Report: Unsold PSLs could be keeping Jets from paying players

The contract dispute between the Jets and cornerback Darrelle Revis, which prompted Revis to boycott offseason workouts on Thursday, could have its roots in a specific business challenge the team has been facing of late.

According to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, unsold Personal Seat Licenses could be to blame for the inability to strike a deal with Revis and other players.

For now, there’s no hard evidence of a connection.  Hubbuch’s report merely points to the notion that NFL executives “are starting to wonder” about the existence of a connection. 

Hubbuch points out that the Jets have $110 million committed in salaries for 2010.  Last year, the salary cap was $128 million per team.  If the cap had survived, it likely would have exceeded $135 million.

The bigger problem, in our view, flows from the messages that the team has given to players like Revis, center Nick Mangold, linebacker David Harris, and left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson.  As we understand it, the organization has informed each player that he’ll be “taken care of.”  To date, none has received a long-term deal.

So if PSL sales are causing a cash-flow pinch, why tell any of the players that he’ll be “taken care of”?

Frankly, we think the Jets have the money to pay these guys.  So we also think that the unsold PSLs aren’t keeping the players from getting paid.  However, an ongoing failure to make the appropriate investment in the players who help form the nucleus of the franchise could make fans even less likely to make the requisite investment in what will end up being the nucleus of their discretionary spending.

In other words, if the Jets don’t honor their promises to the players, it’ll be even harder to sell the PSLs.

58 responses to “Report: Unsold PSLs could be keeping Jets from paying players

  1. I believe it. Why else would they go out and get Jason Taylor and Ladainian “Im classy…just ask me” Tomlinson.
    Big names to sell tickets.
    The Jets….oh no…we suck again!

  2. Hey pinheads, if they don’t have the money this year to pay the players down the road it doesn’t mean they are going 8-8 this year. The players are still signed this year. Dolphin fans are so dumb its hard to fathom.
    Why don’t we wait till its training camp before we rip the Jets for not signing the players ok? Its June, what is everyone going to say if they lock everyone up before then? Ooops, my bad?
    By the way I don’t see any reports about how Revis’s manager tweeted yesterday that there should be some really good news for Jets fans soon. Why is that? Oh yeah it makes for a better story to talk about how the Jets might not pay all their good players.
    I wonder why the Dolphins don’t have this problem. Oh yeah because they don’t have any players worthy of getting a big contract and they’ve drafted no one worthy.
    Its the nature of the sport, I don’t see all the uproar over Reggie Wayne threatening to hold out, like he said he would this week unless his contract gets re-negotiated. Welcome to the business of the NFL.
    So to all you hater, get it off your chest now when there are no games to back up your lame boasts. But come September, enjoy watching your 3rd place Phins while we are deep in the playoffs AGAIN.

  3. Florio … why don’t YOU buy/start your OWN NFL team? You ALWAYS have a better way!!!

  4. “I believe it. Why else would they go out and get Jason Taylor”
    yes, the jets signed the all time most hated player by jets fans just to sell tickets. are you f’n retarded??? that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
    they signed taylor because they needed someone who could get after the quarterback. taylor had 7 sacks last year and was signed for peanuts.
    i swear, 99% percent of you jets haters are some of the dumbest football fans on earth. go follow soccer or something.

  5. I can’t wait 4 football season…what are jets fan gonna do when they know their gonna suck….its gonna be so fun to watch the f.. chump cry like a baby when they suck…u build to the draft…all these old beat up players got nothing in the tank compare to the bunch of capt.the dolphins drafted this yr…according to the expert chad henne was the best qb drafted in his draft…..jets suck so do their fans………

  6. Sourdough says:
    June 5, 2010 10:28 AM
    cousinrk: why are you so sensitive!?!
    Maybe, because the truth hurts?

  7. As anyone who has seen my posts know I get great enjoyment in watching the Jests lose
    but anyone who truly believes this team sucks is crazy. The AFC East is a three team race with all three being playoff calibur teams.
    It will come down to coaching, injuries and the bounce of the ball & LUCK.
    Rex Ryan is a great D coorinator but I believe the jury is still out on being a great NFL coach.
    As I said above luck played a great part in the Jets end of the season run.
    I think they made a bad decision in swapping LadyT for T Jones. We will soon see.
    I believe the Jets are a overhyped team filled with a combustible roster of divas and will implode this season. That will tell how good a HC Ryan is in handling adversity that every team experiences during a season. Once again we will soon see.
    In the meantime, jets you know the rest !!
    Should be a great season.

