Ndamukong Suh doesn't want to hold out

NFL_suh_250.jpgThe Lions have earned plenty of top-five draft picks over the last decade, thanks in large part to their chronic inability to use those picks on players who can actually help the team improve.  The latest high selection came at the No. 2 position in 2010 — Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

As the time for signing first-round picks approaches (to date, none have agreed to terms), Suh says something we’ve heard time and again from unsigned draft picks who eventually miss practices while their contracts are unresolved.

“I’m not a guy that likes to be a part of drama,” Suh told Rich Kaipust of the Omaha World-Herald.  “I
definitely don’t want to hold out

Unfortunately, Suh’s agent has been part of plenty of drama.  “Typically what happens,” Eugene Parker told Kaipust, “is when there’s a
sense of
urgency by both parties, things get done.”

Parker potentially defines “urgency” much differently than other agents.  As we reported last August, during the protracted Michael Crabtree holdout in San Francisco, only one of Parker’s last 18 first-round clients reported to training camp on time.

Though Parker’s track record has created a perception that he likes to wait for the players picked immediately ahead of and immediately behind his clients to do their deals before Parker agrees to terms, Parker claims that he won’t be waiting for the Rams to sign quarterback Sam Bradford at No. 1, or for the Buccaneers to sign defensive tackle Gerald McCoy at No. 3.  “I can’t say the information isn’t relevant, but we look at
Ndamukong as his own person,” Parker said.  “We do a deal based on him. 
You look at a lot of factors, so I can’t say those would be irrelevant,
but we’re not necessarily waiting on them.  They might be waiting on us.”

That said, we suspect that Parker will wait.  Bradford and McCoy are both represented by CAA.  So look for CAA to try to first do a record-setting deal for Bradford with the Rams based on the contract given last year by the Lions to No. 1 overall pick Matthew Stafford, and then to find a fair spot in the gap between Bradford’s deal and the contract paid to last year’s No. 3 overall selection, Chiefs defensive end Tyson Jackson.  Parker then will use McCoy’s deal as the floor, and Bradford’s deal as the ceiling.

Another factor driving Parker will be a very strong desire to avoid the possibility of McCoy getting a deal that is equal to or better than Suh’s, since they play the same position.

Sure, the strategy may require a holdout.  Given Parker’s history, however, he apparently views such complications as a price of doing business the way he chooses to do it.

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  1. Parker is a moron, and any player who hires him as an agent is an ever bigger moron. This is especially true after the Crabtree debacle and the contract he eventually received, which was essentially what the 49ers had been offering from the start.

  2. Rookie salary cap will essentially move these bone headed, greedy agents out of the equation.
    These guys make a percentage of the deal and make tons of money off the 1st rounders that can’t cut it on the NFL level.
    Get the rookie salary cap like the NBA and these agents will move on.
    The NFL’s quality is suffering due to poor talent being chosen and too much money paid out to them.
    Ask Al Davis about this.

  3. what a bunch of crap they all say this shit – the only time a first round has been on time for camp is when they were the first pick and had the deal done before the draft (Stafford/Jake Long – i believe)…other than that it doesn’t make sense from a business perspective and i don’t believe along with the masses that they will so no need to make a statement like that

  4. These agents are like bottom-feeding catfish; they are scum, but unlike fish, they are rich.

  5. # RaiderChile says:
    Ask Al Davis about this.
    What part of MORON does the rookie salary wage scale have to do with Al Davis? Al Davis has made bad trades, bad draft choices and bad signings on the free agent market and has torn the Super Bowl team down to the ground based on stupid decisions that had NOTHING to do with rookie pay.
    Owners that try to play GM and dominate their war room make big mistakes and it’s THEIR fault and not the players. My God, did R0y Williams put a gun to Jerry Jones’ head and demand that he send all those draft choices to Detroit for him and THEN sign him to a long term deal before he had a chance to see how bad he sucked with the team?

  6. “Parker’s a moron. Players should avoid him. Players will run from him after the (insert name) deal.”
    Funny but Eugene’s been doing this for a long time and any one that’s paid attention knows that he’s not above holding his clients out and they’ve gone along with it. You can piss on him all day long but the fact is that the players DO have the right to tell him no or to change agents and YET, they don’t.
    It’s hilarious to watch you agent “experts’ flap your gums about how such and such an agent is going to lose all his clients and then they end up keeping them and the next year, they sign more players. If the players were that unhappy don’t you think that Parker and Rosenhaus would be out of business by now?

  7. Once the rookie salary cap is in place, we’re going to see a LOT of players dispense with “agents”.

  8. play football….hooray!
    paid to play game
    agents are scum
    slimy like adverstising biz
    I make not alot of money

  9. Can’t blame the agent if the client lets him run the show. Agents get paid in %, so obviously Parker’s going to milk the situation.
    If Suh doesn’t want to be a holdout, all he has to do is say “Have me signed by such-and-such date or you’re fired.” Simple really. If he ends up with an undervalued contract (relative to Bradford/McCoy), oh well.

  10. # ClownBurger says:
    Once the rookie salary cap is in place, we’re going to see a LOT of players dispense with “agents”.
    Not going to happen. Do you think that these players can get away without having agents? Only a moron would dispense with his agent unless he hires a full time lawyer to replace him. A NFL contract is NOT the simple document that you might fantasize that it is and after the rookie contract is up, it can get pretty complicated and a team could take advantage of a guy if all he does is look at the bottom line and sign his name.
    An example of this comes from George Blanda. While he was still with the Bears, he haggled with Halas over a $500 bonus that Blanda wanted and Halas wouldn’t budge and neither would Blanda. Finally, Halas tore up the contract and had another one drawn up and it was was for $500 more than what he was originally offering. Blanda was happy and he signed it but got to reading it later and as it turns out, he didn’t get a $500 bonus, Halas had made it into a $500 LOAN with a pretty good interest rate attached to it.
    The union and the agents didn’t come about because the players were greedy but because they needed help dealing with the owners who would sell their own mothers to Satan in order to get a few extra pennies in profit. It’s the AGENTS and not the players that come up with all the screwy curves that make the players more money and while the owners would love that all agents die and they never see another one, the players will still keep them around because the smart ones know that they need them.

