Seahawks sign rookie safety Chancellor

Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network reports that the Seahawks have signed fifth-round safety Kam Chancellor.  

ESPN’s Adam Schefter came through with the details; it’s a four-year pact with a maximum value of $2.83 million.
An over-sized safety built in Taylor Mays’ likeness, Chancellor goes 6-foot-3, 231.  He just doesn’t possess Mays’ speed.  Chancellor ran a 4.62 forty at February’s Scouting Combine.  Mays “officially” came in at 4.43.
In Seattle, Chancellor figures to focus on covering kicks behind starters Earl Thomas and Jordan Babineaux.  If Chancellor eventually does earn playing time on defense, he’ll likely serve as an “in the box” safety.

8 responses to “Seahawks sign rookie safety Chancellor

  1. The Seahawks got their prime safety in the 1st round with Earl Thomas. Kam was a bonus pickup in the 5th round.
    Mays is just going to have to get over himself. He wasn’t good enough to be drafted in the 1st round. Thomas was the better choice.
    Kam is just depth for the Seahawks. Right now he’s 4th behind Thomas Babs, and Milloy.

  2. The difference between Mays and Kam is that Kam isn’t *cough cough* on the juice. Let’s see what Mays speed is now that the USC Defensive Fraternity has been officially busted by the NFL. No more moobs.

  3. Kam is going to be one of those late round steals… I really wish the Giants had taken him.

  4. yem123–well, in all fairness if Tim Ruskell had any brains at all he would have taken Kenny Phillips instead of USC DE Lawrence Jackson. That pick was so bad, even Caroll, Jacksons college coach, thought he went at least two rounds too high!
    So you guys were handed the FS your team coveted, a free present from our idiot ex-GM. Now, hopefully, we have a solid SS for the first time since I dont know when.
    Wanna trade Osi for Chancellor?! Ha!

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