Seahawks sign Anthony McCoy

The Seattle Seahawks have announced the signing of sixth-round draft pick Anthony McCoy, a tight end out of USC.

McCoy is the first draft pick the Seahawks have signed; they have eight more picks still unsigned.

Before the draft, McCoy was in the news for a positive marijuana test. After the draft, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll called McCoy the team’s best value pick.

McCoy is a 6-foot-4, 259-pounder who has the speed to stretch the field. Although some have questioned McCoy’s work ethic, his college coach — Carroll — obviously thinks highly of him.

7 responses to “Seahawks sign Anthony McCoy

  1. One of the biggest steals of the draft. Seattle could have a great 2 TE set on their hands with Carlson and McCoy, should help their suspect QBs.

  2. another usc offensive player with questionable work ethic, when will these guys ever learn

  3. There goes Crab82 trolling again, hey get back on the 9ers forum and talk about how you guys are going ot make the playoffs this year like you wre suppose to the last 5 years. Even last year i dotn beleive you beat one playoff team, and oh yeah lost to a sorry hawks team.

  4. Seahawks will make the playoffs this year at 8-8. Mostly because this division is still s–t. We’re still going to have to answer some serious QB questions when Matt goes down (and he will) and Whitehurst stinks (and he will). All in all, the hawks are looking good this year. In large part because there’s only really one direction to go from the last couple years. Go Seahawks!

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