Miami reporter takes a weight-loss shot at Rex Ryan

Jets coach Rex Ryan has been doing his part to stir up the rivalry between his team and the Miami Dolphins, including most notably a much-publicized middle finger to fans at a January MMA event in South Florida.

Now, one of the Dolphins’ beats writers has returned the favor, making the following observation on Twitter.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald pointed out that Dolphins coach Tony Sparano has lost 30 pounds this offseason via diet and exercise.  “He did it thru hard work,” Salguero writes, “not a lap band.

That last part refers to Ryan’s much-publicized decision to undergo weight-loss surgery, an effort undertaken after repeated efforts at losing weight in a more traditional way had failed.

101 responses to “Miami reporter takes a weight-loss shot at Rex Ryan

  1. How is this a News or Rumor? Stop reporting this crap Florio. Do you really call yourself a journalist?

  2. Ryan’s weight loss technique is about as phony as his coaching techniques. Jets will implode by mid-season, guaranteed. They had a decent team with great chemistry and now they are nothing more than a spinoff of the Skin’s from the last decade……money and player’s with baggage don’t win squat.

  3. sparano also didnt start out at 450 lbs,ryan couldnt see his own pecker when he got that surgery,good luck to both fat a$$ coaches though

  4. It is annoying how people take the easy route to lose weight. That’s why you’re fat in the first place, fatso. I’m okay with that cheap shot.
    I’m also okay with any cheap shots the Saints put on Favre for the record.

  5. This is not news.
    I say that as a proud Dolphan.
    Report news, or tasty rumors. Not Twitter reports.

  6. What’s with all the fatty head coaches? I would think that would be part of the criteria for hiring them in the first place. Even if they were interviewing for jobs as security guards bellying up to the interview packing 300 unhealthy pounds would probably get them disqualified.

  7. Maybe Armando should put down the pom poms, but I know that’s enough to ask of some local reporters these days.

  8. But did you hear the latest news and rumor? Rex said after we kick the Dolphins butt he’s going to kick your zipper head coaches butt too.

  9. It’s knicks and u are right they do suck but are fat jokes really that funny, oh wait they are f’n hilarious, dude is a huge sloppy mess.

  10. Rex Ryan may have lost the weight but he’ll always be just a fat ass loud mouth loser to most of us.

  11. dolphin796 says:
    May 30, 2010 12:09 AM hate jets hate them ugly green and white
    Haha, teal and orange with white helmets that sparkle is your thing though, huh?
    Order a dictionary with your next pair of panties, Sally.
    Jets sweep the Dolphins in 2010, business as usual.

  12. You hate the green & white but you love those bitch ass fagity teal & orange colors.

  13. Krypton Sucks!
    JDMP says:
    May 29, 2010 11:39 PM
    Jets suck! Nicks suck! Yankees suck!

  14. Is it really a “shot” at Ryan? Tons of fatties have that same surgery, it’s hardly just him.
    Sparano deserves credit for doing it the hard way.

  15. Everytime I hear about a Miami news article it’s about the Jets. Why don’t you fags worry about your own team for 5 seconds? Awesome how Miami thinks they have something to talk about all of a sudden. You were 7-9 last year. Talk all you want about the Colts laying down for us, nobody’s denying it, but you had home games at the end of the year AND controlled your own destiny, and lost said games.
    Do us all a favor and STFU.

  16. Jets chose their color by design. Way too many showing their true color by desperation including Mr Florio. Green with NY penis envy. Of coarse florio brings up the middle finger, but omits the fact that a cryami fan spit in Ryan’s face. I admire Ryan’s restraint in only flipping him off. Was florio as bad an attorney as he is a would be journalist that lives off of other peoples reporting?

  17. Did you know Ryan can’t even swim off Florida anymore? Every time he returns to the beach, Greenpeace activists tow him back to sea.

  18. Leave it to Miami Herald to report this crap.
    Salguero should move to gossip column or swap recipes with house wives. Flipper’s g@y. Nuff said. Just look at your aqua, man.

  19. Man who cares?? This isn’t news cornflohio!! Well, pats are gonna spank ’em both anyways…

  20. The Dolphins suck. Does anybody really care what the Dolphins do? Or what their coaches do? With the Miami Dolphins its all about losing……….which they do very well!

  21. Armando Salguero makes an excellent point about Rex Ryan doing his weight loss without hard work. If one of the Jet players needs to get down to a prescribed team weight. What would Rex tell that player to do? Have lap band surgery undertaken!

