Broncos bring in Kyle Eckel, dump Maurice Williams

On the same day the Broncos bid (bade?) farewell to quarterback Tom Brandstater, the team made two other transactions.

Gone is offensive lineman Maurice Williams.  Fullback Kyle Eckel joined the team.

Williams arrived less than a month ago.  He spent nine seasons with the Jaguars, starting all 16 games in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006.

Eckel won a Super Bowl ring with the Saints in 2009, the highlight to a four-year career that has included stops in Miami, New England, and Philly.  In 2007, he appeared in 12 regular-season games and two postseason games for the Patriots, who finished 18-1, losing to the Giants in Super Bowl XLII.

14 responses to “Broncos bring in Kyle Eckel, dump Maurice Williams

  1. I hope we start running with a FB. I never understood why teams do so little of that. Especially my Donks.

  2. Loved Mo Williams when he was here. A classic overachiever like Rob Meier. Like to think there’s a place for him, but he may be at the end of the line. Hell maybe the Redskins ought to take a flyer on him. Experienced linemen are valuable.

  3. Well McDaniels & Eckel have one thing in common. They were both along for the ride when the teams who employed them won a super Bowl.

  4. I think they only brought in Williams to fill an OL spot until they were sure RT Ryan Harris was healthy. Bringing in a FB makes sense, because it was the only position on the roster without competition. I think Spencer Larsen was the only FB on the roster. McD wants intense competition at every spot.

  5. Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me. I nearly had forgotten that the Giants won Super Bowl 42.

  6. I Dont know why Eckel hasnt stuck on anybodys roster yet ? he is a very good lead blocker with good hands . he can also be used as a short yardage back . 240 lb’s is a load .

  7. Just more proof that Josh is clueless. Didn’t he get just go through a whole season not using Peyton Hillis. Wasn’t his excuse that his offense doesn’t really use a fullback. He trades Hillis because his offense doesn’t really use a fullback. Then he goes out and signs another fullback. This is a guy on his fifth team in 4 years. He was cut by the Patriots and has never been a full-time starter for any team. Josh can’t decide if he wants a fullback or not. And why get rid of one fullback that has starting talent(and is making a very low salary) for a guy that never has. I thought a team should be trying to get better.

  8. Eckel is easy to coach, plays special teams, and does his job without raping women and shooting illegal weapons in nightclubs. He has been on teams with the best coaches in the game. He is a Navy man who can lead others to winning games.

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