Trio of Broncos dealing with foot injuries

During offseason practices, plenty of the offense and defense for the coming season are installed.  So it’s important for the players to be getting the reps, even without pads or, in theory, contact.

In Denver, three key members of the offense (two receivers, one lineman) have foot injuries, and thus aren’t able to contribute.

“[W]e’ve got a lot of them right now,” coach Josh McDaniels said in quotes distributed by the team.  “Demaryius [Thomas], Ryan Harris, Eric [Decker], so we’re going to be careful.  At this point we’re going to err on the side of being real careful and not put them in a situation where [it’s] the last day of minicamp on June 13th and all of the sudden we have a foot injury.  If there’s a guy who is borderline ready and not ready, we’re not going to push it and really we’ve told all the players August is the time we want you to be ready to go.  If they are ready I think we’ll be excited to see them out there.  They’re all taking a bunch of mental reps.  They’re all in the film session and they’re all seeing the things were doing and getting all the information but hopefully everybody will be ready by August.”

For Thomas, a first-round pick and the first wideout taken in the draft, the foot problem created a mini Twitter controversy on Wednesday.  As explained by Mike Klis of the Denver Post, Thomas tweeted that he was heading for X-rays, and that the situation was “sad.”  The messages then disappeared.

Per Klis, a source said on the matter, “I can assure you 100 percent that there was
nothing ‘sad’ about his recent X-rays.”

Thomas missed much of the pre-draft buildup due to a broken metatarsal that he suffered while working out.  He was able to perform for scouts before the draft, and the effort helped make him the 22nd overall pick.

As McDaniels points out, August is the key time frame.  If Thomas isn’t available then — and if Dez Bryant continues to shine (when not puking his guts up) in Dallas — folks in Denver could begin to get nervous about whether they made the right decision.

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  1. “As McDaniels points out, August is the key time frame. If Thomas isn’t available then — and if Dez Bryant continues to shine (when not puking his guts up) in Dallas — folks in Denver could begin to get nervous about whether they made the right decision.”
    Denver should already be nervous about the decision to hire McDaniels and allow him to get rid of the two best players on the team.

  2. Whoah. Injury to Ryan Harris? What kind? If Harris isn’t full-go for the start of the season, that’s serious. WRs are WRs, and they have Royal and Stokley, but if you have no OTs, it doesn’t matter who your WRs are.
    I mean, I’m a pretty hardcore Bronco-hater, but that sucks. I’d rather see ’em lose on the field, at full health, you know?

  3. I was waiting for a “they shoot horses don’t they” comment, it didn’t take long.
    How the hell can you draft not 1 but 2 WR’s with foot injuries when you’ve just gotten rid of your #1 WR and are in dire need of immediate help at the position?
    Only McGenius knows the answer to this question.
    Apparently he’s thinking long term, which if he’s there long term (beyond this year) would be a travesty. But stranger things have happened.
    And Klis’s source was obviously someone from the Broncos PR staff trying to contain the damage and minimize the embarrassment for the Broncos if indeed it a long term foot problem and they wasted yet another pick, see Alphonso Smith & Richard Quinn last year.

  4. Alphonso will be a player. Quinn was a huge reach…and there’s no redeeming that.
    Eric Decker looks like Austin Collie on film and seems like a really sharp and mature guy in interviews…he’s a steal.
    Demaryius is a beast and will fill Marshall’s shoes w/o any of the baggage.
    PFTers…we have way too much time on our hands and the season is really far away still. Basketball is almost over and picking up a book is actually going to start to look like a viable option.
    These are not issues and McHoodie is approaching this the right way…no reason to push these guys any more than you need to right now.
    I’ve probably called him McDouche more than anyone else on this site, but he’s got carte blanche with me for this upcoming season.
    I am concerned with Ryan Clady and if Harris is out too, that could kill everything…if both those guys are there, look out!

  5. DeMaryius Thomas is a much better choice than Dez Bryant, even if he misses the whole season recovering from the broken foot. He and Tebow will be the best two players out of this draft within two years. McDaniel won back to back lotteries with those two.

  6. Admit florio, you put these broncos injuries, wanting to see the “let tebow heal them” comments

  7. harris’ injury is old news he did it at the end of last season.
    and he and clady will be ready to start week 1.
    thomas was recovered well enough to workout for scouts 2 months ago and will be physically ready (if not mentally up to speed with the offense,which is likely for any rookie)by TC
    there ya go….nothing to see here ,move along people

  8. “folks in Denver could begin to get nervous about whether they made the right decision”….dude after everything we’ve been through in the last year and a half, we’re past getting nervous about the “right decision” already

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