Raiders could be trying to set up an offset

Though we’ve yet to get our hands on a copy of the official contract signed by Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell, a league source with knowledge of such documents has shared with us a theory regarding the grievance that the team has filed in an effort to recover more than $9 million in guaranteed base salary advances.

The thinking is that the Raiders could be hoping to secure a right to an offset against future earnings, if any, that Russell may generate.

Though his $3 million in guaranteed base salary for 2010 reportedly isn’t subject to an offset, it’s possible that the contract contains language that makes the future guaranteed base salaries vulnerable to reduction based on other earnings.

If so, the decision to file the grievance now, before Russell ever realizes alternative earnings, could be driven by the requirement that a non-injury grievance be filed within 45 days after the event giving rise to it.  If the Raiders were to wait until Russell generates money that would be subject to any offset requirement, Russell’s camp easily could argue that the Raiders are barred because they failed to file the grievance within 45 days after he was cut.

Or, alternatively, the whole thing is frivolous and the Raiders have no legitimate basis for the grievance.

46 responses to “Raiders could be trying to set up an offset

  1. I’m just gonna throw this out there: the Raiders sure do know how to run an organization.

  2. Or, alternatively, the whole thing is a frivolous battle of sleazy lawyers interpreting words that never were and never will be clear or relevant. Because lawyers wrote those words.

  3. While i have a suspicion that my beloved Raiders don’t have a leg to stand on, I really have no problem with them going after every penny that they can from JaMarcus. And yes, I know that ultimately, this whole mess was the fault of the Raiders.
    I am getting excited for the season though. A real QB? A real MLB? Bey actually catching an occasional ball? .500 could be in reach this year.

  4. Screw Russell, as a Skins fan I hope Jason Campbell does well with the Raiders.
    He’s a class act.

  5. Now the Raiders are trying to get involved with cap and trade with carbon based lifeform offsets. 🙂

  6. What organization while being run by one owner has ever had his team in an NFL Record (14) AFC Championship games. Played in (5) Super Bowls winning (3). Add in another (5) Super Bowls that the Raiders were a bad call away from like the Liddell Fumble or play away from and that owner had his Raiders play in or knocking on the door of playing in almost 25% of every Super Bowl played to date. Add in the wing that the head of the Hall of Fame says should be built for the Raiders and you can see few bad years or not history will be able to put only a handful of clubs in the NFL along side the Raiders. Add in Al Davis bringing the NFL to it’s knees with the merger and one can see all these baby boomers that rag on this organization live in a dream world. @ bengals4real, you have to be joking to have the balls being a joke fan to even show your face or your colors when the Raiders are being discussed. That is like trying to bring up some cheap $2,000.00 claimer running at some Bush Track in Ohio up when the great Man O War is being talked about, it and you my friend are nothing but a joke, Bengals lol.

  7. “Yeah..whos in charge again,Mickey mouse.”
    No the Crypt Keeper is still running everything.

  8. name one time Al lost in court besides the buc’s logo …even the last big lawsuit against the NFL, the raiders immediately dropped and dismissed the charges right after tagliabue stated under oath that the raiders paid for the rights to L.A. .
    Although they dropped the chargers I am sure this statement is worth it’s weight in gold

  9. raiders suck he was doomed from day 1 getting drafted by al davis ur chances of being a bust are like 90 % lol its crazy! russel heyward even mcfadden is turning out to be a bust id be scared *hitless if they drafted me lol

  10. How many suits have we seen Al Davis file that he didn’t think he could win? Of the ones he filed, how many did he lose? Why don’t you put some research into that instead of assuming he would file a frivolous suit or grievance?

  11. Here’s what pisses me off. Physicians are not allowed to break the legs of players and then charge them for treatment. Firemen are not allowed to set blaze to houses and then be employed to put it out. But this is what lawyers do all the friggin’ time: they write incomprehensible contracts, then wait a couple years, then earn millions fighting out in court the meaning of the idiotic contracts they wrote. Lawyers are the brine shrimp of humanity.
    This is not a football story. This has zero to do with players or coaches. It has nothing to do with anything of interest to us. It’s the same tired old story we hear 46.7% of the time at this site: some lawyer wrote a contract, now lawyers are fighting over the absurd, imprecise contract. Lawyers should be disbarred for writing contracts that cannot be easily fixed later, in the same way physicians will lose their license for working on a broken leg that cannot be fixed later.
    Why do we need lawyers? To fix the shenanigans of lawyers. Florio is a lawyer, so he will never see the bright shining truth of this perspective. But i wish he would.

