Greg Paulus gets another shot with the Saints

Former Duke basketball player and one-year Syracuse football player Greg Paulus wasn’t drafted, and he’s yet to be signed as a free agent.

But he’s still got a chance to stick.

The Saints brought him to a rookie minicamp last month on a tryout (tree-out) basis.  And he’s back again for a full-squad minicamp.  But he’s not yet under contract.

We wanted to look at him,” Payton said Saturday, per the Associated Press.  “He was here for the rookie camp
and did a good job. He’s a pretty good decision maker.”

The Saints currently have Chase Daniel and rookie seventh-rounder Sean Canfield backing up Super Bowl XLIV MVP Drew Brees. 

It’s more likely that the Saints would sign a veteran backup instead of Paulus, especially with Canfield on the roster.

7 responses to “Greg Paulus gets another shot with the Saints

  1. What’s this tree-out thing you keep writing? Is it some sort of inside joke or something?

  2. ever seen the movie “the longest yard?” the remake, not the original one. this would explain the ‘tree-out’ thing.

  3. Jeff Duncan from the Times-Picayune tweeted yesterday that all of the backup QBs looked awful and it’s just a matter of time that a veteran is signed.

  4. Why won’t this guy just fade into obscurity like every other former Duke basketball player?
    In my personal quest to destroy everything related to Duke basketball, I will keep posting this video for as long as Paulus hangs around:

  5. I really enjoy watching the Saints play football and I hope they are capable of making it back to the superbowl. I was always told that if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. I am saying this about the story I just read. I can make good decisions too but that is no reason for me to qualify as a backup for Drew Brees.

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