Police investigating woman for spending Reggie Wayne's money

Metro Indianapolis police and FBI investigators are looking into claims of fraud against a woman who claims to be Reggie Wayne’s mistress.

After obtaining a search warrant, 15 FBI agents took materials from 26-year-old  Natasha McKenzie’s home after she was accused of stealing his debit card, and charging nearly $93,000 on it, according to Fox 59 in Indianapolis.

The story isn’t simple, though.  Wayne apparently had a relationship with the woman.  He said she requested he wire her money.  When he refused, he noticed “more than 300 unaccounted for transactions dating back to September
2009″ according to WISH-TV.

McKenzie spins a different tale.

“Reggie knew what was going on. I sent Reggie plenty of thank you
messages. He knew everything that was going on. There was nothing fraud
about it. . . . I had permission to buy whatever I bought. Reggie gave me all of his
credit card information I still have a record of everything he gave me.”

The credit card charges include daycare bills, college tuition, and trips she says she took with Wayne.  She thinks that Wayne’s wife may have found out about their affair and be at the root of the investigation.  McKenzie claims to have text messages she kept from Wayne.  In short: this could take a while and get ugly.

The Colts had no comment to the local news Friday night, saying they were unaware of the incident.

38 responses to “Police investigating woman for spending Reggie Wayne's money

  1. Hey Reggie…why not give TIGER a call…he’s much better at this…he had 10 of them.

  2. Send the investigators over to my house when they’re done. I’ve got a woman spending my money too.

  3. I see what the problem is. It is guys like Reggie Wayne making the cost of pussy go up. $93,000 for some ass is ridiculous!!!

  4. robert ethen says:
    May 29, 2010 11:27 AM
    Send the investigators over to my house when they’re done. I’ve got a woman spending my money too
    about fell out my chair laughing….post of the week easy!…..and oh so true.

  5. “She thinks that Wayne’s wife may have found out about their affair and be at the root of the investigation.”
    That’s exactly what it sounds like.

  6. How many times does it have to be said…
    Lesson #1: CREAM…Cash Rules Everything Around Me, especially when your cheating!
    Lesson #2: High Class Escorts, Providers, Professionals, whatever you want to call them, use they them.
    Lesson#3: Don’t use your “real” phone, get a trac phone or something

  7. Butt naked raiders fan:
    yeah u right!! i thought 120 was expensive,but 90G is outrageous!!! he ruinend it 4 us common folks. lol

  8. Robert Ethan with a veteran response. Classic!
    I believe this chick. But $93K in 5 months? Did she slide BMW in there?

  9. # Ravenmuscle says: May 29, 2010 11:25 AM
    Hey Reggie…why not give TIGER a call…he’s much better at this…he had 10 of them.
    Tiger reportedly paid that star-effing hussy who hired shark lawyer Gloria Allred when she went public about her affair $2,000,000 in hush money to not talk about their flings & sordid filth. $93,000 seems a lot more tame in comparison, but a divorce (of course, of course) will boost that dollar amount way up. How many other bitches did Reggie have, there has 2 B others.

  10. A high profile athlete revealed to be cheating on his wife? Say it isn’t so.
    robert ethen: Excellent!

  11. At least he didn’t knock her up like Fat Albert!
    Child support can last a long long time.

  12. $93,000? Damn. I wonder if Kordell Stewart is looking for a mistress, I might change careers.
    (Well done, Robert Ethan. I’m sure we all feel your pain on that one.)

  13. C’mon…300 transactions since SEPT 09??? Yep, he’s guilty. I notice an unaccounted for transaction 3 days ago. Since Sept 09, he HAD to have known, and by knowing and not complaining or filing a complaint it becomes he said/she said and legal. I’d be very surprised if any charges are brought up on her. Shoot, if the day care/kids are his responsibility, then he could eventually end up owing her even more.
    Stand up comment Robert Ethen. If there was a post of the week, this one would be it.

  14. spyboots says:
    May 29, 2010 12:15 PM
    Remember what happened with McNair’s mistress?
    Yep, she killed herself…..not before she killed someone else, however.
    It’s the ‘it-will-never-happen-to-me’ excuse they tell themselves all the time. Sooner or later, the truth catches up with everyone.

  15. did anybody see her face??? Damn!!! maybe she worth 13 dollars but that wld be my limit!! and maybe a bucket of popyes chicken that we split!!!

  16. looks like Reggie found a smart one there… she slipped the noose on long before he realized… is it gonna be the “it wasn’t me” defense, or the “if the glove doesn’t fit”?…
    also, did robert ethan just earn himself a First Edition, hard back copy of “Quarterback of the Future” for the post of the week yet, I make a second vote… well done….

  17. REGGIE! You are a receiver, damn it! Of all you have caught this time seems you caught far more than just your hands in the cookie jar? Better get checked out at the local clinic to see what you might have “received” this time? Hope you aren’t allergic to penicillin!

  18. There’s a picture of his chic on mediatakeout.com she’s not even cute. C’mon son… hopefully you don’t get busted for lying to the Feds

  19. Robert Ethan for post of the month.
    @SixburghSteelers, that might be great advise but I find it humorous that it is coming from a fan of a team with Ben Rapethlisberger.

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