Roethlisberger considering national sitdown interview

Ben Roethlisberger answered just two questions on Thursday, but he’s planning to speak more extensively soon.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports there is a strong chance Big Ben will first sit down for a long national interview, possibly with a non sports host like Larry King or Oprah Winfrey.  (So he’s hoping to reach the elderly. Or women.)

The interview would likely come in the next few weeks before training camp.  We’d rather see an interview with a sports figure, but either way Roethlisberger knows he can’t stay silent for long.

Maybe Roethlisberger can beat Brett Favre to the punch and talk with Greta Van Susteren.

65 responses to “Roethlisberger considering national sitdown interview

  1. God I hope this happens, just to watch him “McGuire” by coming out of it and smelling worse than going in.

  2. What a waste of time if he goes on Oprah or Larry King. He should let Howard Stern do the interview.

  3. I recommend the revered oldtimer sports journalist Red Ruffensore./National Lampooned

  4. This guy is getting the worst advice in the history of mankind. WTF is he going to say to change anyone’s mind?

  5. Mr Rapeherburger,
    instead of hanging with Barbara Walters maybe you could use that time to get in shape and lose the double chin?
    8-8 in 2010 for the squealers

  6. Just like Jack Acid… I too hope this happens.
    I can already hear him dropping the “I’m the real victim here” line…. and I can already hear the audience starting the “she said no” chant in background…
    I’d advise him to keep his mouth shut.

  7. I would rather see him sit down with 60 minutes or one of the sunday morning talking head shows…lol..with his publicist and his attorney and his police bodyguards, of course, and maybe a couple of the women he misunderstood their words meanings asking questions too……

  8. i honestly don’t care at this point…i’m so disgusted by the fact that kobe bryant was brought up on charges and to this day still is criticized for colorado while big ben say’s he’s sorry and he’s gonna change his ways and all is forgiven…

  9. Ever notice how much Ben looks like Mr. Sandra Bullock?
    Seriously. Dudes look alike.

  10. I just hope it isn’t with Suzy Kolber… if you think what Namath did to her was over the line…

  11. Good grief!!! Judging by today’s comments, he’s not ready for a goodwill tour. How about waiting until he’s had time to engage in some serious introspection? He needs to come up with better adjectives to describe his journey than “neat,” “happy,” and “excited.”
    With due respect, King’s age is showing. He interrupts and changes subjects too much. Oprah will stay on point and ask tough questions. But is he going to do the interview in front of her predominately female audience?
    Film an interview with “60 Minutes” during the suspension with an agreement not to leak until after he returns to the field. He won’t be participating in OTAs then, so it won’t be a distraction to the team and he won’t inadvertently say anything to risk lengthening the suspension. By then he’ll have had more time to progress with what I hope is some behavioral therapy. And perhaps his comments will reflect an understanding of the seriousness of the situation.

  12. Greta Van Susteren?
    Thanks for clearing that up. As an infrequent Fox News viewer I was wondering why Brett Favre was interviewed by Jerry Jones last year.

  13. I remember when this blog was actually informative and talked about , you know, football. This is now a knitting circle.

  14. @pacifica Mike:
    Ben lost about 20 lbs and reported to OTA’s two days ago in great shape. It’s possible that Pittsburgh could collapse completely and finish 8-8, just like they could go 13-3 and be World Champions or be anywhere in between. We’ll see one way or the other, I guess.

  15. Who will it be?
    Fluffmeister Bob Costas?
    Or company man lap dog Michael Wilbon?
    No way it’ll be Gumbel, too tough and won’t ask non-question setup statements masquerading as real questions.

  16. The sooner he does this the better for all concerned.
    I hope he gets it this time around and straightens out – he’s a heck of a football player

  17. Here- I’ll go ahead and the guy a big favor:
    Ben, You are not likeable. At all.
    A nationally televised interview will only worsen the public’s perception of you.
    Do not even consider doing this kind of interview until you have- at the minimum- successfully completed the 2010/2011 season.
    At least at that point you can be pitiable, by pointing to your year of hard work and saying you hope we will now see you “for the leader you’ve become, not the celebrity you were”, or some such nonsense.

  18. RLK.
    You r an idiot – Kobe bent the girl over a chair and pumped her til she bled – paid big bucks for the “indiscretion”
    Ben has been accused – but never charged or tried – get over it – yes he is an immature asshole – but not the kind of jerk that Kobe was and is…

  19. You have to laugh at the dopes that are still posting an commented about someone who was never convicted, let alone charged with a crime.
    You have to wonder what boring lives some people lead.

  20. If he chooses the venue for the interview, 500 No-points says he holds it at the local Hooters.

  21. I think it would be great for him to talk on a national forum…..
    A long as the women he supposedly did nasty things to were allowed to be there to.
    It would either be the best televisions show EVER.. or Jerry Springer and maybe a little of both.
    I don’t want to here from Ben, I want to here from them… and I’m a guy.
    I was a small time radio DJ who trimmed the trees and was never charged with anything because I didn’t do anything wrong.
    This guy has women lining up to throw him in jail.. and we’ll call it a set up ?
    No way.
    Give the women = time and then get it on.