  22. “an effort undertaken after repeated efforts at losing weight in a more traditional way had failed.”
    I seriously doubt Rex Ryan tried hard to not slide bacon grease down his gullet. Or to exercise.

  23. “Jets sweep the Dolphins in 2010, business as usual.”
    I guess last year wasn’t business as usual.
    1) The Phins swept the Jets
    2) The Jets made the playoffs
    How does Rex Ryan challenge his players to lose weight and then go get his pig stomach closed for construction? How is that even a fair competition.
    That’s like challenging Paul McCartney’s 1-legged ex on Dancing with the Stars.

  24. Ok, I don’t really disagree with any of the comments about ryan’s coaching or coaching style. However, the man is trying, albeit in a potentially dangerous way, to lose weight and prolong his life. After all, he’s pretty much set for the rest of his life now so why not take drastic measures to prolong that life. So you can knock his coaching style, personality, personal life or whatever, but taking the steps he took to become more healthy is something none of us should scoff at.
    Still, here’s to the jests imploding every season…

  25. Listen to all the scared Jets fans… LOL… Its ok to be nervous, remember we beat you 3 times in row????
    The Jets are a joke… 8-8 this year at best with int machine sancheese at the helm

  26. Brennan says:
    NYMets says:
    May 30, 2010 5:23 AM
    The Dolphins suck. Does anybody really care what the Dolphins do? Or what their coaches do? With the Miami Dolphins its all about losing……….which they do very well!
    Now, this is just plain hilarious coming from a fan of a team said Dolphins SWEPT.
    Swept = beating same team TWICE in same season (just in case the goofy jests fans are as stupid as they appear).
    “an effort undertaken after repeated efforts at losing weight in a more traditional way had failed.”
    Cutting back from two dozen to 1.5 dozen donuts doesn’t count as a “traditional way” to lose weight.

  27. Good god. The Grammar and Spelling Police are out in force today. Don’t you people have anything better to do?
    I understand ripping people if you can’t decipher what they said, but a simple “k” missing from “Knicks”? Come on.

  28. nyjshane88 says: May 30, 2010 2:12 AM
    You were 7-9 last year.
    And that 7-9 team beat your asses twice last season

  29. lol yeah seriously if you dont know that the Knicks have a K then your an easy decision for a banned for life….i know someone agrees on this……the best advice i have for you is that you should not be a girl about it and cut down the wrists and not across like the posers!!!!! jk…..kinda

  30. to be extremely overweight and not use whatever method is available to improve your life would be moronic. there’s no moral judgement here. holy crap let it go.
    ‘jests’ haters esp. from ne and miami you’ve gotta admit this upcoming season is looking like a lot of fun. ne has been great for years and may still be. i’ll leave out the cheat comment here and acknowledge that bb is an extraordinary coach. you know parcells knows what to do and sparano looks like it too. like sanchez, henne’s potential isn’t fully known until he does it but the guy can play. we’ll have the best division in football and see the best games.
    the jets ARE hype until they do it but its looking good. can’t wait

  31. Sad fact is that without New York, Miami would have nothing to write about. It’s called Green-Envy. Dolphin fans have to boast about sweeping the series. As a Jet fan, if sweeping the series means going to the AFC Championship then by all means, sweep the series. It’s ok to be jealous dolphin fans. I mean your team signs good character players and 4 arrest in the offseason. Yet the Jets sign the non-good players and how many arrest……. Zero, that equals dolphin playoff victories in the last 10 years. How many did Mark Sanchez have last year…..2. They also have to deal with Jason Taylor in Green and White too. So it’s ok to be jealous dolphin fan. If going to the AFC Championship means Jets Suck, then by all means, I hope they suck this year too.

  32. i can picture it now………. for the division title………….. chad henne hands the ball off to ronnie brown ( ricky williams is no where to be found because unlike anybody else, he has recieved more preferential treatment for failed drug tests than anybody in the history of anything but i digress), so brown cuts to the sideline where he finds a closing but nervous antonio cromartie. Brown then decides to take the easy way out and run over cromartie vs running out of bounds… just at the moment of impact browns knee gives out ( and he gets hurt again) and after he falls to the ground in pain, cromartie jumps on him yet still misses the tackle……….
    the nfl decides to kick both teams to the cfl for pure jackass-edness and because of NE’s pure dominance this past decade and buffalo’s demolition over the prior decade, they acknowledge NY and Miami have had no redeeming quality since about 1986.

