Ronnie Brown not sweating contract status

It’s refreshing to hear pro athletes focusing on their performance before pay, much as Cowboys receiver Miles Austin recently indicated he would do instead of holding out for a new contract.

As an unsigned restricted free agent, Dolphins tailback Ronnie Brown is in a position similar to Austin’s.  Of course he’d like a long-term extension, but he’s participating in offseason workouts anyway because he wants to get better.  
Imagine that.
“When you worry about outside things is when you become affected on the field with how you’re playing,” said Brown.  “I try not to worry about that and not let things bother me.  … When it comes, you address it at the time.  But I just got to keep playing football, and that’s what I get paid to do.”
Brown, rehabbing from a Lisfranc foot fracture, estimated that he’s currently at 80-percent health.  Unfortunately, running backs coming off foot surgeries don’t get long-term deals.  And especially not at age 28.
Though Brown has been highly productive whenever on the field, he’s been off it too much.  Through five years in the NFL, he has just one 16-game season.  He’s suffered season-ending, surgery-requiring injuries in two of the last three years.
Brown may go down as one of the most effective per-play backs of this generation to never receive a post-rookie contract pay day that reflected it.

9 responses to “Ronnie Brown not sweating contract status

  1. Ronnie is one of my favorite Dolphins of my lifetime. If he stays healthy this year I’ll be outraged if the Trifecta doesn’t re-sign him

  2. I have a ton of respect for Ronnie Brown, a truly talented back. Runs the Wildcat to perfection and a smart player. Would love to see him get over the injury bug and secure the long term deal he deserves (hopefully from the Fins)

  3. “Brown may go down as one of the most effective per-play backs of this generation to never receive a post-rookie contract pay day that reflected it.”
    Very true. Brown’s great when he’s on the field. But he just can’t stay on there long enough. IMO though, Brown’s ‘great’ is less than Ricky’s ‘great’. Ricky can still bring it!

  4. vernon davis has taken a similar approach, showing up to all OTAs and saying the contract will work itself out and he isnt worried about it or making a big deal about it

  5. Ronnie and Ricky will both be gone next year. Time for the Doll-fish to draft a RB.

  6. If Brown stays healthy they ‘might’ offer him a 2-3 year deal or franchise him for a year. Why? I can’t see them bringing Ricky back next year. They might do their usual double dipping in the draft and pick up 2 next year.

  7. Love the guy’s attitude and his production when on the field, but I’m sorry, we’d be complete fools to give this guy anything… let him walk. So what if he stays healthy this year? All that means is there’s a 100% chance he’d hit IR the following season. Reload via draft.

  8. Why would Ronnie want a contract now? He would get nothing especially after his injury
    If he has a big year coming up, his value shoots up
    Right now, it is little to nothing

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