Vikings formally opt out of Atogwe bidding

According to Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the Vikings formally opted out of the bidding for O.J. Atogwe Friday when coach Brad Childress said his team has “no interest” in the free agent safety.

Assuming there has been any bidding.  The only team we know of that’s made Atogwe a contract offer is the St. Louis Rams.
Zulgad had already reported on Minnesota’s lack of interest, citing league sources on Wednesday.  Now that Childress has confirmed the report, we can apparently scratch the Vikings off Atogwe’s list of potential suitors.
While Atogwe continues to be a hot topic, mostly due to a slow period for NFL news, more and more teams continue to deny interest in the Rams’ 2009 franchise player.  The Vikings, Cowboys, 49ers, Eagles, and Dolphins are not expected to pursue Atogwe.  The Rams, Redskins, and Lions seem to have varying levels of interest.
It’s possible that Atogwe’s recovery from reconstructive shoulder surgery and a reported sports hernia is scaring teams away.

12 responses to “Vikings formally opt out of Atogwe bidding

  1. Formally, as opposed to, I suppose “informally” which would have meant they can get back in or change their minds….oh no wait, they can do that anyway!

  2. I can’t blame the owner for not spending much in free agency this year considering the cold shoulder and indifference shown by the state of Minnesota to the stadium issue.

  3. I think just the opposite, remember last year when Childress denied all reports of Favre joining the team and then two weeks into camp, Klink is running down to the airport acting like a NYC cab driver. (looks and smells like one too)
    Klink will say and do anything but its his actions that really tell the tale. For example, he tries to act really smart but with the Superbowl just a field goal away, he sends in the 12th man into the huddle. Ah, you get the picture.
    I think the Vikings wouldn’t mind signing Atogwe at a lower price so this is all a smoke screen (thanks to Percy Harvin for providing that blue smoke) to get him. Its not like they really think their existing safeties are the best they could do. They will find out in Week 1 that they do need to improve that position before they fall to 0-2 to start the season.

  4. makes me wonder if teams know something we dont. like a previous failed substance test and arent willing to give out the $$$ for a guy who is one step from a 4 gamer

  5. JimmySmith says:
    June 4, 2010 5:08 PM
    Klink is running down to the airport acting like a NYC cab driver. (looks and smells like one too)
    Since you happen to know just what Childress smells like, that officially makes you a bigger Vikings stalker than your identical twin sister, Bob Nelson.

  6. whodat,I can not wait until the VIKES destroy the aints on opening day. What a ASS you are.

  7. Hey Ladies, Hockey trumps football tonight but I want to throw in my two cents.
    Zygi & Rick would be working him if he fit what we are looking for no matter the cost. This ain’t red we are talking about and Zygi is the biggest rube of all of us. Zygi is our Rube God.
    In Rice we trust,,,,,,,,,,if we don’t want em we don’t need em.

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