  33. The Jets have been so terrible as of late that this is all that’s left to report..
    The media is tired of reporting about the castoffs and has beens the Jets have been adding to the roster. The Jets have lost 3 of the last 4 to Miami and it doesn’t look much better for them this year. Miami has been adding players in their prime and NY cannot keep up.
    Miami will sweep the Jets AGAIN this year. Yet another sad year to be a Jets fan.

  34. Why do people waste everyone’s time posting “how is this news? you’re a hack florio!” You read it asshole…so it holds SOME interest.

  35. It doesn’t matter how Sparano loses or how he takes it off
    Rex Ryan will always be the Biggest Loser

  36. you stinky fish fans have lots to say , cant even keep one of your best players from coming to a good team , whos gonna kick your butts in big time this year

  37. I am quite sure JDMP was referring to Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac, which is too bad, because Fleetwood Mac rocks. Trouble in Shangri-la will likely be performed live during Superbowl LX live via satellite fom a California nursing home.

  38. It doesn’t matter how much weight Ryan takes off. His tongue will still weigh 30 pounds.

  39. Florio…Your an idiot!…Having said that. Headlines read, “Illegal Alien posing as Miami reporter Deported after Jets sweep Fins in 2010”

  40. CTifer says: May 30, 2010 7:08 AM
    “Jets sweep the Dolphins in 2010, business as usual.”
    I guess last year wasn’t business as usual.
    1) The Phins swept the Jets
    2) The Jets made the playoffs
    1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2006, 2007, all years of the Jets sweeping the Dolphins. With an INCREDIBLE TWO (yes, read it, TWO) Dolphag sweeps.
    The Jets made the playoffs 1998, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2009, the Dolphins made it 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2008.
    The Jets lead the MIA-NYJ series NYJ leads 46-42-1, so sweep us for another two years, then you can talk. For now, why don’t you admire each others gay glittery helmets and jerk off over Brandon Marshall?

  41. Armando,
    I see you’ve been watching the film with Florio and Coach Sporano. Do you guys wear chaps and no underpants and run around the room playing horsey? Or do you just focus on the “film”?

  42. nyjallfingday,
    Why did you only go back in history as far as you can remember (with the exception of series). Let me do it for you, first AFC EAST Championships:
    Dolphins: 14
    Patriots: 12
    Bills: 11
    Jets: 4
    Total Playoff appearances:
    Dolphins: 22
    Bills: 16
    Patriots: 18
    Jets: 12
    So if you want to bring up history, one can surmise the Jet’s historically suck, and when they have gotten into the playoffs, they backed in like last year. You would know this if you’d stop staring at your wallpaper of Sancheese with his shirt off and did a google search with your free hand.

  43. @Ron
    You do realize the game at the meadowlands was a complete gift in which the fins were outgained 350-110 right? Whatever, congrats on your fluke wins, we’ll be the ones ruining your home opener on national TV week 3.
    Yeah man, we were sooooo sooo sad last year on our way to the AFC championship game. It was just heartbreaking for us winning @Cincy and @San Diego in the playoffs, almost brought a tear to my eye. It was gut wrenching being up 17-6 in the afc title game. Great point man, great point.

  44. I think it says something for the coaches. One coach shows that hard work and effort can get you where you want to be at while another coach shows that is was willing to take the easy way out and put forth no effort in meeting his goal.

  45. Nothing makes me laugh more than watching that blob Sparano pump his fist when his team makes a FG early in the first quarter of a game. He’s a idiot and the only reason he has a job is because of Parcells. Miami fans need to realize that their team will SUCK this year and be lucky to finish in 3rd place in the division.
    BOTTOM LINE – The NY Jets are the best team in the division, and Miami players, fans, and reporters have to resort to low blows to attack the Jets.

  46. Sparano lost the weight because he couldn’t eat watching the NY Jets in the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP game last year.
    How does that taste, Sparano? Dolphin Fans??

  47. Hey jets fans,
    Who has more undefeated seasons?
    Who has more superbowl wins?
    Who has more division titles?
    Who Has has a higher winning %?
    Whose made the playoffs more?
    Who beat your ass twice last year
    Who won the division two years ago by beating your ass on the final game of the regular season with your old QB while you had the legend Farve?
    That’s right: The Fins
    now shut your mouth and know your role.

