Jerry Jones: Cowboys not interested in Atogwe

When Rams safety O.J. Atogwe officially became an unrestricted free agent, the Cowboys, 49ers, Vikings and Dolphins were the first teams mentioned as potential suitors.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones strongly suggested today that you can cross the Cowboys off the list.

“I’m ready to go into our season with the safeties that we have,” Jones said at Cowboys’ OTAs, per Tim MacMahon of “That might answer your question.”

The Cowboys would seem to make sense because they released starting free safety Ken Hamlin this offseason, and because Jones isn’t afraid to spend money if he thinks he can upgrade the Cowboys’ roster. But Jones apparently thinks Alan Ball, who filled in as the starter for Hamlin in four games last season, can get the job done.

So that leaves the 49ers, Vikings and Dolphins as the teams that have been publicly identified as possible landing spots for Atogwe. And, of course, the Rams were trying to work out a deal with Atogwe before he became an unrestricted free agent and might still end up making him the best offer he can get.

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  1. Everyone will be seeing the back of alan balls jersey this year as he chases down WR’s that burnt him in the secondary… Jerry Jones/Al Davis, u dont care about winning.. its all about $$$$… Jones knows Ball sucks, but why would he want to blow 8mill/year on atogwe when he can sell out that stadium now…

  2. 1 playoff win in over a decade…Time to let someone else run the team Jerry lol

  3. Not sure why Jerry Jones and the Cowboys wouldnt be interested in him. The Cowboys 3 biggest needs going into the offseason were Oline depth, a more reliable WR core and Safety. They luckily addressed WR in the draft, unless they let Crayton walk. Not sure why they ignored their 2 biggest glarring holes in a playmaking safety and Oline. They cant seriously not be interested in Atogwe.

  4. Jerry also said he wasn’t going to cut T.O…..
    Until O.J. is signed by another team, nothing is set in stone.

  5. Wouldn’t mind seeing the Eagles get him if it’s for a reasonable salary, but guys like this always seem more valuable this time of the year than they do when it comes time to actually play football.

  6. He’s gotta be bluffing. The Cowboys can certainly afford him and he would fill a position of need. For the Cowboys he would be worth the money. Seems like a perfect fit. Oh well, I hate the Cowboys so I hope OJ goes to a different team

  7. Look at P-way talking about history when the Eagles have none. At least the janitor in charge of dusting that trophy case out is keeping busy.

  8. @ Dallas41
    By any chance are you from DALLAS? ehhhh moran, when are you going to give it up and find a new team? “suckkkkaaaaaaaaa” -Booker T

  9. The giants would welcome Atogwe but they got so muchh depth, he would only come off the benchh in blowout games… or in the remaning 3 games of the season when the gmen lock up the nfc east and are resting starters….
    hopefully he finds a good home

  10. Alan Ball has potential he just doesnt have the experience….he’s mad value for a 7th round pick in 07…..secondary has some decent coaching with Campo back there…i mean he got sensabaugh playing well and has coached up Scandrick and Jenkins who are turning out to be pretty damn good after the whole Pacman fiasco….of course Atogwe would be an upgrade but he is not a necessity for Dallas…and Atogwe would need Dallas more how many times did Atogwe get watched in a nationally televised or even a prime time game with the rams? his value goes up the more people watch him…and we all know which team is the king of prime time and nationally televised and non-blacked out games are…Dallas…point blank if he was in a Cowboy uniform he would be a Pro Bowl ballot player every year in silver and blue….it just is what it is…but i would be comfortable with Ball back there patrolling the field with Sensabaugh….maybe thats just me

  11. Please Bill Parcells complete the defense and bring OJ to Miami. He is the missing piece to the puzzle and could have a huge impact this year in the Dolphins regaining the AFC East title.

  12. Imagine this possible defensive scenario:
    Avril-Suh-Sammie Hill-KVB
    I think thats a huge improvement just need to find some cohesiveness with these guys.GOOOO LIONSSSS!!!

  13. atogwe keep yer ass on the wall. chilly was unholy with lord favre…
    and the pokes just lost the super bowl…

  14. GurpBadesha –
    nop from Toronto but evreybody knows Americas team. Mostly because of the 5 super bowls, and can u remind me who was the owner at the time?

  15. @Dallas41 says:
    June 2, 2010 9:12 PM
    Steve-O’s mom is a Crack ho, thats what i am thinking
    Good comeback from a little F@ggot from the Land of Queers and Steers.

  16. SKINSFANTOM says: June 2, 2010 8:38 PM
    “‘doesn do ‘nuf drugs, dats why dey don’ be waantin’ ‘is aayyss,holla”
    Yeah, but he is an overhyped free agent who can be overpaid, so the Redskins are a potential destination for him. I’m sorry that I’m not writing in your ghetto language, and hope you can understand what I’m saying here.

  17. @ pft blows and big tex….3rd winningest team in the past decade….if birds get one superbowl win thers nothing to talk about….How many NFC championships do the cowgirls have in the past 1 5 years?!?!?!?!? 0, at least the eagles stay competitive.

  18. @P-way Eagles
    Pretty big “if” in your comment there P-way. “3rd winningest team in the past decade” Well, congratulations. Now tell me, any idea who is the winningest team of all time?

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