Bob Sanders finally feels "great"

nfl_sanders.jpgColts safety Bob Sanders, who has played in only eight games in two seasons since cashing in with a huge contract in the same year he was named defensive player of the year, has returned to practice with the Colts.

I’m excited to be back,” Sanders said Friday, according to Phil Richards of the Indianapolis Star.  “I’m excited to be practicing.  I’m excited to
get back to doing what I love to do.”

Sanders had a knee problem in 2008 that carried into early 2009, and then a ruptured biceps tendon once the knee healed sufficiently to let him play.

“I’ve been able to rehab myself back to pretty decent health where I can
actually practice full time,” Sanders said.  “[Organized team activities] have really
gone well for me. The knee has been doing great. The arm has been doing
great.  I feel great.”

But whether the player listed at 5-foot-8 and 206 pounds, which likely means that the true measurements are more like 5-foot-6 and 185, can continue to feel great is the issue, especially since the Colts thrived without him in 2009.

At some point, Sanders’ inability to play coupled with the team’s ability to play well without him will prompt the team to move on.  For a six-year veteran who has been limited to only 18 games in four of his full seasons, that time likely is coming sooner rather than later.

12 responses to “Bob Sanders finally feels "great"

  1. great until he puts on his first hit,then he will be out for season again

  2. You gotta love the way Sanders plays, but Florio is right, the way he plays, how long until he’s down again

  3. Same old story. I love The Hitman, but he’s a luxury, not someone the Colts can count on anymore. Just one of those situations where, as has been said, the way he plays, you just can’t have your cake and eat it too. Every down is like a roll of the dice. But, when he plays, it’s an entertaining game of craps.

  4. Bob Sanders is almost a luxury at this point. Bethea and Bullitt have developed into a big-time safety tandem during Sanders’ absence. If Sanders can play 10 games this season, X-mas came early for the Colts.
    I’m more curious about Anthony Gonzaelz. Is he going to return as the 4th WR or higher?

  5. I’m predicting a big big year for Bob Sanders.
    I hear he is so healthy he may play in 6 games.

  6. I think Bob Sanders is a great guy, an inspiration to all of us smallish guys that love the game, and a terrific football player WHEN HE’S PLAYING.
    Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen very often. He’s simply too small to be an every down player in a league of behemoths. Time for the Colts to move on……..

  7. he’s fine now until he throws his entire body at a receiver and ends his career..

  8. Actually, Florio, he measured in at exactly 5’8 3/8″ coming out of college at the combine and right at 204 lbs as well as running in the low to mid 4.3’s. I’m surprised he isn’t listed by the NFL at 5’10 215 lbs. That in itself is a major surprise.

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