  48. @Venerable Axiom
    Indeed, those are good points, i’m not saying the Jets are the best team that has ever graced the field on Sundays, but you’re missing the point. I’m simply showing a comparison of the modern Jets and the modern Dolphins. We’ve had the better team, because not only did we go to the playoffs multiple times (my stats right there we’re to show that other moron that we have in fact made the playoffs in the new millennium more than the miserable Dolphags) but we’ve also managed to ADVANCE in them, something very foreign to the girls in teal. Not only that, we’ve historically beaten them more. I’m not impressed by that organization much. Even the fabled undefeated season was because all but two of their opponents that year were under .500, and one of the over .500 teams they played was only a win or two above it. Granted, they made the most of it in the playoffs JUST LIKE THE JETS DID. The Dolphins were a 7-9 team last year, and adding basically 2 good players isn’t going to make them any better. The laughable passing game got one incredible player, but he’ll be doubleteamed/RevisIslanded all year, the running game is still pretty good, but the Wildcat is figured out and Chad Henne is still a mediocre QB. ( So yeah, enjoy the fluke sweep, a win is a win, but savor it, because it won’t happen for a while.

  49. Hey jets fans,
    Who has more undefeated seasons?
    Who has more superbowl wins?
    Who has more division titles?
    Who Has has a higher winning %?
    Whose made the playoffs more?
    Who beat your tail twice last year
    Who won the division two years ago by beating your ass on the final game of the regular season with your old QB while you had the legend Farve?
    That’s right: The Fins
    now shut your mouth and know your role.

  50. Anybody that thinks getting weight loss surgery is the “easy” way out is obviously completely ignorant of the process and what someone who battles severe obesity must go through. It is not the “easy” way out because the band does not make anybody lose weight. It is just a tool that helps people that have difficulty losing weight get better results from doing the things that thinner people take for granted. They still must exercise, and live by a very strict diet. Not to mention, they will find more and more that they cannot even tolerate their favorite things to eat. To not use every possible tool available to help you save your own life, much less to better your quality of life, would be foolish. To belittle anyone taking such measures to save their own life only makes the ignorant seem even more foolish.

  51. ATTN: All Dolphins Fans
    Please get out all of your shit talking now. It’s very important that you do because once the season starts you’re not going to have any more chances. The Jets are the much better team and will prove it during the season. When you’re looking up at the Jets in the standings it will be very difficult to talk trash, although I’m sure a few of you will find some way to embaress yourselves. Thats it for now. That’s all I’m going to write for now. I’ll post again once the season starts to remind you that I was right and you were wrong. But until then, please get it all out of your systems now because you wont have another chance until next season.

  52. @Scheer1852
    Will you also be posting again if (when) the jests implode and go 8-8 and lose to the Fins again? Just asking.

  53. How long will it be before we find out that Ryan was really a fat lesbian and had a sex change operation years before the weight reduction surgery?

  54. @JetsAreAJoke
    What makes us implode now? Is it because we got rid of Leon Washington, who has a pole in his leg and will probably make the PUP list, or is it because we got rid of Thomas Jones for LT, even though he was a product of our O-Line? Is it because we got rid of Kerry Rhodes and Lito Sheppard, the only real weak links in our defense, is it because of Mark Sanchez, who had an excellent playoff run despite his terrible regular season performance? Is it because of Rex Ryan, because he’s morbidly obese? Is it because we “bought” a SuperBowl ring, even though all of our flashy new stars are on one year contracts? Is it because we got Superbowl MVP Santonio Holmes? OH WAIT, it’s not ANY of those things because the Jets AREN’T going to impode, moron.

  55. Dolphins swept the Jets last season. While the Dolphins have added Brandon Marshall (one of the best WR’s in the league) and Karlos Dansby (one of the best ILB in the league) they now have their two rookie CB’s with a year experience under their belts and hopefully this year they don’t have major injury bugs like last year. (starting QB,RB,G,CB, and NT) This team is only one year removed from being the AFC East champs and is a lot more stronger and more depth than ever before.
    The Jets start their season with the Ravens, Patriots, and @ Dolphins. I wonder how quick the fingers are going to point when the Jets start the season 0-3. Have fun with Sanchez this year Jet fans, when it is all said and done the blame will be on him as to why you guys still suck.