  22. I’m sure Frank Burns will get all greased up and sweet-smellin’ for this little piece of interview history. Maybe even change his skivvies from the ones marked “May” to the ones marked “June”.

  23. Larry King? Ben’s mother would ask tougher questions. Have 2 complete nuts, Ben, and go head on with O’Reilly.

  24. Do the Bill O’Reilly show, Ben — if you are enough of a man, that is
    Don’t give us a bunch of King/Oprah softball bullsh!t

  25. who the hell is advising this guy? why would he want to reopen the door and get further scrutiny?
    an in-depth interview will gain no sympathy or compassion…it will however put ugly things under the microscope and make a lot of people further dislike the guy.
    damn, he really IS a jackass

  26. I like to see James Brown from CBS/ITNFL do the interview . Brown is a great guy and would go a bang up job .
    Now if the queer sounding Rosenthal would take away the absurd comments about moving to the ederly or women comment it would have been a good story . Greg you know when you finally get some that lisp will go away .

  27. Greta’s 1st Question to Mr. Rothesebergehergh…
    Can you please zip up your pants and put the penis away for the rest of interview?

  28. What source does Canfora have?? I heard Lil Ben was going to make a documentary bashing male enhancement pills, “ExtenZe: The Big Shaft” He will be comparing results with Jimmy Johnson….

  29. Does anyone, other than some inbreds in western PA, give a rat’s ass what this douche bag has to say about anything?
    The fact that he takes himself WAY too seriously is what got him to this point in the first place. Ring his bell a few more times and maybe he’ll just go away…

  30. This is bad advice of the worst kind. Outside of Florio and a few Steeler haters, nobody is even talking about this anymore.
    “Hey….look. My cut has almost healed. I should pull off the scab and reopen the wound!!!”
    I hope that he isn’t paying for this advice. People have already made up their minds one way or the other…move on.
    I can’t imagine that the NFL wants this to happen.

  31. I would like to see Barbara Walters do an interview with him and have her ask “the tough” questions.

  32. Larry King wants to interview him so he can get phone numbers of young, easy girls from Big Ben.

  33. Considering the times I have seen him speak, I can’t imagine this going good for him, unless it’s a staged interview with him knowing the questions ahead of time.
    His words mean nothing, it’s his actions that will be telling. Can he get a girlfriend and appear to be a normal guy? I doubt it!! He needs to go hang out with Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, he can be the token white boy!!

  34. Does it really matter what the the idiot says anymore?
    Play dixon and let the fatheaded rapist walk off to the janitor’s closet for some more molesting. Either way it’s lookin like back to the bubby brister/mark malone glory days for squealers as they watch Bazooka Joe and RR win the AFC title for the next several years.

  35. You would think someone in the Steelers organization (ownership anyone?) would have the friggin’ common sense to stop Big Ben from doing this. There is absolutely nothing positive that can come out of this. It will just create a bigger sh*tstorm for the Steelers and more so for Ben. If he absolutely has to do it at least have him do it on the NFL network where maybe the Steelers could have an arranged interview with several types of questions off limits and several answers worked out ahead of time. Oprah or Larry King? Are you f#cking kidding me?!! Oprah has talked about how she was a sexual assault victim by members of her own family. Do you think she will let Big Ben try to put a positive spin on his “transgressions”? Oprah would destroy Ben in 5 minutes (not that Ben hasn’t done that to himself and others already). Larry King is probably thinking “please, oh please come on my show so I can make you look like the a**hole that you are and then spin it into a never ending sh*tstorm I can get a lot of free publicity from”. A media shark like him can do that before he finishes his morning coffee. What Big Ben needs to do is get more council sessions on how not to act like a douchebag and to learn that when she says no it means NO.

  36. You have to laugh at the dopes that are still posting an commented about someone who repeatedly does the same stupid stuff, and they actually defend him and cant wait till he leads their favorite team to victory, which is less likely if he cant stop being a jackass, and they just rely on legalisms like in situations where local cops were compromised, he was never convicted, let alone charged with a crime.
    You have to wonder what boring lives some people lead.

  37. After todays comments, if ben is allowed to sit down with anyone his PR people/handlers should all be fired!!! For one thing he needs some time before he breaks his silence and another he needs some definite coaching/practice on how to handle the type of questions he will get. Face it ben is not the brightest guy. If he goes on with anyone right now it could end up hurting his suspension……he may end up with 8 games if says the wrong thing.

  38. mnoise says:
    June 3, 2010 9:50 PM
    You would think someone in the Steelers organization (ownership anyone?) would have the friggin’ common sense to stop Big Ben from doing this. There is absolutely nothing positive that can come out of this. It will just create a bigger sh*tstorm for the Steelers and more so for Ben.
    This is a perfect example of a person who believes everything they read! Especially on here!!

  39. Don’t do it Ben.
    Nothing, and I mean nothing, good will come from doing a National interview.
    Just let this story die. Wait till the season starts. By then no one will care (does anyone even care at this point?)
    Continuing to bring it up will just bring out all the trolls/haters/d-bags who just want to tear you down.

