Chan Gailey doesn't know when Marshawn Lynch will practice

nfl_lynch1_250.jpgBills coach Chan Gailey recently was asked if he has spoken with running back Marshawn Lynch.

Gailey was concise:  “No.”

More recently, Gailey discussed Lynch’s ongoing absence from on-field offseason workouts in an appearance with our friends at the Shredd and Ragan Show on 103.3 The Edge in Buffalo.

I don’t know,” Gailey said Friday, via Chris Brown of, as to whether Lynch will be practicing with the team.  “I have not talked to Marshawn.  You’ll
probably have to ask him.  Somebody told me he was in town for a couple
of days and then I heard he left town.  So I don’t know.  You’d have to
ask him about that.”

Brown points out that the team confirmed Friday that Lynch was at the team’s facility on Wednesday and Thursday, and that Lynch worked out in the team’s weight room.

Lynch, the 12th overall pick in the 2007 draft, has been linked to trade rumors since the team selected C.J. Spiller with the ninth pick in April.  Lynch said two weeks ago that he’d be showing up to participate in offseason practices, and he vowed a return to “beast mode” in 2010.

For now, Lynch hasn’t shown up for practice, he’s third on the depth chart behind Spiller and Fred Jackson, and Lynch ultimately could be traded.

Surely, his decision to stay away is aimed in large part at making that happen.

12 responses to “Chan Gailey doesn't know when Marshawn Lynch will practice

  1. On my way home from work on Wednesday, I saw Marshawn Lynch walking into the Big Tree Inn ( a bar down the street from the Bills facility) at 4:30 PM….that won’t win any championships…

  2. Is Jared Gaither still with the Ravens? If so, I would trade Marshawn for Gaither…we need an offensive lineman…and we need that bum out of town…he doesn’t deserve to be here.

  3. I see dbartdog’s point about Baltimore taking washed up players from Buffalo.
    Let’s see — we took Jim Leonard and turned him into a high profile playmaking safety who is now, you might have noticed, beating your ass twice a year with the Jets.
    Another piece of refuse we snagged from you was Justin Bannan, who (surprise) we turned into a coveted starter. You’ll see him next time you play (and lose to) the Denver Broncos.
    As for McGahee. I agree he is totally washed up considering he ended last season with 10 rush TDs, 2 receiving TDs and a 5.0 yards per rush avg. He sucks, doesn’t he?
    Good luck getting Gaither. Your ownership is too cheap to pony up a fair price for the guy.

  4. Has any franchise in football really endured more then Buffalo?? This dude is just another chapter in the sad story that is the Bills.. 4 straight Super Bowl losses and now they have to play some of their home games in front of French Canadians.. This is getting a lot worse before its getting any better..

  5. The list of what Chan F. Gailey “doesn’t know” grows longer by the day. Including, but not limited to: how to win in the NFL, how to be a man of your word, how to operate a draft board…
    Sorry, Buffalo. Maybe when the team moves to LA they’ll get their act together. 🙂
    But probably not. And they put Ralphie in the HoF?!

  6. Chan Gailey doesn’t know when Marshawn Lynch will practice.
    Marshawn Lynch doesn’t know when Marshawn Lynch will practice.
    Marshawn Lynch doesn’t know how to spell Marshawn Lynch.

  7. “4 straight Super Bowl losses and now they have to play some of their home games in front of French Canadians..” blmonroe, thats funny stuff AND they live in NY, it is sad.

  8. I remember when they named Chan Gailey as their HC. Being a Dallas fan, even I felt bad for those fans. I’m sure they were thinking when they dumped that a** kissing Juran, now we’ll get a real coach…. and then they get the Chan man. I know Wade is a fat POS, but at least he can build a defense. Buffalo good luck with that losser. I actually feel bad for you, what a mess.

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