  56. @nyjallfingday
    Actually, it’s probably because the junks don’t have a third place schedule this year, other teams have much much more film to study on them, they are bringing in a bunch of ego-maniacs, and last but not least…’s in their DNA. Check your history!!!!!!

    I fully understand why you’d prefer looking to the “modern era”. That time frame was not a good one for the Dolphins (the post Shula/Marino era). In 1997 there was a change for the Jets as well, which arguably set the course for Jets for many years to follow. Of course, as you recall, that would be Bill Parcells (unless you would rather credit Groh, Edwards, and Mangini).
    As for the “laughable passing game”. Well the Dolphins passing game did end up ranked 20th last season, and the “mediocre” Henne ranked 22 at QB. But what’s really humorous, is the Jets passing game ranked 31st (below the Rams, Bills, and Raiders) and Sanchez was ranked 28 (below Fitzpatrick of the Bills and Quinn of the Browns). You will need to wait until week five to see if anything will change there.
    Double teaming Marshall would best thing for the Dolphins offense, even if he had no receptions. Taking Revis and a safety away from the action opens up a lot of options.
    Had it not been for two lay downs by teams sitting there starters, the Jets would likely been 7-9 as well. So perhaps you should enjoy the fluke playoff run and savor it, because it probably won’t happen again for a while either.

  58. @Venerable Axiom
    Let’s not forget how Nick Kaeding missed three chip-shot field goals in the playoffs (yes, missed and not blocked for all the ignorant jests fans). And well, the Bungles are the Bungles.

  59. It wont matter come January. Neither team will see the post season.
    Jets fans: Even thought your squad made it deep in the playoffs, they sould thank Indy for even being there. They were gift wrapped a playoff spot.
    Dolphins fans: You ave a good, young team, but are years away from seeing the post season.
    Now, continue with your name calling, bitch slapping, hair pulling girly fight.

  60. @JetsAreAJoke
    Ooh, now they have a second place schedule. OOOH. I’m only worried about the Pack and the Ravens in that regard. Second, more film? Our offense was “Run…run…run…run…run…pass…run…run…run” so I don’t wanna hear that, unless your talking about our defense which is cover…blitz…blitz…blitz…cover ect.” And the point about ego-maniacs would be valid if it wasn’t for the fact that LT is the only true ego-maniac and he’s already pretty close with the rest of the team. Can’t argue about the last point, but no time like the present, right?
    @Venerable Axiom
    I understand your point with Bill Parcells and I see where your going with that, but we’re far removed the Jets Tuna era. I’d say he set the precedent but all of those coaches helped mold the Jets into what they are today, and now Sexy Rexy is giving them the motivation and the face they need. Also, Tuna is the Executive VP of the Phins, not the coach. So while it’s true he gets to pick the draftees (which weren’t terrible) and such, the coaching is left to Sparano (who is kind of a douche, and if he continues this coaching pattern, the phins are gonna suck this year.)
    Yes, while you guys did SUCK in the air last year, so did we. I recognize this, and I never said anything to the contrary. BUT, if Mark Sanchez continues to show maturity like he did in the postseason, we have a decent QB on our hands, and with our defense and rush game, that’s all we need. (See: Ravens.)
    But, the thing about Revis is that he usually does this by himself, sometimes with saftey help. He’s such a key part in the RR defense, he can contain about any receiver by himself, which frees up blitzing options. The double team comment applied to the non-Jets teams. And don’t kid yourself, BM removed, the WR corps of the Dolphins is still pretty lackluster.
    The Bengals didn’t completely lay down like the Colts did, and we obviously showed we’re capable of beating them. But, to play devils advocate in a small capacity, yes, we would have been 7-9. At the same time, you have to consider that Mark Sanchez threw away 3 games (BUF, NO, NE) and had large amounts of trouble with other teams that we would have beaten with a decent QB. We were blown out once, by the Pats (which was one of the games Sanchez threw away) and the rest of those losses are by TINY margins, usually just a single field goal. So who is to say that if Sanchez doesn’t completely BLOW, we aren’t say 11-5, 12-4 or even 13-3? Even the second MIA-NYJ game, we beat you on every part of the field except for special teams, so if we won that game which we should have, you’re 6-10 and we’re 10-6. If Sanchez follows the precedent he set in the playoffs, then you’d be stupid to look me in the eye and say “the Jets suck.”
    This year, you guys have a pretty cushy schedule, and the hard teams you play, we play, so if WE can’t do it, you certainly can’t either. But obviously, this is all speculation and we wont know the better team until at least September 26. So best of luck to you, you’ll need it.