  8. “I believe the Jets are a overhyped team filled with a combustible roster of divas and will implode this season.”
    santonio holmes was a superbowl mvp. the jets made the afc championship with braylon edwards. cromartie and tomlinson were on the team that won 11 games in a row and many felt was the best in the afc last season.
    i think the jets will be ok, especially considering all of the so-called “divas” on this team are in contract years. this is just something choads like you are praying happens because of how stacked the jets are compared to the pats or flipper.
    i cant wait for the season to start!

  9. No surprise that “real nj’ers” are not sold on the lifetime losing jests and as such, aren’t wasting their money on the MANY unsold PSL’s. (funny that the Giants aren’t having this problem… )
    The pets are the bottom feeders of the AFC East and a bottom 5 NFL franchise. 1 flukey backed in playoff showing won’t change that fact.
    Jesters, let’s try to win “something” first there before shotting off at the mouth and making fools out of yourselves….yet again.
    Jests- 5-11… maybe…

  10. Q- Who were the past 2 winners of the AFC EAST ….. wait for it….. guesss what… NOT the pets!
    A- Dolphins and Paties… again, NOT THE PETS!

  11. Why did the RATS-RATS-RATS get rid of a good player like T. Jones? Does the coach need others around him with enormous egos to match his girth and mouth. They were starting to look like a team. Now with the biggest quitter in football (LT) in the backfield, they get to watch him wiff at the defenders on their way to pummeling a promising young QB. The Jets fans should be ready to tune in to the RED Zone. Good thing they installed giant video screens in the new stadium.

  12. Where’s the cash for my man Braylon? Let’s show “Hands of Stone” some love. My man has led the NFL in drops for three years! Yet he don’t even have enough cash to buy his friend Donte a drink!. Poor boy goina be tradin in the Bentley for a Prius! Needs a car bad because he can’t even catch a cab! Will trade medicine for cash; don’t need medicine because he can’t even catch a cold!

  13. So this theory has no facts to back it up or even a source with some info, but let’s just float it out there anyway?
    How about the colts? Didn’t 3 of their stars sit out OTAs because of contracts? Maybe are broke too. Or maybe it’s due to the CBA, and possible lockout?

  14. Hey Grizzly bear guy…there are no Jets haters, just like there are no Raiders haters, or Lions haters.
    A team has to be good before there are haters of that team.

  15. It has nothing to do with unsold PSL’s and everything to do with Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders. With Al Davis setting the market for a top corner very high with the forty sum million 3 year deal given to Nnamdi, which is all guaretneed by the way. The Jets will never pay Revis the 16 Million per year they would need to give him to make him the highest paid corner.
    He is a very good corner but is no Nnamdi. I judge a corner on what a QB thinks of him. Forget the receivers, old corners or coaches for they can all have bias. If you count the number of times a QB even threw the ball at Nnamdi and then look at how many times Revis was throwed at, you will see that Revis had at least 3 times more ball throwed at him then Nnamdi.
    The Revis Jets thing is going to get nothing but ugly. It has gotten ugly with just about every player dealing with the Jets on money and none have been anything like this. This thing is just getting started with Big Al sitting back saying come to Pappa.

  16. Why did the Jets get rid of T.Jones? Because he was finished. Tell me where is T.Jones now if he’s so good? He’s a backup on the Chiefs.
    Florio, maybe the reason the Jets have a low salary is because THEY WERE PREVENTED from signing any free agents due to the Final Eight rule. Listen up Dolphin fans because this a rule that would never apply to you. The final 8 teams, meaning you had to win a playoff game or at least get to a second round game, could not sign a free agent unless they lost one.
    Secondly, where are all those great Redskin draft picks again that they let go? The skins drafted terribly under Snyder. That’s why the comparison is so inane and ridiculous. Where is the Haynesworth level contract on the Jets? Where are the Revis, Harris, Sanchez, Greene, Brick, Mangold draft picks on the Skins? There is no comparison because The Jets know what they are doing.
    As for the players the Jets let go. Kendall was a mistake absolutely but Chris Baker? He was released after one year. L. Coles, released after one year. B.Moore, the Jets signed him to a long term deal, so how does he get lumped into this category? L. Washington, blew out his knee and they traded him because they couldn’t pay a guy coming off a massive knee injury. Come on, that’s all you got? There is no way Revis and Mangold won’t be signed by the time training camp starts. This is such a bogus non-story, just another article written so Dolphin and Pats fans can rip on the Jets. The fear these people have of the Jets is so obvious. I cannot wait till the season starts. At least the Pats have fun, I respect them and what they’ve accomplished. The Dolphins…what a joke. Win a playoff game and then come talk to us. Sell out a game in any sport and talk to us. Stick to tanning on the beach, its what you people are good at.

  17. PSLs, another reason I gave up on attening another football game ten years ago. When will the NFL wake up and smell the coffee?

