Signs look good for NFL Matchup in 2010

We have some promising news to pass along about the best X’s and O’s football show on television.

Peter King of, who reported two weeks ago that NFL Matchup could be no more, writes today that it looks like NFL Matchup will return to TV in some form, “with the same enlightenment as it’s always given us.”

It’s not clear whether the show would return on ESPN or another channel. NFL Network also offers good programming for the hard-core football fans who like to see breakdowns from the “all 22” camera angle, but it would be disappointing if the league’s own channel (which isn’t available in nearly as many households as ESPN) became the only TV home for that kind of NFL analysis.

Here’s hoping ESPN makes the wise decision to not only bring NFL Matchup back, but to give it a better time slot and better promotion. And here’s hoping that if ESPN does make that wise decision, football fans reward the Worldwide Leader by giving the show good enough ratings that its future is no longer in doubt.

18 responses to “Signs look good for NFL Matchup in 2010

  1. Hey why keep a good show like NFL Matchup on the air when you could have re-runs of Mike + Mike discussing their favorite boy bands ? Seriously, ESPN has some of the worse sports programming on the planet. First Look, JRIB, Mike and Mike need I say more ?

  2. Actually agree with Dawg on this one; I mean, SportsNation?!? Holy crap is that TERRIBLE!

  3. First, I’ll never understand the “zzzzzz” comments. If you don’t like the article, why comment?
    Anyway, the NFL Matchup show is ESPN’s best show. Even though I don’t like Hoge, the show’s content is incredible. Sal Pal and Jaws are Philly guys, so I may be biased, but the show provides tremendous insight.
    Canceling this show would suck. I agree they need the show to have a better times slot.

  4. wouldn’t make a bit of sense for this this show to be on NFLN competing with their most successful show: Playbook.
    do the right thing ESPN and put the show on…and by
    “on” i mean when people can actually see it. not like you buried it before (along w/ NFL Films Presents).

  5. I’m with Dawg as well. ESPN is pathetic. Their NFL coverage is a biased laughing stock.

  6. I Agree,Merrill Hodge is one of the worst football meatheads out there. Keyshawn is just as annoying. Boomer is still a classic if not a Men’s Wearhouse suit dripping in sweat.

  7. NFLN Playbook blows away Matchup, it’s not even close. Baldinger, Theisman an Sharpe just get it.
    If you bet football, Playbook is the show to watch!

  8. I stopped watching ESPN (The Sports Network for Kids) ages ago. I watch NFL Network for anything I need Football related.
    F&ck ESPN and their hip hop lingo & 15 year old boy target audience.
    I’m an adult, not a “bling, bling, that was dope, hip hop” kid.

  9. Sorry, Green & Gold…
    Theisman proves he’s an idiot every time he opens his mouth–and Baldinger’s finger freaks me out. I’ll take NFL Matchup any day. Hoge is the best, Jaws is fine [unless he’s talking about Brady, then he’s insuferable–what a slobbering, embarressing man-crush he has on him. Whenever he announces a Pats game I always get the feeling that he’s jusyt one completion from jumping down on the field and giving pretty boy a little oral satisfaction] And Palentonio may as well be the beat reporter for the Eagles [does he even know there’re 31 other teams out there?] But it’s still the best! All other ESPN programming bites. Go NFL Matchup!

  10. I love how a show requiring hard core analysis has a pathetic hack like Merril Hoge gets to analyze.
    ESPN sucks at covering and has been SO focused on figuratively urinating on black wide receivers and brown-nosing white QB’s.
    If they had 10% of NFL Network’s passion to analyze and not let wastes of sperm like Cris Carter, Tom Jackson, Da “Overrated” Coach Mike Ditka, “Peeshawn”, and newspaper writers that sucked as writers take a crap on players that are likely more benign than the aforementioned jagoffs … NFL Matchup would be worth bringing back.

  11. Screw NFL Matchup…bring back the old NFL Primetime.
    The reason why the old Primetime was so good was because it showed the highlights of EVERY game. Us die-hard fantasy gurus and degenerate gamblers who bet every game, we want highlights of every game, even the Rams-Bucs game.
    Recently, Primetime focuses all their time of the game of the week and then the rest of their time on Favre highlights and chatter. The rest of the games are relegated to “Oh, by the way, the Bucs beat the Rams today 28-24…now more on Brett Favre…”

  12. how about moving the show to NBC, it can air right after meet the press and replace hardball with chris matthews, hire brian billick, just for that show and replace hodge with collinsworth and have peter king host the show, and make the show an hour long!!! then you give Jaws playbook sections of their NFL Live Show, like 2 per day and the remaining games on their NFL Countdown show.
    i don’t know

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