Turner says Chargers' loss to Jets will stay with them all year

The San Diego Chargers followed a 13-3 regular season in 2009 with an early playoff exit when they lost to the New York Jets in their first postseason game.

Coach Norv Turner says that not only are the Chargers not over that loss to the Jets, they won’t be over it until they get back to the playoffs.

“That one is hard to take,” Turner said on XX Radio in San Diego, via Sports Radio Interviews. “That one won’t leave until we get back into that position again. I think that’s the way our guys feel. I think that is going to push and drive us, not only through the off-season, but it’s going to push and drive us through the whole year.”

Turner used the word “redemption” to describe what will motivate the Chargers.

“We had a great year, but we didn’t finish it the way we wanted to,” Turner said. “To get the redemption we want, we need to get back to that spot and play the way we are capable of playing.”

27 responses to “Turner says Chargers' loss to Jets will stay with them all year

  1. Chargers are the NFL’s Dallas Mavs… always put forth a solid regular season, then can be counted on to lay down early in the playoffs.

  2. chargers are in a weak division and are overrated every year, its no surprise that they come up small when the games count. that LT and merriman tough guy stuff is a load of crap ! soft team!

  3. It should. The Jets suck and had no business in the playoffs to begin with, and then the Chargers just laid right the hell down like they always do come playoff time.
    It was actually pathetic.

  4. With so many issues with their team, id be surprised if they made it at all. AFC WEST is primed for another team to take it THIS year. Who will be the surprise team this year? All of them have issues.

  5. Don’t have a dog in this fight but the Chargers losing to the Jets and the Vikings losing to the Saints was about as unthinkable and crazy as it gets.

  6. Stop calling run plays up the RG’s ass every 1st down to put us in 2nd and long, Norv!!!!!!!!

  7. Question of the day …
    Can the Saints stay focused enough to win a second consecutive Super Bowl?
    Personally, I don’t think they will repeat. And I think it has more to do with parity than New Orleans’ extended and well-documented celebratory period since winning Super Bowl XLIV.
    Sean Payton is an outstanding coach. He’ll do a good job getting the Saints mentally ready. Or as ready as any defending champion can be.
    I just don’t think the Saints were dominant enough to repeat. No team has won consecutive Super Bowls since the Patriots during the 2003-04 seasons. And the last team to win consecutive NFC titles was the 1996-97 Packers. I don’t think the 2009 Saints are as good as either of those teams were.
    The Saints were a talented and very well-coached team. They have Drew Brees, an outstanding offensive line and a great defensive philosophy and swagger. But there are too many variables at play (unforseen injuries, a different schedule, etc.) and too many other Super Bowl-worthy teams in the conference (Vikings, Cowboys, Packers, etc.) to think everything will go the Saints way two years in a row.
    Maybe I’d feel differently had the Saints played better in the NFC title game. I can’t put them head and shoulders above the rest of the conference when they needed overtime to beat a visiting team — the Vikings — that turned the ball over five times and made crucial mental blunders with the game on the line.
    I know it’s early, but I like the Vikings or Packers to win the NFC. Who knows, maybe Brett Favre can help decide it — one way or the other — in the NFC title game.
    I’ll be off for awhile, but let me know if you think the Saints will repeat or the Vikings, Packers or some other team will win the NFC.

  8. Without meaning to be pessimistic, Mike, that loss is there forever. Longer than your ugly tatoos, pal. Your granchildren can check the record book and it will still be there.

  9. Chargers are the NFL’s Dallas Mavs… always put forth a solid regular season, then can be counted on to lay down early in the playoffs.
    Great point.
    That loss is still hard to handle. Well, at least we always got the waiders to beat up on to make us feel better!!
    Cambell!??!? LOL!!