  18. snny you know nothing…
    qbs know not to throw it near revis because its almost guaranteed to get batted down, intercepted or a play is doing to be made by the DEFENSE in that vicinity. im taking nothing away from nmandi but revis is a BETTER corner than him and their is no point in arguing this anymore. he is an all around better corner.
    ampats i despise you and cant wait to knock you off the throne as the AFC east champs. let the games begin

  19. “im taking nothing away from nmandi but revis is a BETTER corner than him and their is no point in arguing this anymore.”
    Uh, yeah. Who could argue with that ‘logic’.

  20. Sounds like a rather crude attempt at negative selling to me. Sort of like saying… well since you so called fans won’t buy over priced lifetime seats, we can’t pay our good players, so it’s all your fault. When in fact it’s really a result of management taking the short term buy it now approach that actually started in Mangini’s last year (Farve, Faneca etc).
    Back then while jets fans were predicting a Superbowl run for the Farve led jets, I predicted that at the end of the year Farve, Mangini, and Tannenbaum would be sent packing, and the jets would find themselves in salary cap purgatory. Surprisingly, Tanne is still there, and were it not for this being an uncapped year they would have barely been able to sign the few rookies they drafted.
    This is truly an all or nothing year for the jets, as the personnel management philosophy they’ve been pursuing has always proved unsustainable in the NFL (trading away draft picks and acquiring free agents) and seldom even produced the immediate results expected. So whether or not they succeed this year, there will not be any dynasty.
    With the increased contract demands of the current top players, and few lower cost drafted players (simply a matter of numbers), even if next year were uncapped, it will become increasingly difficult financially to even maintain the existing talent level and more likely a loss of talent for years to come.
    Some of you will continue to live in the fantasy world, believing all the disgruntled players will get their contracts, and the team can just keep going to the well for new talent. But the reality is that financially and systematically, it’s unsustainable.

  21. Why would anyone “fear” the jets I wonder?
    Could it be due to their long history of winning OTA’s? Because that’s ALL the winning they have done.
    Never has there been such delusion over backing into the playoffs as the 5th seed. Teams needed to lay down in order for you to even get into them. Pretty weak logic there jesters, even for your “type”.
    That’s one of the dumbest comments I’ve seen in a long time. Why “fear” the fodder you track in on the bottom of your shoes??
    Jests are jokes!!

  22. Or it probably has something to do with the fact that it’s only early June and we’re seeing the lowest we can possibly play each athlete. Such a non-story.

  23. 2010
    Jets ………. 12-4
    Pats ………. 9-7
    Buffalo ….. 6-10
    Blowholes 5-11
    The Jets will start worrying about the 2011 season in March of 2011. As for 2010, everyone is signed.

  24. “There is no comparison because The Jets know what they are doing.”
    Yeah, they know what they’re doing so much in the draft that they’ve acquired a stupendous 36-44 record over the past five years!!!!
    You jests fans are such a total joke. When people don’t agree with your silly “logic”, your cussing and cursing at them becomes uncontrollable. No one fears those clowns. The only ones fearing are the rediculous jests fans that know they can’t live up to the hype your stupid coach is laying on their ignorant fans.

  25. REAL 2010
    Pats 11/5
    Dolphins 11/5
    jests 8/8
    Bills 4/12
    Sorry jests- just don’t buy you winning much with little Sanchoke… he is pathetic and a interception machine!

  26. They got Favre to sell PSLs.That didn’t work out.
    They fired Mangini to sell PSLs.I guess that didn’t work either.

  27. Yeah cousinrk you can’t compare the Redskins to the Jets the Redskins actually have money!

  28. The funny part is the jets only have PSL for the first to levels the upper level is not even psl seating
    Yes the Giants have a few seat left to sell but the go and look you will see what those seats are going for on stubhub
    The jet are and always will be the door mats of the meadowlands
    We the Giants fans thank you very much for paying for half of our new Stadium and your help in getting us a home game in Feb of 2014
    Now go back to the basement and finish your chores.
    No one will lay down this year so the jets will be home for the holidays

  29. Cousinrk—they went to the playoffs once….they r not there every yr…in fact they backed in, beat a horrible Bengal team and a choking charger team….they lost to the Dolphins twice and got destroyed by the pats after they talked smack about the 1st win….ur qb couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat…u signed an aging baby in LT and ur gonna bank on them dominating everyone? I’m a Dolphin fan and I can’t wait until the season cause the AFC East is going to be a great battle but please thingk before u talk….we can go back and look at what Jet fans were saying around week 11 when u were calling for a new qb…..
    If u read the article you would realize that the Jet front office is blaming u the fans, for not signing them yet….they will sign and it’s only June but they r using u guys as the scapegoats….idiot..

  30. It’s truly a travesty of justice…..When the NFL owners version of legalized extortion isn’t lining their pockets as anticipated….

