Olsen getting tired of talking about role in Martz's offense

Bears tight end Greg Olsen knows everyone is wondering whether he’s a good fit in the offense run by new coordinator Mike Martz. But he’s getting tired of talking about it.

I’ve addressed this a million times,” Olsen said. “I feel good the way things have gone so far, and it’s early in the process, but so far everything’s been great.”

A million times is a slight exaggeration, but It’s true that Olsen has addressed the issue. However, Olsen himself acknowledged that he was concerned at first about Martz’s offense, and with good reason: Martz typically views tight ends as blockers first and receivers second.

Olsen, on the other hand, has always been a receiver first, and last year he was the Bears’ leading receiver, with 60 catches. Martz typically doesn’t give tight ends the opportunity to catch 60 passes in a season.

But Olsen thinks Martz’s philosophy ultimately comes down to putting the ball in the best players’ hands.

“Sometimes you focus your offense around what you’ve got,” Olsen said. “In the past, [Martz] has had great wide receivers and great backs. It’s the same here, but we feel like we have a couple tight ends who can do some stuff in the passing game along with those other guys. So we’ll see how that works out.”

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  1. Hell, I’m a Bears fan and I’m tired of hearing about it, so I understand what Olsen is saying.

  2. Let’s see….:
    Vernon Davis was the #9 receiving TE in the NFL in 2007, while a member of one the WORST offenses in the NFL… Relative to position, he was the best performer on offense, by a long shot.
    In 2008, under Martz, he dropped to 28th as Martz completely failed to use him in any meaningful way.
    In 2009, with “loser OC” Raye, Davis went to the probowl and blossomed into one of the most dangerous TEs in the NFL. On an offense that, admittedly, had a lot of problems last year.
    So, I can see Olson being tired of the question. The answer is OBVIOUS, NO TE, no matter how talented he is, as ever fit into a Martz offense. Martz is, simply put, effing brain dead and is still trying to recreate “The Greatest Show on Turf” on teams lacking the necessary personnel. And, until Martz proves otherwise, it’s a stupid question that’s been answered.

  3. I like Olsen’s approach to the situation, but he’s nuts if he thinks he will be a receiver first.

  4. I think the reason keep asking this moron about this question is because he says stuff like this:
    “In the past, [Martz] has had great wide receivers and great backs. It’s the same here, but we feel like we have a couple tight ends who can do some stuff in the passing game along with those other guys. So we’ll see how that works out.”
    Maybe everyone keeps asking him this because he refuses to even acknowledge what Vernon Davis has done since Martz’ left San Fran. It’s always “Great WR there” and “Great Back there” its doomsday Greg sorry. Greg Olsen is a complete idiot.

  5. Halas Hall needs to find a cure for Olsen’s raging case of Red-Ass.
    We saw it last year when the media and fans criticized his blocking. He repeatedly assured us that we didn’t know what we were talking about.
    And its back again, when it comes to the TE role in Martz’s offense…we just don’t know what we’re talking about.
    In the end, he needs to shut the mouth and get the red-ass into the weight room.

  6. What do you want the guy to say? I’m gonna disappear from this offense just like Davis did in 08?
    True or False, the organization and coaches have reassured him and the media that tight ends will play a role in receiving. I mean, they have 5 on the roster right now.
    I think Martz would be a little more than remiss not to at least try to involve TEs, its not like he hasn’t heard the same criticisms about his past offense. But really it’s going to depend on who performs in the offseason, or as the year goes on.

  7. Everybody wants to hold Vernon Davis up as an example of what will happen to a TE under Martz–see? LOOK!
    But one could ALSO make the case that Davis’ production (or lack of it) had as much to do with him being a narcissistic, undisciplined (yet still talented) brat, before FINALLY getting his act together under Singletary’s tough love and my- way-or-highway coaching style.
    So it may not have even been the “Martz effect” that kept Davis in the bottom of the league, it may have just been the “Davis effect”…
    Maybe I’m being overly optimistic, but I would like to think that Martz is bright enough to use the talent on the roster, to play to the strengths of his personnel, rather than pounding a square peg into a round hole.
    Sliding Hester into the slot is a good start.
    In addition to capitlizing on Olsen’s ability to mismatch, and if he uses Cutler’s mobility, Aromashodu’s height, and the speed and shiftiness of Knox and Hester to maximum advantage, I do believe the Bears offense could become a thing of beauty.
    Assuming Tice can pull that o-line together, of course.

  8. If anyone was following the Bears mini-camps and OTAs, they’d know that the TEs are getting a lot of reps and targets so far.
    Dewey- I agree. Everyone fails to remember how much of an ass Davis was before Singletary put his foot down. Who knows, maybe he was dogging it at blocking and refused to run good routes? Thus, giving a reason for Mike to ignore him in the passing game. Also, there was this guy named Kellen Winslow that did pretty well in Martz’s style of offense under Don “air” Coryell.

  9. Martz simply does not know how to utilize tightends. He has never had a productive tight end. Its simply not how his scheme works.
    @Dewey/Propheteer. No Davis was known even before getting his act together as one of the best blocking TE’s in the league. That was his knock, he can block great, but the Niners didnt draft him to block. I feel your guys optimism, I had the same feeling in 2008. Beat writers wrote up and down how Martz was going to utilize Davis and make him a threat. Not only did it not happen, it never was even tried.
    In a Martz offense the TE will never be a centerpiece. He is a blocker (why do you think you guys got Brandon Manumamamawhale?) Im not knocking Martz, but to think TE’s will have any primary role other then to block is ridiculous, and goes against the stats and scheming of Martz since he entered the league. It is just not the way HE schemes football.
    check that link out for stats of Martz Recievers throughout the years.

  10. @hendeeze-
    “Past History is No Indication of Future Performance”
    The template is there for a TE to be a large part of the passing game. Did you every think for a moment that Martz used Davis as a blocker more often than not because he is known as a very good blocker? Obviously, Olsen doesn’t excel at blocking, so naturally he’s going to try to utilize him as a WR.

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