Polian: Wayne, Mathis not getting new deals

Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne and defensive end Robert Mathis are sitting out mandatory minicamp due to displeasure with their contracts.  Both players have two years left on their current deals.

Speaking to ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky, Colts president Bill Polian indicated that he doesn’t intend to satisfy Wayne and Mathis’ demands.
“We’re not in a regular environment, that’s the problem,” Polian said, blaming the lack of a CBA for Indianapolis’ financial predicament.  “I’ve spoken to both their agents, and I certainly respect both men and they make a good case.  But the problem is we don’t have a system, and without a system you don’t know where contracts might or might not fit.
“So it’s futile to plan beyond just baseline kind of planning because you don’t know what the final product is going to look like.”
Polian also indicated that the Colts have not begun extension negotiations with contract-year quarterback Peyton Manning, despite owner Jim Irsay’s pledge to make Manning the league’s highest paid player.
“We’ll sit down and talk as we go forward,” Polian said.  “… We’ll talk, but there is no timetable.  I don’t put any timetable on it and neither has Jim Irsay. … [Agent] Tom [Condon] and I have always handled those things.”

24 responses to “Polian: Wayne, Mathis not getting new deals

  1. If Manning wants to win championships maybe he should consider taking a pay cut and a contract friendly deal for the team.
    He is going to get a lot of money in endorsements and probably will sign another contract extension before he is done his career.
    I look at it like he is being selfish. You play to win? or for the money?
    You can do both, but be fair.
    How much money do you want? Your brother makes a ton already too, there are people starving and Manning is being greedy. He is NOT a 1 man team, even if he is the best player in the league.
    Share the wealth with your teammates and keep the team intact to make more runs for superbowls.
    He should be playing for his legacy , which has already taken a lot of blows to it, instead of the big money. Sign a fair deal and make your money off the field. When I say “fair” were still talking about multi-multi millions.
    If Reggie Wayne isnt there, whos catching your passes?
    If Manning is the ultimate teammate and player, prove it.

  2. So this “we don’t renegotiate contracts during uncertain CBA times” only applies to everybody but golden boy Manning?? lol, how hypocritical. Just like when Polin that clown blamed the O’Line for the loss and not Manning’s careless interception.

  3. Not only are the players who are now restricted free-agents than planned on being unrestricted free-agents upset with the lack of CBA extension, but now you are going to have a lot of veterans near the end of their contracts that want/expect extensions that are going to be upset.
    If other teams adopt an approach similar to the Colts, expect the a lot of pressure on the NFLPA from their own players and their agents to settle the CBA negotiations sooner rather than later!

  4. FOF
    He stated that he hasn’t begun talking with Manning or Manning’s agent either. You must have read it wrong.

  5. Jim Irsay will rue the day he boasted that Manning would get a $20 million per year contract.

  6. “You play to win? or for the money?”
    What a silly and ridiculous false choice. The same twisted fruitloop logic could be used to make a case that Peyton Manning should be forced to convert his entire net worth to hundred dollar bills and personally hand all of them out to passersby on the street corner (since those same passersby could conceivably be paying customers and contributed to Manning having made all that money in the first place).
    If Peyton Manning didn’t play to win, he wouldn’t be the great player he is. And just like every other NFL player, Manning is potentially one play away from losing 95 percent of his ability to earn his living in the profession he worked so hard to dominate. He should earn whatever money he can as fast as he can, and let his teammates worry about their own financial situations. The free market rules, baby!

  7. Hail2 the redskins,
    you hit it right on the head . This is the same approach New England is taking that contract decisions are being held up because of the lack of a CBA.
    Lets hope as NFL fans they can get an agreement sooner than later.

  8. And here is where that double edged sword lies. It is the Players Association that wants more money and it is the Owners who want to hand out less money and gain more revenue. So, the players jump that bandwagon, hence the reasoning for all these guys holding out as RFA’s. But, as Polian stated, these are not normal bargaining conditions. They are in an uncapped season and without a new CBA, they are unable to negotiate due to the unknown of next year and the following year(s). So, in a nutshell, the players have collectively fu**ed themselves by A) Being Greedy
    B) Being represented by greedy people from the Players association
    C) Following the instructions of greedy ass agents
    First poster, Chris, mentioned playing for loving the game. I would suggest that the players do some soul searching and get back to that time in their career and life. What none of these morons can figure out is that the fans drive the coin. No fans = No ticket sales, no PSL sales, no aparrel sales, no Direct TV revenue, no endorsements because nobody is buying shit because of you, no card collectible sales, no sales period. None of those sales will equal no ratings. This economy right now is shit and people are having issues just trying to hold onto their sanity, let alone sports. Let the NBA and NFL strike/lockout because of money issues and I can almost guarantee we will see a huge decline…… And for what? Because greedy ass rich people forgot how to love the game the way we fans do!