  12. Mike is speaking in tongues and I didn’t get this. What do you mean offset future earnings. Suppose, just suppose, a team signs him for 2 millions to play this upcoming season, how does that figure into the discussion.
    Can someone explain in plain ol english. Thanks

  13. Coming to a theater near you!
    JaMarcus Russell starring in, “It takes a thief.”

  14. Drat, I strenuously object to your characterization that “Lawyers are the brine shrimp of humanity.” Sea Monkeys (aka brine shrimp) have entertained generations of children over the years. And they provide solid nutrition for several species of fish (the brine shrimp, not the children).

  15. Florio,
    Please write a piece for TheSportingNews called “Lawyers Are the Central Problem in NFL Contracts” and go on to show how both players and teams are frigged by the contracts written by lawyers. Players don’t write in all those crazy-ass imprecise, vacuous, vague, non-objective clauses. Coaches don’t. Lawyers aren’t acting on their behalf. Lawyers are being shifty SOBs for their own personal gain. If you can’t bring disgrace on your own profession, Florio, at least point your finger at management. (Lawyers learn finger-pointing in the second semester of their first year of law school, Law 243 at most top schools.) I’m tired of it. I’m tired of reading all this nonsense when Florio cannot even explain the Martz offense or the Sporano defense or the options that Brees considers on a typical passing play. Give us football, and keep the lawyer stuff to yourself, in a file you can open once your wife is asleep and the bathroom is free.

  16. Not a Raiders fan, not a Raiders hater, and I don’t give a crap about Jamarcus Russell.
    So why am I cheering for the Raiders to get their money back? I guess I can’t stand the thought of a player robbing the NFL like Russell did.

  17. @snnyjcbs
    That was a Rob Lytle fumble
    Brady was a fumble as well.
    Even with replay we still manage to get jobbed
    ask Louis Murphy………….

  18. Dear Silver and Blue,
    Sorry to equate lawyers with the wonderful and important brine shrimp. My mistake. Let’s substitute cat feces instead, which have no value except for some dogs to eat.

  19. The move, while deserving of Russell for his work ethic is just bad business. They simply have made bad investments because the team didnt develop an organizational structure that could work. Not having a GM cost them a lot more in wasted picks and bad free agents. They are discovering that now. This simply annoys current people unsigned who “have” to play there like Seymour. Then it is a red flag to guys who havent signed yet like McLain. An obscure “offset” rule simply reveals a struggling franchise trying to remain relevant. And I am a Raider Fan, too. It is a shame what has happened there over the last 7 years.

  20. “Or, alternatively, the whole thing is frivolous and the Raiders have no legitimate basis for the grievance.”
    Or, it’s a great way to make Fat One pay his lawyer to defend him and cost him a lot of coin.
    (barring an “attorneys fees clause” or “frivilous suit” claim/judgement)

  21. i agree, that was a horrible insult to brine shrimp everywhere.
    what do u call 300 lawyers at the bottom of the sea? a good start.
    when a michael jackson impersonator was asked “why are u talking about kids when u deal in gay sex?”, the impersonator replied “where do u think lawyers come from?”.
    nuff said.
    i dont like al dracula davis but i like jacarcass even less. get the money back, al.
    then pay shanny and laney what u owe them. and then fall on a stake.
    dont worry about jacarcass, he will eat hisself to death in a few years.

  22. The look on Russell’s face when the Jets came to town last year with Rex Ryan’s defense was priceless. It was obvious he’s either not that bright, doesn’t prepare, or both. He had NO IDEA what was coming. He was out after 1 quarter and the game was already over. The baffled look on his face was amazing.

  23. What’s even funnier is a bronco fan calling out the raiders as a poorly run organization. Long live coach McDaniels – love that guy.

