Rams remain the favorites for Atogwe

With teams lining up to say they’re not interested in free-agent safety O.J. Atogwe with the kind of zeal that makes us wonder whether they’ve confused him with O.J. Simpson, it’s looking like Atogwe may return to the team with which he has spent his entire career.

Dan Graziano of AOL’s FanHouse.com reports that the Rams remain the favorites to retain Atogwe’s services, even though the Dolphins are making a “strong push.”

“I love O.J.,” coach Steve Spagnuolo said Wednesday in comments circulated by the team.  “The process took us to this point, but it’s ongoing.  I mean, we’re still working at it and very hopeful, and we’ll just have to see what happens these next couple of days.”

Still, Spagnuolo appears to be braced for the possibility that Atogwe will sign elsewhere.  “He’s a good football player and I don’t like to lose good football players, but we move on,” Spagnuolo said.  “It would be no different than if somebody got hurt, and it happened last year when O.J. had the shoulder injury and we move on.   So you try not to skip a beat.  You miss the person because of who he is, but we just move on. 

“We’ve got some good football players out here.”

Apparently, Spagnuolo was a big fan of “Where’s Waldo?”

12 responses to “Rams remain the favorites for Atogwe

  1. THE DOLPHINS NEED THIS GUY SO BAD ITS CRAZY. if they arent willing to spend the cash on him its because they arent confident they can contend for the superbowl the next 2 years. thats the bottom line.
    granted, we arent like the jets who throw money at overrated players on the down hill. but come on tyrone culver and reshad jones as our fs! what if culver gets hurt!???
    its the most blatant hole on our team and it absolutely needs to get addressed. reshad jones may address it, but not for 3 years, esp when hes looking up to a c- starter (culver) for professional advancement.

  2. Owner collusion, I’m telling you again. Look at how few restricted-yet-available free agents moved.

  3. Rams dolphins niners lions seems to be the (in order) the teams most likely to sign him. It’d be a longer list if not for cost and his past injuries.

  4. Spags talking about his shoulder sounds like posturing for salary negotiations.
    Do the Rams get a compensatory draft pick if he leaves?

  5. MarinoFreakout – Chris Clemons is our starting FS. Bringing in OJ would be a mistake and stunt the growth of our two young players (Clemons, who has been impressing in camp, and Jones).

  6. @ sonicjizzmopper
    The Bears just drafted a FS (Major Wright) in the third round, and have also just got Chris Harris back to play SS.

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