  61. johnson mcnally – If the Jets didn’t win the ’69 Superbowl, you wouldn’t have had the AFL-NFL merger. The stats you’re so proud of, would be stats gotten in a sandlot game somewhere.

  62. Can the players play the games first? Damn idiots I swear..There are things out of our control like, you know injuries. All this talk don’t mean a damn thing. Especially from NYJALLFINGDAY..No need to play the games huh buddy? Why not just skip the season, don’t televise any games and crown the Jets champs……now back to reality, douche.

  63. Most NFL beat reporters tend to be homers, but Salguero long ago earned a reputation as the most biased pom-pom waving columnist of any NFL team. Anybody familiar with his work would consider this to be toning down his normal hyperbole and rhetoric.
    Okay, now back to our previously scheduled program of Jets fans – Dolphins fans smack talk.

  64. @JetsAreAJoke
    Don’t forget Jay Feely missed two that would have gotten us within a touchdown of the Colts in the AFC Championship game, lol.
    If your dumb ass actually bothered READING anything, you’d note that I had said “But obviously, this is all speculation and we wont know the better team until at least September 26.” So with that being said, you’re an idiot!

  65. JDMP says:
    May 29, 2010 11:39 PM
    Jets suck! Nicks suck! Yankees suck!
    Krypton sucks!

  66. Gotta love the hypocritical Fins fans, who claim this isn’t news yet couldn’t get enough of the Rex Ryan flipping the bird story. Speaking of hypocritical, this tweet was written by the same homo who claims the Jets are a classless organization.

    My granddaughters are having a birthday party next month, can I hire you as their clown? I’ve got to say, I’ve never seen such a funny clown in my years. Because you are totally hilarious!!!!!!!
    You think that extra film study of your defense isn’t a good thing for opposing teams? You’re just too funny. And excuse me, isn’t his latest “airplane ride” an example of his ego maniacle self? Why can’t he just take the earbuds out of his head like any normal human being? Oh, because he’s an ego maniac, that’s why.
    If you consider Sparano “a douche”, what the heck does that make a loud-mouthed turd like Ryan? Are you kidding me? You’re hilarious.
    And beating the Bungles? That’s something great? The Fins sucked in the air? Henne had a couple of 300+ yd games with second rate WRs. What do you think he’ll do with one of the top three WRs in the league? You’re just way too funny. As for your statement: “so if WE can’t do it, you certainly can’t either.”, didn’t we beat the Raiders and Niners the same year your super-duper junks couldn’t?
    My money is you’ll be long hiding under a big rock by end of week three. But I love laughing at you and your fellow fans until then.

    May 30, 2010 7:04 PM
    Don’t forget Jay Feely missed two that would have gotten us within a touchdown of the Colts in the AFC Championship game, lol.
    Are you kidding me? You could have gotten within ONE point of the Colts and still not gone anywhere but home. What is that rediculous comment supposed to mean? Man, you jests fans are hilarious!!!!!!

  69. Hey, JetsAreAJoke, if the Jets suck so bad, who the hell did Miami beat that was any good last year? And with the way your defense and Henne were playing (6 INTs compared with than 3 TD passes over his last four games) towards the end of last season, how could you possibly think that Cincy wouldn’t have ROLLED your team on the road in the playoffs? Cincy was 6-0 in its division last year — that includes a sweep of Pitt and Baltimore. Miami can’t point to a better victory than that, and most likely won’t be able to this year. But keep smoking the anti-Jets Kool-Aid that Salguero keeps feeding you.
    And I’m willing to bet you were one of those hypocrits calling up the Miami radio stations after the Jets traded for Holmes demanding for Parcells head because the Fins didn’t do so. So spare us your criticisms. We like our team just find, and we know you do too.

  70. @JetsAreAJoke
    “Henne had a couple 300+ yard games”
    BFD. He threw over 50 attempts in those games and it was out of complete desperation. He didn’t have a QB rating over 80 in those games. You’re right, that’s quality stuff.

  71. Jets fans are frisky because they finally have a decent team. It’s been a while. The most modern history is the 2 x ‘ass kicking’ that the Phins gaves the Jets last year.
    Haha. No wonder so bitter.
    Get out your lunchbuckets Jets fans … this could be your year! LOL!