  24. if this was the steelers or patriots the media would be supporting them, but its oakland and the raiders will take jabs and put them down at any chance they can get, you media hacks are gona be real pissed when the raiders domiate the nfl this year and win the superbowl

  25. @milehighclown….keep deflecting stoopid…
    No Elway +No T.D…= NOTHING….
    Before or after.
    This goes for all haters…
    We’ve a bad time….You just have bad franchises.
    It’s that good in RAIDER NATION….
    No other sports. No other teams…..GFY.

  26. I love all these raiders fans talking about winning the Superbowl this year, or any upcoming year for that matter. Campbell, while being a classy Guy, isn’t going to make up for the fact that the rest of your organization sucks.

  27. One things for sure,…the football fans that hate on the Raiders,..well they arent hard to figure out,..they dont have what it takes to be a Raider fan,..gutless, weak, candy ass,..they want to be Raider fans, but cant,..and it kills them, instead, they hate. No other fan base like the Nation, I know it, you know it,…sucks to not be a part of the Nation.

  28. The truth behind Jamarcus Russell…
    The football Gods always work the sport with karma…
    you think belicheck could get away with running up the score on coaches like Gibbs and add insult to injury throughout a whole year, go undefeated and then lose to Eli Manning, the lesser talented Manning in that fashion (tyree catch) in the Superbowl, and you dont think karma counts…?
    Campbell being a cool and classy dude on and off the field will go long ways for that guy, he works hard and does the right thing, he will get his shine in due time, they’ll take care of him from above, believe that.
    At the end of the day, football is the best sport, but still you cant be amazing at football and be a complete jerk off the field like rothlisberger or vick. Yeah on the field your a champion, but off the field in reality and the real world your scum…
    In my opinion, nobody did it better both ways on and off the field then Kurt Warner, man I wish he got that ring with Arizona…

  29. I’m a life-long Raiders’ fan. However, this frivolous grievance claim is just plain ridiculous. The Raiders’ organization would “never” consider giving money back to season ticket holders for the team’s lackluster performance on the field — Russell is no longer on the team, so just get over it!

  30. # bengals4real says: May 29, 2010 6:03 PM
    Yeah..whos in charge again,Mickey mouse.
    You just can’t help but laugh at Bengals fans. Talk about a pathetic franchise. Your sad sack team will never win a damn thing. Mickey Mouse would be an upgrade in that armpit of a town. If there is one group of fans that should just STFU, it’s Bengals fans.

  31. Al has no problem bone’n someone is the a$$ but when he is on the receiving end … just not right

  32. SpankMonkey says: May 30, 2010 9:58 AM
    Al has no problem bone’n someone is the a$$ but when he is on the receiving end … just not right
    No one pays more to players than “Al”, for your information.
    What “Al” is trying to do is actually in the best interest of ALL the teams in the NFL, including your team, oh ignorant one.
    Try to buy a clue.

  33. First of all, if the Raiders can find away to recoup any of the money they gave to Russell, good for them. It’s said that Russell is in fat camp trying to lose 25 pounds so he can attempt to stay in the NFL. What a joke. Why couldn’t Russell lose the weight when he was with an NFL team? because he is a fat lazy rich slob that thought he didn’t have to work for the money he was paid. Not to mention, he would fall asleep in meetings which means he wasn’t paying attention. The Raiders had to dumb down their playbook for Russell.
    If you had a business and hired a person because of his potential, and paid that person millions of dollars, wouldn’t you expect that person to work his heart out and try to live up to that potential? Your damn right you would.
    This is not the first time a player has been called out to return some of the money they have made in similar circumstances. The Broncos won a case against WR Ashley Lelie in a very similar case, but just on a smaller scale of money.
    The Raiders did everything they could to get Russell in shape, they also brought in top notch QB coaches like Hackett and Tollner. Hackett and Tollner came to the conclusion that Russell has no work ethic and could care less about working hard.
    Some of you might say the Raiders were the problem with Russell’s development, I say hog wash, because I saw backup QB Bruce Gradkowski , that’s had problems throughout the league, come to the Raiders and he worked hard and paid attention benefited from the Raiders QB coaches and system in his first year with the Raiders. Gradkowski has high praise for the Raiders coaching staff and credits them for his wins that had the Raiders going in the right direction after Russell was benched.
    I say it’s about time a owner puts his foot down and tries to recoup some of the money from these underachieving lazy football players. But the way Russell goes through money, judging from his jewelry, trips to Las Vegas and generally lavish spending habits, you wonder if he’ll have $.9.55 million to return to the Raiders if he loses the grievance.