  9. So they are blaming the lack of a CBA after the teams opted out of the CBA?

  10. Chris, you keep cementing your ignorance with each pose.
    Good job dumb ass!

  11. Chris = Idiot
    There are too many moronic statements in your post. I don’t know where to start.

  12. I would love to agree with you Chris, because I hate Manning, but he’s not whining and complaining about his contract. He’s not asking to be the highest paid player ever. He’s too busy watching every single snap he took last year. But of course, he’s doing that for the money. He’s not doing it to win.

  13. sorry I just thought Peyton Manning was a “cut” above most million dollar athletes, and everything BUT the money was important to him, like winning, his teammates, and setting a good example as a human being for society…(people dont have jobs who have families)
    I’m just being real, there is no way he can be the greatest QB of all time with only 1 superbowl win against Rex Grossman and that cruddy Bears team in a rainy superbowl.
    Every time he runs into real competition in the playoffs he folds, whether its Rivers and San Diego, Brady and the Patriots, or Brees and the Saints, what classic playoff performance does Manning have?
    Just 1. The comeback against the Patriots in 2007 AFC title game. Thats it, he has no classic playoff moments really. You can see it in his face when he held the Superbowl trophy when they did win, it was like forced, he was relieved, it wasn’t pure, he has this disgusting grin, it was so iffy.
    Compare that moment to when Brady won his first superbowl and puts his hands on his head like I cant believe it, that was special.
    Someone with his numbers and MVPs should have more championship rings then Trent Dilfer.
    How could you go to bat for someone who’s family has so much money and himself is loaded. Its like, why is money important at ALL at this point in his career. As if he is not going to make tons of money from Sony, Directv, and Gatorade, and Wheaties, the list goes on and on…
    The best winning percentage in the decade and all you got is 1 ring to show for it? He should have like 3 atleast, I rooted for the dang guy in the Superbowl, but we all knew that pick was just coming…and Porter sealed the deal.
    When I say he should take a team friendly deal, he is still going to make multi-multi millions, its not like he’s going to play for little money.
    All I’m trying to say is keep your teammates happy and intact to make more runs at the superbowl, whats wrong with that? Especially when they have some players who deserve it and earned it with their play on the field.
    It would be cool for Manning to take a team friendly deal to set himself apart from any other NFL player, and by his actions show that the money is secondary to winning, and show what he’s all about, the team and championship runs.
    He’s not getting any younger, how many more runs do you think he has left? I think Payton deserves more then 1 ring, but he WILL NOT get it if his supporting cast is not strong, well to have a good supporting cast they need to pay other players accordingly and well, on both sides of the ball.
    Its a trade off, few millions less per year and keeping your great team intact, or more millions a year and having players come and go and all types of contract holdouts which only lead to disruption.
    Whatever it doesnt matter what I say or anyone says, football is the ultimate karma sport, so if he does the right thing everything will work out in his favor, if he wants to be about the money we’ll see how that works out in his favor.
    And if I offend any Colts fans oh well, its the truth, the Brady vs Manning comparison is not even close.
    Brady has 3 rings, an undefeated season, and the major passing records under his belt, and when its counted the most Brady has come out on top as a winner head to head.
    You all act like I’m the only one who thinks or feels this way, go anywhere in the country and bring up the Manning – Brady debate and most people would say without hesitation Brady. Are you all gonna go at every other logical football fan too?
    Bradys got that clutch gene, and Manning does not.
    Football is the ultimate team sport, and to measure greatness you have to measure the team championships won, so far its 3 to 1 in favor of Brady, but who knows things could change…
    PS- i really dont like or care for Brady too much either, but truth is truth.

  14. dirtyredd says:
    June 5, 2010 5:08 PM
    It’s already proven Manning can’t win SB by himself
    im pretty sure its been proven that not any one player can win a superbowl by themselves

  15. Chris is too harsh by miles. Manning isn’t complaining, is he? He isn’t skipping workouts, is he? We have no idea what is or isn’t being said in negotiations, if they are going on in this uncertain environment. He’ll get his contract, and he knows it.
    Bethea is in an uncomfortable position, but many RFAs are skipping OTAs to press for more security. Not a big deal, unless he starts skipping mandatories or training camp proper.
    Wayne and Mathis, however, are being ridiculous, along with idiots like Darelle Revis ($21 M guaranteed the next three years!) and the Johnson twins, Chris and Andre. Teams simply do not know what the financial future will be until a new CBA is signed, and asking to tear up lucrative contracts that still have years to go is lunacy. These guys are getting very bad advice from money-grubbing agents and friends. It is sad.
    Hang tough, Bill Polian! And all other GMs in similar squirt-gun hostage situations.

