Jets' GM: Revis "everything we believe in"; Mangold "a top priority"

Jets G.M. Mike Tannenbaum knows he has a couple of unhappy players on his hands, and is making public comments designed to let those players know the team values them.

Asked about cornerback Darrelle Revis and center Nick Mangold, both of whom want new deals, Tannenbaum said the Jets are committed to keeping them.

“All I can say is that Darrelle is everything we believe in, on and off the field,” Tannenbaum said. “We told him that shortly after the season. We remain committed to that. He’s a foundation for this organization.”

Of course, telling Revis he’s everything the Jets believe in is a far cry from giving Revis the kind of money he wants. Tannenbaum isn’t committing to making Revis the highest-paid cornerback in football, but he is committing to a long-term contract with Revis.

“We remain committed to trying to get something done within reason that’s good for Darrelle and good for the team,” Tannenbaum said. “Hopefully he’ll be here not only for the short-term, but the long-term.”

Mangold won’t get the kind of money Revis will get, but he does want more money than he’s getting now. Tannenbaum sounds open to re-doing Mangold’s deal as well.

“He remains a priority, too,” Tannenbaum said of Mangold. “A top priority.”

So the Jets are taking the approach of publicly talking up Revis and Mangold, rather than escalating things by telling them to honor their contracts. Soon we’ll see whether the talk is cheap, or whether Revis and Mangold get new deals.

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  1. Bullshit…. Tannenbaum, you can’t bullshit a bunch of bullshitters. Fact remains, as duely noted, you don’t take care of your own. You and Rex are too concerned with bringing in all these high priced UFAs to even think about the guys like Revis and Mangold that make your team what it is.
    Don’t expect Revis to play under a 550k contract!

  2. What a pity, Florio has to report what the Jets actually say, not what he likes to make up, like his previous

  3. What a pity, Florio has to report what the Jets actually say, not what he likes to make up, like his previous post about the Jets not taking care of their own

  4. What about my boy Braylon “Hands of Stone” Edwards. Show the man the cash. 16 drops got to be worth something. Plus he’s a high character guy. Cheap JETS forcin’ him into a position where he can’t even buy a decent drink for his friend Donte! How you expect a man to concentrate when he don’t have enough money to fill his Bentley with gas! Take care of the man! Show him the cash. Pay for that desperately needed hand transplant!

  5. Like they say never let the facts get in the way of a great story. Kendall had a contract, but he wanted ridiculous money in renegotiation, Baker robbed the Pats, caught less than twenty passes and was cut after one year, Moore was resigned as a free agent, Coles the only player in NFL history to sign a contract and bitch about it three days later, he did that three times. The Jets let him out of a contract, so he could rob the Bengals, did nothing for them this past year and is now unemployed. Leon Washington, a restricted free agent with a rod in his leg, he will start the season on the pup and no one even knows if his leg will ever heal right. So the jets should use Revis or Mangold’s or D’bricks money to sign him And by the way, the Jets have been saying for over a year that Revis, Mangold and Ferguson are top priorities. Again, a Florio making up a controversy where non exists

  6. Compulsive liars in front office: Check
    Overpaid wash-ups: Check
    Underpaid young talent: Check
    Jiffy Pop: Preparing

  7. Revis and Mangold are the best players in the NFL at their given positions. They will get paid – they are two of the very best players on the Jets team and the Jets need them. There is a lot of talent on the Jets team, but for the first time, the best of the talent is homegrown from their drafts. Shonn Greene is the starting RB. Mark Sanchez is the starting QB. The left side of the offensive line and our TE are Jets draft picks. Shaun Ellis – Jets draft pick. David Harris, Revis… The Jets have done a hell of a job drafting the past five seasons or so. They haven’t had the issue of needing to seriously pay players that they drafted because usually, signing a free agent was an upgrade anyway. Not necessarily the case now.

  8. This dude will earn 20 million over the next two seasons and he’s complaining??? The Raiders dude played in relative obscurity and got through 90% of his rookie deal that wasnt nearly as lucrative as Revis’s deal BEFORE he was compensated at 15 per season which is ignorant for a cornerback, shutdown or not. I guess Deion would comman 30 million a year if he was in his prime right now. BITCH GET TO CAMP!

  9. Wow – what will Vontae Davis/Sean Smith be worth when they are looking for new deals since they will be better then Revis after their second year..???

  10. Amazing to me with all the incredibly great drafting I keep reading about on here, that over the past five years their record is 36-44**.
    ** Real record against starters should be 34-46, but that’s another story.

  11. where does it say Tannanbaum isn’t commited to making revis the highest paid corner in the league? Listen, report the news to us, leave your slants out of it please.
    I gurantee Revis, Mangold, Harris, & Ferguson are all signed long term. We’ve got the best GM in the league, son.
    The Jets are here to stay.

  12. What makes the Revis deal bad, is that from everything Revis has said he thinks he was told that they were going to make him the higest paid corner. That will never happen and he should know that the Jets will not offer hin anything close to what Nnamdi with the Raiders make. He is out of there as soon as he is able.

  13. Tannenbaum has spent ridiculously for players on a losing team [ they have won nothing for 41 years]
    Woody would not have gotten that $$$ from anyone else…B Scott???..please
    NOW that the new contract is coming…and will be LOWER player cap..teams like jets/Raiders are facing turbulent futures.
    revis good cover guy, but in bottom 1/3 of DB tacklers.

  14. “TheSleepness”…”the jets are here to stay” – I agree … in a world of sub .500 football.Its gonna be a great season and couldnt happen to a better franchise and their retarded fans! Good luck with that!

    thinking those bums have a snowballs chance in hell of being as good a player as revis?!! hahhahahahahahahahahahahahah

  16. All I know is if you don’t pay Revis, there will be a lot of other teams that will and that incredible defense will be “normal”

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