  11. Ndamukong, if you weren’t going to consider a holdout then you wouldn’t have hired this turd as your agent.

  12. so I know agent names like Parker, Bus Cook, Tom Condon, Ben Dogra & so on … why doesn’t one hear their names in any other sports ?
    see the difference…

  13. I have to agree. If Suh didn’t want a holdout he definitely hired the wrong agent. Only 1 of Parker’s client’s drafted in the first round has ever signed in time to get the player into camp without missing days.

  14. The one thing I do love about Suh is that he is taking part in OTA’s and is really working hard it seems. He is developing relationships with veterans, i.e Vanden Bosh, so hopefully they will talk some sense into him regarding his signing. I agree, he will prob not go until #1 goes for sure, but not so sure he will wait for #3, I know it would look bad for him to end up taking less money, but would he really? If TB is smart enough they use his contract and pay Twitter McCoy less. Bottom line is that it could actually be possible that this guy is a stand up guy who loves the game and really does not want to hold out. He may, he may not, time will tell. Either way, I’m really happy with how things are going with him so far in camp.
    Is it ok to drink the Kool Aid yet?

  15. Hold out until next year…. and learn to say, “Thank you for shopping at K-Mart”.

  16. Some one needs to tell these young men that the agent works for them and they don’t have to hold out. Tell the agent to get a contract done or I’ll fine a new agent and watch how fast these hold out end.

  17. Ask Ricky Williams what happens when you don’t have a legitimate agent working on your behalf.

  18. @edgy1957:
    Contracts are indeed tricky. But he’s talking about contracts under a rookie salary cap. Less money involved, fewer payment options, nothing really to negotiate, and so on. Probably still beyond the average NFL draftee, but a good contract lawyer could handle it cheaper. Save the agents for ruining the 2nd contract.

  19. This would be more newsworthy if a player said “I just can’t wait to hold out”. They ALL say they don’t want to, hardly means they won’t.

  20. I wonder if he (and Parker) will use the old “..but I should have been drafted higher – like Kiper and McShay said…” in order to get more bucks?
    I heard that this arguement works wonders…

  21. There are many Eugene Parker’s in our world and the NFL is the Gambit for greedy bottom feeders.

  22. Ndamukong Suh doesn’t want to hold out
    (Detroit Free Press, 15Jul10)
    Ndamukong Suh announced today that he will not sign a contract with the Detroit Lions because the team “has said naughty things to my agent”.
    (Radio City Music Hall, April 2011)
    Roger Goodell at he podium: “With the second overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft, the London Vikings select Ndamukong Suh”.

  23. # Randall says: May 31, 2010 7:22 AM
    Contracts are indeed tricky. But he’s talking about contracts under a rookie salary cap. Less money involved, fewer payment options, nothing really to negotiate, and so on. Probably still beyond the average NFL draftee, but a good contract lawyer could handle it cheaper. Save the agents for ruining the 2nd contract.
    “A lot of players” would imply more than not just rookies. So, I don’t buy it.
    Second – ruin? Why do people just assume that the evil in the room are the agents. In my opinion, most, if not all of the people who crab about agents either never made enough money to warrant one or were on the other side of the negotiations.
    Why is an agent necessary? For starters, he’s the one who deals with management and that allows the player to focus on his job and he insulates the player from the crap that goes on behind closed doors. While the agent is talking up his client, management is pointing out the flaws of his client and it’s a “laws and sausages” process that you don’t want the player to get involved in (Think about all the bruised egos that come out of MLB arbitration hearings when the guys representing management are telling the player and his reps what a trashy player he is and why he should be lucky to be getting the offer that they put on the table).
    A player OR even a lawyer, don’t always think as creatively as some of these agents. When the salary cap came along, it seemed set in stone but along came voidable years and soon, they’re thinking of new ways to get around the cap (and management is going along with it so don’t blame the agents for all of that).
    An agent isn’t also there for salary negotiations. A good one will help put a guy’s money to work for him and he’ll do the footwork for endorsements and allow the player to focus on one thing: his job. Before agents, management had the upper hand because a player wouldn’t have the time to scrutinize a contract and look at the details that screwed him out of his money. He had to do negotiations on his time and if he was married, it meant that it took time away from his family (The funny thing is that GMs and coaches have their own agents to take care of their needs).
    You guys can fantasize that this means the death of agents, either for all players or rookies but it’s not going to happen. Rookies may not need them for the contracts but they will need them for other services (Despite the fact that they’re well established, both Manning brothers have an agent. Even the biggest stars in Hollywood have agents to take care of their needs so they can concentrate on their jobs).

  24. Suh you need to hold out for cheerleaders. Your future contracts are predicated on Lions being somewhat successfull. Only way that happens is Lions get cheerleaders. Make it happen big boy.
    Parker…..” I LOVE black people”…..Suh “Am I black MFer?”

  25. Suh is a great seed…which puts him in the minority in the great city of Detroit! He’ll do the right things and will lead the big Kitties to the playoffs this year. I personally cant wait to see him break pretty boy Sanchez in half come Nov 7th!!

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