  72. @broxvillejetsfan
    Hey, at least the coach didn’t have to dumb down the offense to Pop Warner Level and put in a color code system.

  73. @JetsAreAJoke
    Good one. It’s a shame that dumbed-down offense didn’t work any better for the Jets — I mean, it’s not like they advanced further in the playoffs than Miami has in this century.
    Probably the most pathetic criticism I’ve heard yet from a Fins fan, and that’s really saying something.

  74. Sanchez will be a huge flop in 2010, I can garauntee you this. There is no way the Jets make it to the AFC championship or even the playoffs for that matter with a younger, latino version of Trent Dilfer in 2000…and your defense is not as good as the Ravens’ then so you can forget about riding it all the way to the Super Bowl.

    As if this page wasn’t filled with your moronic, anti-Dolphin tirades. Please, tell us what you’ve “informed” anybody of here that you didn’t either conclude yourself or look up on the internet…congratulations, you can use a computer.

  76. @2buku4u
    Um, thats called analysis? What would you like me to do? Go back in time with you Dolphag fans and show you? “This is Chad Henne throwing an interception. This is Chad Henne throwing another one. This is the Jets defense shutting down the Miami offense. This is Ted Ginn Jr. running for his second kickoff return touchdown ect.” Honestly, you guys get dumber and dumber. I mean, the Ravens defense better than the Jets? The only thing the Ravens D did better than ours was rush defense.
    It’s okay to hate the Jets, I couldn’t care less, but don’t just sit here and spout off a bunch of bullshit not supported by a single fact. The only real points i’ve seen against me here are 1) Rex Ryan is very fat and 2) The Jets historically suck.

    Oh so you’re an analyst?? What network do you work for? How about publication you write for? What part of “jerking off over Brandon Marshall” or “gay, glittery helmets” is considered analysis? I don’t understand how you feel you have the right to call people stupid when you mix in stats with immature, schoolyard comments. The Ravens did one other thing better than the Jets, that was win a Super Bowl in the past couple decades(FACT)…and they didn’t back into the postseason, they actually earned it. I bet if you asked Rex which defense of his was better, Ravens in ’00 or Jets in ’09 we all know what he would say.
    Truth is we made the jets our bitch last year, plain and simple. Your team had every opportunity to beat mine twice and couldn’t do it, sorry(FACT).
    I think you’re one of those people that likes to feel cool by trying to make other people look dumb on the internet, but in real life you’re just a loser.

  78. I’m a Phins fan and I like Rex. His big mouth is going to make the games more fun to watch.
    Rex’s weight lose is the equivalent to having a helicopter drop you onto the summit of a mountain than to have climbed it as TS has done.

  79. One of the funniest things I hear about obesity is that it is a “disease”. Not being able stop putting food in your mouth, ballooning up to 300, 400, 500 pounds is somehow not your fault. I saw this Dr. who has been working with the fatties for 20 years. I can understand how he may feel sympathetic but he is flat wrong. They always say, “studies are now showing”. I can create a study that shows whatever I want. If someone’s life is consumed by alcohol, drugs or food; you are an addict and it is your own choosing.

  80. @2buku4u
    A son and a father can toss a football in the backyard, but does that make them quarterbacks? No. That was a really bad point to make.
    I don’t see what point you’re trying to make about me using statistics to back up my claims, either. MARK SANCHEZ IZ DA BEST QB EVAR!11!1!!1!!1!!!!! HE THRU LIEK 60 TDZ LAST YEER! Happy now? And as far as the Brandon Marshall/Helmet comments go, you losers act as if one player is the savior of your franchise and the final piece to your Super Bowl puzzle. And admit it, your uniforms are really, really fruity.
    And yes, the 2000 Ravens had a better defense, they certainly don’t now. I don’t know why you’d even bring them up, we’re not talking about 10 years ago.
    I don’t think “made us your bitch” would be the term to describe the NYJ-MIA 2009 series by a long shot, but yes you did win twice for the first time since 03, congratulations.
    And no, i’m not going to make fun of every single Dolphins poster I see, because I don’t care. Your miserable people that are miserable fans of a miserable team from a miserable state. I’m just sick of seeing every inbred person in the state of Florida perpetuate this myth that the modern Jets are worse than the Modern Dolphins. It’s simply NOT. TRUE. (fact.)

