Brodney Pool says concussion talk is overstated

While playing for the Cleveland Browns last season, safety Brodney Pool suffered what was widely reported as his fourth concussion, causing his season to come to an end. But Pool, who signed with the Jets this offseason, says people are overstating how many concussions he’s had.

I’ve only had one concussion,” Pool told the New York Post. “I have a family history of migraines and that’s what has been happening to me, not concussions.”

Pool said the only time he has actually had a concussion came on the very first play of his very first NFL preseason game.

“I ran down on kickoff and hit the wedge and knocked myself out,” he said. “The other times I was very aware; I knew what was happening.”

The Browns were cautious with Pool last year, putting him on injured reserve when he reported headaches that the team thought were associated with having been hit on the field. But Pool doesn’t think concussions caused those headaches, and he’s eager to get back on the field.

15 responses to “Brodney Pool says concussion talk is overstated

  1. He’s saying that so he can make some more cash in the league – he had so many concussions the Browns didn’t think he would be able to play again, which is why they didn’t resign/release him. He isn’t that good anyway – weak against the run, poor tackler, and suspect in coverage – not a safety you want in center field. And if does actually hit somebody, he gets all rubber legged and has to sit down with “concussive symptoms”…..dumb and careless signing by the Jets.

  2. Yo B-Pool! Here’s a little bit of info you may be interested in. You don’t actually have to be unconscious to experience a concussion.
    Regardless, I’m not sure I want a safety (who isn’t known for hitting anyway) to have migraines every game. Enjoy his soft play Jets fans.

  3. agred, tick. i had one many years ago in a car crash… and i was wearing my seat belt.
    never lost consciousness.

  4. Amazing how he got migraines after hitting someone and then looking wobbly afterwards. Silly Browns. Should have known it was just a badly timed migraine.

  5. Amazing how he got migraines after hitting someone and then looking wobbly afterwards. Silly Browns. Should have known it was just a badly timed migraine.

  6. a Concussion is never overstated Mr. Pool, you likely will come back from it, but it’s not overstated. There are many former NFL players who disagree. Concussions are very serious.

  7. Yeah, I agree with NYJALLFINGDAY. I think if we can get our hands on Atogwe if the Rams can’t keep him, it would be a smart move.

  8. i actually know brodney, he is good to go, this has been going on for a while, he will be fine, when word gets out about something like that it gets thrown in 1000 different directions., be happy jets fans

  9. Well? Is it the migranes?…or is the concussions that make you slow-footed, easily-fooled and unable to tackle in the open field?
    I don’t really care. I’m just happy that this dude is not a Browns problem any longer…

  10. As a Browns Fan, I do not recall the word migraines ever being used last season, by Poole or the Browns Organization. The only word that was used was concussions – 4 of them to be precise! Something is afoot!

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