Manning expresses confidence in Clyde Christensen

2010 will mark the first season in Peyton Manning’s going-on 13-year career that he’s played under an offensive coordinator not named Tom Moore.  Moore, 71, is transitioning into an offensive consultant role.
Former wide receivers coach Clyde Christensen replaces Moore.  And Manning has confidence that Christensen can get the job done.
“Clyde for the past number of years has been an integral part of our offense,” said Manning.  “Basically, he’s been in charge of our third-down and red-zone packages, and we’re tops in the league in those packages. . . .  Clyde had a lot of responsibility when it came to the passing game.  I certainly feel confident in him and what he’ll bring to the table.”
Christensen last served as offensive coordinator in 2001 with the Buccaneers.  
It didn’t go so well.
The 2001 Bucs finished 26th in total offense.  They tied for 28th in the league in touchdown passes (13).  Just one team had a worse rushing attack.
“It’s a big change,” admitted tight end Dallas Clark.  “Tom addressed the offense twice a week.  The offensive coordinator does that, and now that’s Clyde’s job.  How is he going to break down our goals?  How is he going to communicate our weaknesses?
“It will be different.  This time of year, I know exactly what Tom’s going to say.  I know exactly the things he’s going to correct.  You just know.  You know, ‘I did this wrong — he’s going to tell me about it.’
“So now, with Clyde, it’s all new.”

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  1. “Clyde for the past number of years has been an integral part of our offense,”
    Shouldn’t it be “For the past number of years, Clyde has been an integral part of our offense,” ?
    “Clyde has been an integral part of our offense for the past number of years” ?
    or (even)
    “Clyde, for the past number of years, has been an integral part of our offense” ?
    Jus’ sayin’

  2. Mark it down – this will be Peyton’s best year…and thats sayin somethin!! I dont care who the “offensive coordinator” is, #18 runs the show

  3. Abe,
    It’s been a real slow day today, so I’ll give your statement a whack.
    Remember the original comment is a quote, so it may use wrong structure, but it’s a quote, not a statement, so the writer can’t change it.
    Now, the writer did miss two comma’s: “Clyde, for the past number of years, ….. ”
    The comma’s would make the statement more fluid and acceptable.
    Let’s talk about to, too, and two or their, there and they’re, as most commentor’s don’t have a clue about some of the basics older folks like me learned in grammer school.
    Class is dismissed!

  4. Clyde is irrelevant. Peyton, Tom Moore, and Howard Mudd have run this show since day one. Jim Caldwell’s position as QB’s coach was a joke. All he did was chart the results of plays. There was no track record to evaluate Caldwell. Tony Dungy groomed him to be head coach so that a black coach would succeed him.
    I don’t want to hear about his record last year. This team lives and dies with Peyton. Why else was a “Defensive Genius”, (ie, Dungy) unable to build a quality defense, sans playoffs during the Super Bowl year, during his tenure?
    Clyde will be toweling off Peyton’s balls during timeouts.

  5. Stevie Wonder could be their offensive coordinator, they’ll still put up ridiculous points.
    It’s not their OC’s, it’s Peyton Manning.
    Being the OC in Indy is the equivalent of being the weatherman in San Diego. :laugh:

  6. @Jshawaii
    I was actually referring to Manning’s apparent speech impediment, NOT Evan Silva’s inability to correct a direct quote. Otherwise, I would have suggested that Silva include “(sic)” in the first line of the quote.
    Apparently, Manning uttered the quote without using commas (lol).
    BTW, I will (naturally) assume that you typed “grammer” on purpose, because I can’t fit Kelsey Grammer into your reference no matter how hard I try.

  7. Nice, now there can be another excuse when Manning blows it. Maybe the offensive line will get a break in in the finger pointing game

  8. While in Tampa Bay, Christensen and Tony Dungy were the primary reasons that team did not make it to two or three Super Bowls. The Bucs team during those years had one of the greatest defenses in NFL history, but the offensive play calling was so timid and predictable they fell short of expectations year after year. It wasn’t until both were gone and the window of opportunity was almost closed that the team finally won a championship. Yes, Tampa Bay did not have Manning, but the Colts didn’t have that Bucs defense either.
    Dungy learned from his mistake to stay out of the way and let Manning do his thing. Christensen would be wise to do the same thing.

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