Pat White adds 18 pounds, drops body fat

NFL_white.jpgAs Dolphins quarterback Pat White continues to make the transition from spread offense quarterback in college to cameo Wildcat NFL quarterback, and maybe more at some point, he’s doing what he has to do to blend with the size and strength of other pro players.

Coach Tony Sparano said on Saturday that White has gained 18 pounds since arriving as a rookie, and his percentage of body fat has dropped.

“Pat has done a great job right now,” Sparano said.  “His offseason has been outstanding.  The guy has put an awful lot of time in, I mean he really has.  I mean all of these quarterbacks have to their credit.  But, I’m talking about time like second week of February, like kicking them out of here when Super Bowl teams are practicing and those kind of things.  These guys been here that long.

“So, he’s put a lot of time in, watched a lot of tape, has done a lot of studying on his own and with [quarterbacks coach] David Lee.  So, I think that you can start to see some of that right now.  Just at the end of five practices, six practices wherever we’ve been right now, this guy is close to almost 68-69 percent completions out here right now. S o, he’s going the right places with the ball and he’s able to . . . you’re starting to see him hit some things a little bit quicker, get to some second and third progressions a little bit quicker, so I like where he has progressed.”

Asked whether White should have a “chip on his shoulder” due to a hit against the Steelers that nearly knocked his block off, Sparano initially agreed, but then he changed his mind.

“Oh yeah sure but I mean . . . well honestly, no,” Sparano said.  “That was a heck of a hit.  But it just happens, that’s part of the game.  Sometimes those things happen.  But this particular player, Pat White has gained 18 pounds since the day that he showed up here and lost body fat on a player that doesn’t have a whole lot.  So, this guy has really gotten himself bigger, stronger.  You can see it in the way he’s throwing the ball, the way he’s carrying himself right now.  I mean, to put that kind of weight on that kind of frame, and to lose the body fat that he’s lost has been pretty impressive.  So, he’s a bigger stronger player, and he’s got one of those big ol’ helmets on.”

Given the speculation that White may be on the roster bubble, some may think that Sparano is trying to build a trade market for last year’s second round pick.

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  1. His best bet is probably as a west coast offense QB, where accuracy and mobility are higher priorities than pure arm strength.

  2. He must have gone from around 8% to 5 or 6%, because Pat White’s never been confused with LenWhale White…

  3. Florio, please post a link to the Pate White hit by the Steelers.
    Links to Ryan Clark destroying Wes Welker & Willis would be nice too.

  4. His best bet is probly holding a clipboard..maybe a couple random “vick type” wildcat appearances to remind the NFL he actually exists

  5. Nice job Pat White – showing up, working hard, paying attention, doing as his coaches ask. This kid really wants to succeed.

  6. I’ve gained 30 pounds and increased my body fat since Pat White was drafted…he needs to catch up

  7. Did Florio personally measure and weigh Pat White’s magnificent, naked, ex-Mountaineer body?
    I agree with PittsburghSteelerz – more links to Steeler crushing hits on Pat White and others are an absolute necessity, if you want your site traffic to grow

  8. He’s not gonna be an NFL starter or 2nd stringer despite the wet dreams many have about him…

  9. Look at that picture! He’s got his tiny little kid’s hands sticking out of those big loose jammies.

  10. Here’s Florio’s real reason for hating Tebow: Tebow will be everything in the NFL that Florio insanely imagined White would be.

  11. Pat white has talent..once this kid develops in the NFL he’s gonna be realgood…but as a dolphins fan,we hav no patient he doesn’t fit in this team….trade the kid or cut him…we are very close to admiting the mistake…..we did when we drafted him…it was all ireland nd sparano the tuna had nothing to do with this pick….

  12. this just in…. who cares? I mean besides Florio and other WVU alumns…

  13. Hmmm, 18 pounds gained AND dropped body fat from a guy that was already in a major college weight training program? I call BS on this one. In the bodybuilding/powerlifting/athletics world we call 8 lbs of lean muscle gain in one year, “a great year”… and supposedly White gains 18+ lbs of muscle in one calendar year? Either somebody is lying or White has had A LOT of help.

  14. To all you Pat White haters,how is your Pro career going? Aw sorry you dont have one

  15. Complete list of people on earth who give a damn about Pat White:
    1. Pat White (presumably)
    2. Mike Florio

  16. Hey PittsburghSteelerz: How about some video of Ray Lewis destroying Rashard Mendenhall’s shoulder in one single hit, breaking the internal structure into 3 or 4 pieces? How ya like them apples, eh?

  17. Even with steroids, an athlete that has been in a major college’s weighttraining program for 4+ years is very unlikely to gain 18+ lbs. of muscle in a 365 day period. Even roid using bodybuilders would be ecstatic at gaining 18+ lbs of muscle in a year… there’s no way this happened unless White was going some hardcore cycles of testosterone, winstrol, deca, HGH…. something BIG… or better yet, his head coach is lying or just plain stupid.

  18. I certainly hope that Pat White had a nice, tall refreshing container of JUICE with his breakfast this morning, and every other morning. Breakfast including JUICE is the most important meal of the day, and no breakfast is complete without healthy vitamin-filled JUICE. Certainly JUICE should be on everybody’s morning training table.

  19. # PittsburghSteelerz says: May 29, 2010 4:53 PM
    Florio, please post a link to the Pate White hit by the Steelers.
    Links to Ryan Clark destroying Wes Welker & Willis would be nice too.
    Florio, post the video of pig Ben raping those girls. Oh wait you can’t because he paid of the nightclub owner to tape over them.

  20. 18 pounds heavier with lower body fat……in other news, NFL still not blood testing for HGH.

  21. Has he been training with his college strength and conditioning coach Mike Barwis?

  22. I love it when people regurgitate the same jokes… over and over and over again. Just like the idiots who say “stay classy xxx”. God those people are freakin tools.

  23. Who cares. This isn’t bodybuilding. Football is a real sport. Let the retards continue to lift heavy objects over and over again for no apparent reason…

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