  81. 2buku4u,
    You epitomize everything that is annoying about Dolphins fans. Your team made the Jets their “bitch” last year? (A) that was the first time you swept us in how long? (B) Those precious wins were the result of a last second touchdown in game 1 (in the oppressive heat) and after we spotted your pathetic offense 21 points as a result of 3 fluke plays (but otherwise steam-rolled your offense and defense by outgaining you 3-1 in offensive yards) in game 2. No one in the Jets organization or fanbase is losing any sleep over those two losses so stop pretending they mean something more than they actually did.
    Just more baseless hyperbole from a fanbase that occupies the most poorly educated state in the country.

  82. JDMP…I wasn’t planning on posting, but you’re a complete dumbass. This guy is the fourth post from the top…and this moron said Nicks suck…how stupid do you have to be to not know that it’s Knicks… and clearly you’re another ignorant sports fan…
    The Yankees clearly don’t suck since they just won the World Series…and until the season starts the Jets were the second best AFC team last year so they don’t suck either…
    But yes, the Knicks are terrible…

  83. dhrodgers52 says:
    June 1, 2010 9:10 AM
    JDMP…I wasn’t planning on posting, but you’re a complete dumbass. This guy is the fourth post from the top…and this moron said Nicks suck…how stupid do you have to be to not know that it’s Knicks… and clearly you’re another ignorant sports fan…
    The Yankees clearly don’t suck since they just won the World Series…and until the season starts the Jets were the second best AFC team last year so they don’t suck either…
    But yes, the Knicks are terrible…
    It’s a Family Guy reference, genius. Not to be taken literally.

  84. Okay, okay…everybody calm down. I agree that the term, “we made the jets our bitch” was a bit strong. In my defense it was memorial day weekend and I was in rare form for most of it, including when I wrote that.
    @ bronxville jets fan
    Nobody cares about what the jets did on offense or defense if they still lost. The Colts probably would have won the Super Bowl if they recovered that onside kick or Peyton hadn’t thrown that pick, but the Saints are still the champs and you don’t hear anybody talking about anything else. Bottom line is your team had every chance to beat mine TWICE last year and couldn’t do it. I don’t care if anybody loses any sleep over it; I’m just a Miami fan. Miami fans will always enjoy when the Dolphins beat the jets, just as I’m sure the opposite applies. It’s called rivalry.
    I don’t know why I’m even bothering with you, but here we go. The first point I was trying to make was that unless you are a product of the game of football and can prove you actually know what you’re talking about, your so called “analysis,” consisting of useless opinions and stats doesn’t mean shit. I never thought of Brandon Marshall as our “savior” and anybody who does is dumb. Simply, Miami hasn’t had a #1 receiver in a long time and now we do…and a pretty good one at that. It still remains to be seen if he can do as well here as he did in Denver, but it’s still something to be excited about. Players don’t pick the uniforms they wear and fans don’t pick their favorite players or team based on them either. Are you a jets fan because kelly green is your favorite color? To base you like or dislike on a teams colors is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. So every time you make an immature comment about Miami’s uniform or colors it makes you look like even more of a tool than you already come off as. The Ravens in 2000…you really don’t know why anybody would bring them up in comparison with the 2009 jets? Let me help you out…In 2000, the Ravens success was almost entirely due to their running game and their defense, a defense coached by Rex Ryan. That fact was made even more credible when one looked at the sub-par play of their QB Trent Dilfer. In 2009, Rex Ryan became the HC of the jets and almost immediately it was clear that his focus would be on running the ball and defense, he even brought a few defensive guys over from Baltimore to fit into his schemes. Their success last year was almost entirely due to their running game and their defense (is it starting to come together now?). That fact was made even more credible when one looked at the sub-par play of who else…Mark Sanchez. Now I’ll say it again, your defense is not as good as the Ravens’ then so you can forget about riding it all the way to the Super Bowl. Plus it’s not that hard to figure out and I’m sure plenty of teams will be ready for it this year…including the Dolphins.
    By the way…I was born in raised in southern California, make fun of the people of Florida all you want. Frankly, I was getting real sick of the mindless army of people up north who looked at Tim Tebow as their messiah. I do think it’s funny how you guys trash talk Florida when hundreds of people from the northeast relocate to Florida every year. What do they see that you don’t? If it makes me (or anybody else for that matter) dumber to want to live in south Florida where the weather is beyond comparable to most places in this country, the beaches are beautiful and the women are smoking hot…I guess I can live with that.

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