Jairus Byrd getting better, but not 100 percent

Bills safety Jairus Byrd, who came in first place in defensive rookie of the year voting among players who didn’t test positive for performance-enhancing drugs, says he’s getting better but not completely recovered from hip surgery.

I’ve felt pretty good,” Byrd told Buffalobills.com after Wednesday’s OTAs. “I’m coming back into the swing of things, but the rest of it is just on-the-field stuff. It has to loosen up, there is some tightness in there, but the rest is just getting out and working it out on the field.”

Byrd has been a limited participant in OTAs and will be limited at this weekend’s minicamp, but he hasn’t been very limited. He’s working with the first-string defense and is participating in 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills. He expects to be completely healthy by the start of training camp.

Byrd tied for the league lead with nine interceptions in 2009. He sat out the last two games of the season with a torn labrum in his hip.

12 responses to “Jairus Byrd getting better, but not 100 percent

  1. Just when I thought I had gone too long without a Cushing dig, you saved me, thanks MDS.

  2. He was robbed… by a convicted cheater… twice. Tell me again that they really care about PEDs.

  3. Dude you should really let it go. Your campaign against Cushing failed like most of your articles do so turn the page.

  4. Can’t wait to see what Byrd can do in a full 16 games!! DROY my ass, Cushing got lucky that most of the people voting have little to no moral standards. Hope he falls on his ass this year, no more help from the medicine cabinet. Go Bills!!

  5. So he lost. Twice. Should they vote again so he can lose a third time? Get over it. Or let it consume you and die unhappy drowning in a river of your own tears. Just quit talking about it.

  6. His heart is still healing after that goof won DOYR while cheating. Byrd, would of had my vote.

  7. No one should let go of the theft of the 2009 DROY award by a confirmed cheater. Cushing should never have been on the ballot for consideration.

  8. HouFan says:
    June 3, 2010 11:44 AM
    Dude you should really let it go. Your campaign against Cushing failed like most of your articles do so turn the page.
    Dude you should just admit Cushing is a cheat, and without his roids, will be a below average LB. We should ask his former coach, the golden boy Pete, how Cushing was able to put on 50 lbs of muscle in one season? Byrd is rookie of the year!!!

  9. Epic fail on Bills part to get their boy the DROY even when you have a second teir member of the press in your pocket. Seems like just another area the Bills fall woefully short in!

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