Ron Dayne reports more than $100,000 in jewelry losses in burglaries

Former Giants, Broncos and Texans running back Ron Dayne says he’s been the victim of two separate burglaries in two separate homes recently.

WISC-TV is reporting that Dayne reported more than $100,000 in jewelry was stolen from his Waunakee, Wisconsin home.

“We have our share of burglaries, but certainly none, or very few, I can think of that reach that dollar amount,” said Lt. Joe Peterson, of the Waunakee Police Department.

Another report from the Wisconsin State Journal says a burglary from another home Dayne has lived in netted $40,000 in possessions, including computer equipment, video systems and liquor, as well as a bracelet commemorating Dayne’s Heisman Trophy.

Dayne says much of the jewelry commemorates his football career and has sentimental value.

“It’s hard to lose,” said Dayne. “I really stopped wearing all that stuff a while ago so I was just trying to keep it for my kids and pass it down to them. Now someone came and took it or whatever, so hopefully I can find something.”

32 responses to “Ron Dayne reports more than $100,000 in jewelry losses in burglaries

  1. They investigators should look under the furniture. He probably put on the bling, got two yards, fell down and fumbled.
    Just another day in the life of “No Gain” Dayne.

  2. You would think some of that money could’ve been spent on… a good home security system? A good safe? A safety deposit box?

  3. Seriously, “took it or whatever” what the hell does that mean!? Did they take it or not?
    Can’t believe this assclown broke Ricky’s record.

  4. I know Ron, and trust me he is not hurting for money. His name still goes a long way in Madison. I feel really bad for him.

  5. “Can’t believe this assclown broke Ricky’s record.”
    Yeah because Ricky Williams TOTALLY isn’t an ass clown or anything. I hated the way he whined about Dayne breaking it. Act like a man and congratulate him. So I’m curious, are you calling Dayne an assclown because he was robbed? That doesn’t even make any sense.

  6. Dayne says much of the jewelry commemorates his football career
    and the loss of it commemorates his stupidity.
    Might want to spend a couple of dollars on an alarm system next time.

  7. WTF? Who leaves stuff like sentimental football jewelry at home?
    Safety deposit box FTL

  8. So wait, I’m confused by two things here….
    1) “We have our share of burglaries…” said Lt. Joe Peterson, of the Waunakee Police Department. So….is the good Lt. Joe saying that THEY stole the jewelry, because THEY have their share of burglaries? Did i just solve the case?! SWEET, where’s my reward? Maybe a mini helmet signed by Ron Dayne? Oh, no thanks.
    and 2) “Dayne says much of the jewelry commemorates his football career and has sentimental value.” Umm, first, I’d like to say if it totals over $100,000, it has REAL value too, or his sentiment is much more expensive than mine. As well as if the jewerly commemorates his football career, does losing it commemorate how his career went? (bye bye?) I still am waiting for my reward.

  9. “Now someone came and took it or whatever”
    So what does he mean by ‘whatever’?

  10. I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that he lives in Waunakee.

  11. Ron Dayne may not have turned out to be a great pro running back but I think he is arguably the greatest college back ever. He was so big, fast, and strong people could just not tackle him.

  12. the 2nd burglary happened in a bad part of town too. if he has a house in waunekee, why the hell does he have that much stuff at a slum apt?

  13. I’m still fairly confused why anyone – let alone a man – own $140,000 worth of jewelry.
    Also –> FAT!!

  14. I feel bad for him. He really is a class guy. Just b/c his NFL career went nowhere, doesn’t make him a bum or an idiot or anything else implied by others above.

  15. You turds are pathetic. Not only would the Great Dayne not stoop so low as to commit such a crime, he sure as hell doesn’t need the cash. My guess is that he still has the first dollar he ever earned.
    Also, Ron Dayne is one of the greatest running backs in the history of the NCAA. Too bad the Giants had no idea what to do with him.

  16. Ron Dayne lives in “The Only Waunakee in the World?” I guess it makes sense. He’s a pretty low-key guy.

  17. Wisconsin’s quickly becoming quite a haven for fledgling criminals, much to our chagrin.

  18. Ron Dayne is not a thug. He is a very soft spoken and humble man.
    My guess is that it’s a scumbag friend or ex girlfriend that ripped him off.

  19. To bad Mr.Dayne , ever hear of investment .All these fools and their gold garbage , count your loss and move on minus the poor me .

  20. :facepalm:
    Maybe one day athletes will learn that you can invest your money is something better than jewelry.
    Why would anyone that isn’t royalty need $100k in jewelry? I’ll give you one guess as to whether or not Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have $100k in jewelry, lol.

  21. texasPHINSfan – When you are in a profession that rewards achievements with expensive jewlery it is not that surprising for someone to have $100K in jewelry. I pretty much guarantee Tom Brady owns at least that much considering that the first of his Super Bowl rings cost about $15K.

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