  10. The Chargers are fun to watch. Everyone except Charger fans and the adoring sports writers saw what was going to happen in the playoffs. Strong regular season builds up hype and hope. A week off to build strength while the wild cards battle it out. Then a game at home against a distinct underdog. What could possibly go wrong??
    It’s the CHARGERS is what could go wrong! I laughed my ass off as the Jets ran over their soft ass team. Everyone with a clue saw it coming.
    Now again this year they’re pre-season powerhouses!
    At least with the Broncos and the Chiefs you know they’re gonna suck ass so there’s no expectations.
    High expectations create hard landings….

  11. Certainly the Chargers have no one to blame but themselves for the embarrassing performance they orchestrated in last season’s playoff game. It would appear that they are well-positioned for another opportunity this season, however. Whoever posted that the Raiders will challenge this season is a penultimate optimist. The Jets deserve credit for putting it on the Bolts last season, but that was last season. Let’s see what happens in 201o.

  12. AJ chased Martyball out of San Diego because of Turner-type losses: games they should have won. How does a 13-3 team lose at home in the playoffs to a team that barely made the playoffs? It’s squarely on the coach’s shoulders. Turner should have been replaced, he wasn’t, so the Chargers can expect more of the same in 2010. One and done. Oh, if they get to the playoffs. The AFC West looks a bit tougher this season.

  13. The loss to the jets will stay with them all year, and so Will Norv’s acne scars.

  14. In previous years the Chargers were a hard nosed team with success in the air. But they were a run the ball, stop the run team. They played that way all year and were, frankly, worn down come playoff time.
    Norv brought more of an airial attack, which keeps players physically healthy (in theory). IMHO, the Chargers were the best passing team in the league simply because of the complete and udder absence of the run game. The Chargers had a thousand pound gorilla sitting in the corner and STILL won 12 games last year. Sure, the Jets exploited the lack of a run game but the Jets caught the Chargers on the right day.
    People say that losing LT and Cromartie was a loss but in reality it was an addition. Last year, with them on the team was a hole because of lack of production. LT sucked last year, and Cro continues to get burned on double moves and is nowhere near physical enough to be in a zone defense.
    With those two off the Chargers and the Chargers not being held hostage they drafted youth and with any resemblance of a run game will get them at least 10 wins, and that’s through a bad year.

  15. TFBuckFutter says: June 1, 2010 12:28 PM
    It should. The Jets suck and had no business in the playoffs to begin with, and then the Chargers just laid right the hell down like they always do come playoff time.
    The Jets beat Cincy and San Diego on the road, back to back weeks, and also kept it even with the Colts until the second half in the AFC game.
    The Jets don’t suck. They are a good team. One of the best defenses in the NFL and an improving offense. I don’t understand why fans dislike them so much.

  16. The Chargers will never win the “big one” as long as Nate Kaeding is their kicker. He looks good during the regular season and chokes in the playoffs… when its “money time.”
    Why is he even on the roster at this point? He has let his teammates down BIG TIME, when they needed him the most. Yet, he keeps his job for some reason????

  17. All you have to do is check Philip Rivers numbers in the regular season and the playoffs:
    He’s a career reg season QB rating of 95 (the past two seasons 104 and 105) with 106 TD’s and 45 int’s. Excellent reg season stats…
    In the playoffs he has won 3 and lost 4.
    8 TD’s and 9 ints…and a QB rating of 79.
    That – is a choking dog.

  18. Norv,
    If you really love this team so much and want to help them get over the hump, then quit as coach. That way they can hire a real coach that knows how to win and you can go back to doing wat you do best, running the offense.

  19. Beauregard get this clue. The two reasons we lost that game are now with the Jets.
    They didn’t run all over us, that was the beer running down all over your face. Cromartie whimped out on the one TD run that lost the game and LT with his 2-3 yard bursts didn’t do a thing to help.
    And Revis wasn’t much of a shutdown CB that day, was he. We blew it and made amends by dumping the reasons onto the Jets.
    Wait till the Bills get ahold of them this year!!!!

  20. They`re not going to get over what ? The same exact thing they`ve been doing since existance ? Choking , they have as many super bowl rings as I have ( 0 ) .

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