Seahawks claim Isaiah Stanback

As first reported by Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston, the Seahawks have claimed Isaiah Stanback off waivers from the Patriots.

Stanback confirmed the move to the Seattle Times.
“It feels great,” said Stanback, who played quarterback for the Washington Huskies.  “It feels great to be coming home, knowing all the people I’ve got behind me.”
A fourth-round pick in 2007, Stanback has dabbled at both wide receiver and quarterback in stops with the Cowboys and Patriots.  Numerous injuries and slow development have limited him to five catches in 16 appearances spread across three seasons.
The Seahawks have a lot of bodies at wideout, but are currently down two projected starters with T.J. Houshmandzadeh (sports hernia) and Deion Branch (knee scope) recovering from surgeries.  Stanback will still be a long shot to make the 53-man roster.

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  1. Not to bring you down here Silva, but the Seahawks are anything but ‘thin’ at WR. Here’s the number of WR’s currently on the roster going into camp:
    Branch, Deion
    Butler, Deon
    Carter, Patrick
    Hass, Mike
    Heckendorf, Kole
    Houshmandzadeh, T.J.
    James, Victor
    Jones, Michael
    Martin, Ruvell
    Maxwell, Marcus
    Morey, Sean
    Obomanu, Benjamin
    Stanback, Isaiah
    Tate, Golden
    Williams, Mike
    Williams, Reggie
    The team only keeps 6 WR’s on the regular roster.
    Houshmandzadeh, Tate, Butler, Branch are locks. Mike Williams is suprising everybody and looks like he’s going to make the team. Obomanu has been on the active roster for 3 years now. Morey was signed to be the sixth WR and special teams ace.

  2. “The Seahawks have a lot of bodies at wideout, but are currently down two projected starters with T.J. Houshmandzadeh (sports hernia) and Deion Branch (knee scope) recovering from surgeries. ”
    Where does Silva say the Hawks are ‘thin’ at WR? He said they have a lot of WR but only two locks as starters. Anyone else is just speculation at this point.

  3. Well, we all know Tate’s making the team. So now it becomes a question as to who’ll be the 4th/5th WR’s if they decide to carry 5.

  4. Branch won’t make it through training camp healthy.
    I wouldn’t call him a projected starter, more like projected PUP veteran.

  5. The Seahawks are “thin” at wide receiver because they “have a lot of bodies.” Didn’t you guys catch that? It’s obvious they need all the wide receivers they can get. Sorry to bring you down, Silva.

  6. @ Calgaryhawk,
    I’m no english major. I mean, I was once an english major and I do attend college so I like to think I know a little bit about writing. Either way – i’m pretty sure if you quote someone as using a word such as, I don’t know… ‘thin’, then maybe the person who or the article which you are quoting is supposed to actually have used that word. And it’s worse on you when you’re trying to mock someone. Not much is worse than mocking someone in a way that makes it obvious that you don’t think.
    SeriousRadio has got it right.

  7. @NinerDynasty
    No, YOU SUCK!!!! Seriously, stop beating your chest in thinking your team is better than ours. Smith is a bust, Craptree is a diva, and Gore will break down sooner or later.

  8. Martin, Serious has it kind of right, but if you are going to criticize someone for criticizing someone by saying something that first someone didn’t say and you ALSO say something that first someone didn’t say, I guess you really have no room to criticize.
    No where in the article does “He said they have a lot of WR but only two locks as starters” says the Hawks are down two “projected” starters because said “projected” starters are injured.
    No English major myself

  9. He’s a bum! College QB’s rarely transition to WR successfully. There are very few exceptions and he isn’t one of them.

  10. crabman82, bring your earplugs punk!
    San Fran Whiners are going to get an ass kickin’.

  11. Could Pete Carroll be moving him to CB? In an interview a few years back PC said Steinback would have been a high pick had he played CB in college. PC recruited him to SC but he went to UW because he wanted to play QB.

  12. Typical Seahawks fans. Overrating their own players like always. All fan allegiances aside….the Seahawks WR core stinks….thats why your thin at the position.

  13. I was intrigued by Stanback when we drafted him, but we waited 3 full seasons for this kid to show something and he could never stay healthy.
    Best of luck to him, hope he’s turned the corner.

  14. @VASeahawk
    I don’t believe that you needed the “No English major myself” tag. That cumbersome first sentence was proof enough.

  15. Serious,
    When the article originally posted it specifically said that with TJ and Branch out with injuries the Seahawks were THIN at WR. When I corrected Silva by listing all 16 WR’s on the roster the story was re-written to say the team had ‘a lot of bodies’ at WR.
    So my comment, at the time I posted, was correct. And PFT changing the wording of the article was also correct and shows that they indeed listen to their readers.
    So, maybe you should go back and re-take you English class.

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