeff and Dez dog and pony show, can’t be brother with a 300 pound plus idiot foot ball fool punching out his pregnant girl friend, he has to keep your PFT priorities straight, if when one of his players kill some one ( and that’s not a crime in the NFL ) then he will be able to get piss off. Bill

  4. translation? i don’t care if he beat up his pregnant gf, only if he can play sundays. classy parcells way of thinking

  5. I am not a gynecologist but I can judge when there is a righty tighty and a lefty loosey.

  6. AllThat says:
    May 28, 2010 3:58 PM
    I wouldn’t think DUI’s make someone a thug or a hoodlum.
    Maybe assaulting a 20 year old college chick in a bathroom at a bar would make one a thug or a hoodlum though.
    You’re bordering on obsession.

  7. Just to show you what a fake they are all.
    They don’t like trouble makers who dont win games, they put up with trouble makers who help win games. This isn’t new.

  8. Dam where all you fin fans that talk shit about all the other teams but when one of yours is look to the outside nothing to say . He was in a cell looking through the bars so whats that mean

  9. The girlfriend won’t have to worry about him that much longer. Once the kid is born, they won’t hear from Merling anymore.

  10. Is there NOTHING that disqualifies you from playing in the NFL? If I flashed my penis at a bar, let alone assaulted a 20yr old girl or punched out a pregnant female, I’d never even make bail, let alone a meeting with the NFL commissioner about how I can’t play in a few games this season.

  11. You beat up a pregnant women, you belong in jail. I don’t care if she got on your nerves or not!
    I bet Parcells steps up and cuts this punk. He’s not even that good!

  12. “I’m no judge, Merling, I’m Tony ****ing Sparano, punk! Back in Sicily the judges mow our lawn and wash our cars. Now getta you face outta here, I don’t wanna see you no more.”.

  13. Likely possibilities:
    The girlfriend drops the charges because of her concern for her baby’s Daddy ($$$).
    He gets convicted by a real Judge and the Dolphins waive him.
    After getting cut by the Dolphins, he’s signed by another team within the week (i.e. any team that needs a D lineman).

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