  34. raidersteve413 says:
    May 29, 2010 9:44 PM
    if this was the steelers or patriots the media would be supporting them, but its oakland and the raiders will take jabs and put them down at any chance they can get, you media hacks are gona be real pissed when the raiders domiate the nfl this year and win the superbowl
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Paranoid much? No, the world and the media is not out to get you and your team. If the media takes jabs at the Raiders, that’s due to seven straight seasons with eleven or more losses after decades of being one of the NFL’s best franchises. As for the Steelers and Patriots, the media hasn’t been all that supportive of them in reporting about Roethlisberger this year or spygate three years ago. However if they were more supportive of those two teams it would be due to their recent success, and the Raiders’ recent lack of success.

    i respect bellicheck for then any coach, he’s a beast, and Brady is 2nd greatest QB of all time behind Joe, its not even close with Manning, He’s got 3 rings, Manning has 1, but…
    your entire dynasty is built off a fluke tuck rule call. If the refs dont decide to use an obscure rule on the biggest stage of football, we never hear from you again. Your entire franchise is built off of 1 fluke call…

  36. Readingrugby…….Maybe you should take some English classes!!!!! Then maybe you could be drafted out of first grade…. Spelling , punctuation? Ever heard of it? Rock !

  37. Al Davis is the most influential man in the NFL’s history alive today. Besides being in 5 Superbowls and winning 3 they were 1 blown call away from being in 5 more. Davis created this league more than anyone else. Until the past 7 years, the Raiders were the winningest team in professional sports ever. He also pioneered the first black coach ever, the first woman president ever, the first latin coach ever. Russel was a gamble and ther ewere plenty of espn and nfl experts sayign he is the most raw talent they have ever seen in their lives, ever. I can think of a few gambles like this that paid off like Bo Jackson, Nnamdi Asomugha and 100’s others. Davis has more football knowledge than any man alive. The NFL didnt start 7 years ago, it started 40 years ago and all you haters out there are clueless, only 7 teams in the NFL even have a winning record over us. SO all of you haters, put it in your pipe and smoke it cause you are obviously into delusions.

  38. @Chris:
    Even if that one play goes the other way, how does that make the subsequent back-to-back 17-2 seasons not happen?
    Not quite following the math in which one single ref’s call results in five Super Bowl victories when you say “1 blown call away from being in 5 more.” Also not sure how you can honestly feel “Davis has more football knowledge than any man alive” when the team has been no better than 5-11 for seven consecutive seasons; maybe it’s time to face reality and change the second word in that quote from ‘has’ to had’.

  39. Or, alternatively, the whole thing is a frivolous battle of sleazy lawyers interpreting words that never were and never will be clear or relevant. Because lawyers wrote those words.

  40. # Drat says: May 29, 2010 6:04 PM
    Or, alternatively, the whole thing is a frivolous battle of sleazy lawyers interpreting words that never were and never will be clear or relevant. Because lawyers wrote those words.

  41. While we all lanbast AlDavis and the Raiders. Call the suit frivolous and another example that Davis has lost it. Just Al trying to steal from a talented player he ruined. ( I actually believe Russell’s lack of motivation and drive were his downfall, but whatever)We overlook one minor point in this whole grievance. One small detail that will loom large in the coming years. Whether The Raiders win or not, I predict that history will show the Raiders grievance against former 1st pick JaMarcus Russell as a pivotal defining moment in the NFL. The first move made by ANY NFL owner against the insane, runaway rookie salary structure. Russell will be held up as the poster boy for the need to put a rookie salary cap in place. And Al Davis will be recognized as the first owner to do take a stand against the current unfair rookie structure that cripples teams. Al has never been one to follow he has always been a leader. And that is how history will see this move. He may not succeed, but it will get the ball rolling and embolden others.

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