Sundquist resurfaces in UFL

Former Broncos General Manager Ted Sundquist, a 2008 contributor to PFT, is back in football after a two-season absence.

Sundquist is the director of player personnel of the Omaha Nighthawks.  His listing on the team’s website was discovered by the folks at

Also, former Raiders exec Rick Snead is the director of player personnel for the Hartford Colonials.

In 2009, former Saints exec Rick Mueller served as G.M. for the entire four-team league.

6 responses to “Sundquist resurfaces in UFL

  1. He’s served his suspension for being involved with PFT and they are giving him a clean slate going forward.

  2. The Omaha team could also call themselves “Not The Huskers”, cause that’s all the people in Nebraska will be calling them.

  3. Flo, just thought i’d comment here because I figure this is one one of your stories not many people will comment on.
    As far as the Panthers getting rid of their scouts… your age discrimination theory is totally wrong.
    Just thought i’d let you know that you’re always going to be wrong. And i’m out of college all summer – so consider me your unofficial Panthers stories editor.

  4. This is likely a pay cut from his work with PFT and as a night manager of Dairy Queen. Which, with his track record as a G.M., was right where he belonged.
    I guess those “yes-men” gigs with coaches like Shanny are hit-or-miss.

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