  16. Wow, Chris, that was even worse!
    I am a Patriots fan, through and through, so there is no Manning blindness here. I thought for years that Brady vs. Manning was no contest. Not even close, clearly in Brady’s favor! And it was…
    …until the 2006 season and the win in the Super Bowl that followed.
    Manning finally learned how to win, and he has. He carried his team for years, and once he had the mates around him, he started to win some big games. Not all of them, but no one does.
    He is not a complainer, not a prima donna, and …and …he is probably better than Tom Brady now. Or, at least as good.
    Manning is the consummate professional, and there is no QB in the NFL I would rather have than him or Brady. I even like Manning’s commercials.

  17. Let’s be frank, Manning doesn’t need to complain because all he has to do is open his mouth up and Polian’s there to do his bidding. Need something to throw the OL or Wayne under the bus, Polian to the rescue. Need more money than God, Polian to the rescue. Need a blowj….well, you get the idea.
    This is just an excuse and as others have proven, these impediments can be overcome IF you want but instead of doing that, management blames the CBA in hopes that the players turn on the union.

  18. @ spiny norman
    I commend you for that post, you’re right on the money. I was going to disect Chris’ insanely moronic novel of a post, but I dont have the energy. The “Peyton only beat Rex Grossman” and the “looks on peyton and bradys faces when they won” comments confirmed to me that he is mentally challenged and/or does not understand the game of football.
    U dont hear Peyton or Brady complaining about their contracts or asking to “break the bank”. Anyone who says otherwise is just making shit up!!

  19. Chris,
    First of all take little Tom out of your mouth, your lathering it up far too much. Secondly, you are too dumb to ever understand how ignorant you are.
    You really need help, and I am sorry that your(insert state here) education system failed to provide you with an adequate 7th grade education.
    It’s sad that you represent Brady fans, because you give them a bad name.
    Looking for the silver lining? You seem to be comfortable being a dumb ass, so at least you have that going for you.

  20. DB26, sorry, but you’re way off base. The owners opted out of the previous cba rather than work to make sure a new one would be in place when this cba ended. So, the teams complaining that it’s all because there’s no cba are leaving out an important part. It’s all because they opted out of the cba. It was also the owners that had the 30% rule applied to the uncapped year if there were no current cba. So, again, they blame the 30% rule for messing up their ability to come up with new contracts and extensions, but it was their rule. It’s not like these organizations are innocent bystanders caught up in something beyond their control. No, that would be a large percentage of the RFAs that are refusing to sign their tenders at the moment. People call them greedy whiners who aren’t willing to hold up their part of the bargain, but the fact of the matter is that they did hold up their end of the agreements. They played the four years that was required to become an UFA, only to have their payday pushed back two years because of a decision the owners made. Now, instead of being able to shop their talents on the free market (or sign a lucrative extension to give up that right), they’re being stuck with RFA tenders that will only pay them a fraction of what they would have made in any normal year. That’s like you paying off your mortgage and having the bank say that they’ve decided that you need to pay them another $10,000, and that they used their contacts in Congress to get a law passed that requires you to do so. I know I’d be upset. So, the poor owners are now stuck not having to pay their players what they normally would have to because they opted out of the cba, had no intention of getting one done before this season (the NFLPA isn’t completely blameless on this part either, but even if they had been, there’s not much they could have done on their own), and wrote language into the opt out section that altered the rules of the league for the uncapped season. Yep, those greedy players really pulled one over on those poor owners.

  21. SteveW,
    You are the one way off base. The owners are the ones who opted out of the CBA – that part you got correct. However, it is their right under the current CBA to opt out if the terms previously agreed to turned out to be to their disliking. This was put in place by the NFLPA because they knew they were getting favorable terms and wanted to give the owners incentive to agree to the deal. Furthermore, we are not out of CBA yet. The owners opting out early only triggering the final year of the CBA. This final year is still controlled by the CBA, so the owners are not applying rules they put in place but operating by the terms of the CBA which was negotiating by both the owners and players. The terms of the final year of the CBA were specifically designed to give incentives to both sides to re-negotiate a new CBA before the current one expired. The fact that the downside of opting out early appears to be weighing heavier on the players than the owners just outlines how lopsided the current CBA was in favor of the players to begin with. The players liked the first 5 years (or so) of the current CBA, they don’t like the final year. Well, its all part of the CBA. And no matter how you look at the players benefitted hugely from the current CBA even if the final year doesn’t play out in their favor. If the players really didn’t want to reach the final year of the current CBA, they could have given their negotiating committee a mandate to reach a new deal before we got to this season (the owners have made it known for years they didn’t like the current agreement). The players chose to hold onto the current deal as long as possible and now they have to deal with ramifications of doing so.
    The point of this is that the owners have not unilaterally applied any rules to this season, and everything that is taking place is a result of the agreement (which has benefited players more than any previous deal) that was agreed to by the players and the owners. No side is more to blame than the other. And you definitely cannot blame the owners for the current CBA, because if they could do it over they would have never agreed to this CBA in first place. It was shoved down their throats at the last minute and they almost immediately regretted agreeing to any of it.

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