  40. I see this as one of those “Let me gather myself” sniffle interviews like Jesse James. Why bother and quite frankly this would be a bad move as he still has that deal hanging over his head in Vegas.
    Here’s a novel concept, stay your ass at home, get loaded at your place figure out a way to get Natalie Gulbis back and just be a meathead quarterback and nothing more.

  41. What’s Oprah going to say when he’s sitting on the couch “lettin’ it all hang out”?

  42. “# SoFlor Steeler says: June 3, 2010 8:25 PM
    You r an idiot – Kobe bent the girl over a chair and pumped her til she bled – paid big bucks for the “indiscretion”
    Ben has been accused – but never charged or tried – get over it – yes he is an immature asshole – but not the kind of jerk that Kobe was and is…

    Whatever makes you sleep better at night you homer! And don’t ever call anyone a idiot with a response like that.

  43. @TheToolofTools …
    Would LOVE to see a tough interview of Andrea McNulty! How about those texts she sent after the “rape” saying she couldn’t wait to see Roethlisberger again? And the sworn affidavits from the friends she told about screwing Ben and hoping she was pregnant?
    And the Georgia sorority sisters!! So they were tossed from the party for ragging Ben about McNulty? And then they dragged their friend to the cops and screamed she’d been raped even though both she and the medical exam said she hadn’t had sex? Why did they say Barravecchio was blocking the bathroom when other witnesses say he wasn’t?
    You’re right–to heck with Roethlisberger. Those are the interviews I want to see.

  44. Are you kidding me? It’s been only about 3-4 months and now he’s a changed man? PLEASE. Consider shutting your mouth Ben.!!! That seems to work here lately.

  45. Florio, your sources heard him wrong….he said he was considering a national zipper-down interview

  46. Or just maybe the guy finally understands how to act like a human being and just goes out and plays football without acting like a prick in public.
    Unlike Florio, I have no need to hear the guy say he’s sorry in front of a camera. I’ll judge him by what he does and could care less about what he says.

  47. At the risk of sounding like Barack Obama, I nominate Elena Kagan for the “sit down interview”.
    Roethlisberger sits down, she sits on top of him. Guaranteed, he’ll sing like the angels.

  48. If it has to happen it should be Larry King. The show will get a wider demographic audience. No doubt everyone here will be watching whether they want to admit it or not.

  49. jmaltimore, wow u have alot to say bout a supposed rapist. wow yes nhe is a sh!t bag if he did what supposedly happened but what about the dirtbirds with rmurder lewis and what about ur new wr that killed a guy in the crosswalk drunk and stoned? ol whats his name? ok till then shut up get away with stuff and leave it be huh?

  50. I’m about sick of all Rave fans takin $hit bout ben when then they have no class either. Ray ray is a scum bag and so is the new wr they just got and they wanna talk crap

  51. he needs more then a national sit down, he needs to retire…
    hes too grimey for words, hes worse then vick
    he trapped a 20 year old girl in a bathroom stall, hes EXACTLY whats wrong with america today
    corruption, power, greed, sex, etc…
    rapistberger is a grimey dude and he treats females like dirt, even reporters. hes got a body guard? yeah thats bc someone but the heat to his grill after he tried to holler at their girl
    yes NFL PLAYERS, you too can be “touched”

  52. # ItalianArmyGuy says: June 3, 2010 8:37 PM
    Do the Bill O’Reilly show, Ben — if you are enough of a man, that is
    Don’t give us a bunch of King/Oprah softball bullsh!t
    Yeah, go on the factor Ben. You and ORLLY can compare notes on sexually harrassing and traumatizing women (I’m being nice to Ben there. We all know rape is well beyond harassment).
    Oh and ItalianArmyGay speaking of being “man enough” was there ever a bigger pussy than your boy Franco “run out of bound before getting hit” Harris? I think not.

  53. I think most folks here are forgetting that this rapist still has a case pending in Nevada. Unless his lawyers and the stealers lawyers and the NFL lawyers are as stupid as he is, there is no freakin’ way a national interview happens. In fact even if the local nuthugging media brought it up, his response should be….Next….
    The best way to treat this is to let it pass with time.

  54. In keeping with the ambience that Ben deserves, he should do the sit down interview inside Hooters with Jerry Springer.
    Then bring on the lie detector tests and the two girls that he did or did not rape and let’s get to the bottom of this. I smell a big pay per view event and anyone who is willing to pay $39.95 for this debacle (thanks Tiki) will get their sordid money’s worth.

  55. Agree with those who say he shouldn’t do this. He isn’t well spoken and should be concentrating on letting his future actions speak for him instead of words. They were talking about it a little on NFLTA last night and commented that he should try to build up some goodwill in the community. That sounds sensible. Just treat all people better be it fans, merchants. teammates or media (all of which he has had issues doing). Respect (or lack of same) will follow from his actions.
    That is also a good point someone else brought up on here about not doing anything too in depth about his personal life while that other suit is pending. Feeling he could go on with his partying lifestyle while that was pending was probably a big thing to Goodell in his decision to suspend BR.

  56. Ben should go on Oprah and ask that fat bitch if she is a dike! Then say I got 2 Super Bowl rings and DTF real name is…….

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