  31. Of course the front office is going to blame the fans. Think about it…..the jests beat TWO teams with winning records (Houston, NE ), two teams with .500 records, and three teams with losing records. They were gifted the last two games so I can’t bring myself to include them. They had a third place schedule and a 2-4 Division record. Do you really think the front office wants any of their stupid fans to know this? They have to pass off the blame on the fans because it’s so easy to fool the foolish.

  32. Jets will sell out when the move to Los Angeles.
    Tons of Bills ,Pats and Dolphin fans in Los Angeles— that would attend the games at the new venue in Industry.

  33. @ Venerable Axiom,
    Are you really trying to talk sense to these clowns? Good luck with that. All these stupid jests fans are drinking the kool-aid and have the blinders on. They all tend to forget the last five years (with all their great draft picks) they’ve only gone an incredible 36-44 and last year they beat an amazing TWO teams with winning records, two teams with .500 records and THREE teams with losing records. Got two gifted games handed to them to make the playoffs and only won because they played the Bungles and SD beat themselves with missing three chip-shot FGs. Then Payton Manning toyed with them for half the game until they finally decided to start spanking them and shut them out the entire second half….you know, that #1 ranked defense they always brag about couldn’t stop them from scoring three times when it mattered.

  34. JetsAreAJoke says:
    36-44 includes 2x 4-12 with the qb on the sideline. just proves the old adage you can be a moron with statistics
    here’s one; 12-4 in 2010!

  35. monropoobah:
    Who cares that it includes 2x 4-12? You stupid jests fans talk about the Fins going 7-9 when their QB, RB, DB and NT was on the sideline. You are so correct that you can be a moron with statistics. Just look at your retarded statistic: 12-4. Obviously you have dislexia and you meant 4-12 because they’ve had that record a whole lot more than any other.

  36. @JetsAreAJoke,
    “Are you really trying to talk sense to these clowns?”
    Not really, as I know that’s futile. It’s more like the amusement when you’re a kid hitting a Fire Ant mound with a stick and watching the frenzy of pissed off ants coming out of their world made of sand. Only in this case it’s facts and stats instead of a stick.

  37. @ JetsAreAJoke
    i think it would be more fair to judge the jets since tannenbaum took over which was in 2006. since then the jets are 32-32 and have made the playoffs twice. who gives a crap about their record in the last 4-5 years anyways? it holds zero bearing going into 2010.
    you want to point out who we beat or didnt beat last year? fine. our rookie qb gave away four games last year. the record wasnt at all reflective of the actual talent on the roster. just ask the bengals and chargers. oh, and i dont care what anyone says, the jets beat the colts in the afc championship if greene, bart scott, and donald strickland dont get hurt in that game. thomas jones just couldnt move the ball on the ground and our lesser corners couldnt stop garcon.
    the bottom line is the jets have young talent. a lot of young talent. you know, guys tanny drafted like revis, mangold, harris, and dbrick. those guys are either probowlers, all pros or both. not to mention bart scott, kris jenkins, dustin keller, braylon edwards, antonio cromartie, calvin pace, shaun ellis, santonio holmes and jim leonhard.
    holy hell are we stacked!
    if you cant see the abundance of talent on this team you’re either just a dumbass or some pecker head flipper fan.

  38. @ Kris Jenkins is a Grizzly Bear,
    If, if, if. If the Fins didn’t lose their starting QB, RB, DB, and NT they would have won the Super Bowl. If it didn’t snow in NE, they would have gone undefeated. I can’t believe you’re actually bragging about a GM that gets your team to .500 and think that’s something really special. As for who cares about the last 4-5 years, apparently your fellow fans do since they are all talking about what great drafts the jests have had. If they drafts were that great, you’d think they would be better than .500 don’t you think?
    And all the talent in the world on paper doesn’t mean squat (see Redskins and/or Yankees). So, obviously you’re the dumbass or just plain blind/retarded.

  39. News flash: the Jets didn’t win anything last year!!!!!
    The saints are the only team that won anything….if, if

  40. PSL’s are retarded, much like the Jets. Even their owner rips off the players & fans. Nice

  41. JetsAreAJoke says:
    you can’t call a stat moronic that involves a 12-4 prediction for 2010. too hopeful? okay if you need to believe that. and you haven’t heard this ‘jests’ fan put down the fins for 7-9 and won’t. might sound weird but they’re actually my second favorite team. but this year i’m figuring their 9-7 to get them best third place team in football

  42. JetsAreAJoke says:
    “And all the talent in the world on paper doesn’t mean squat” and then you go on to mention the yankees? take the card that allows you to call ANYONE dumbass and pass it forward please. then sit down and be quiet

  43. @ monropoobah
    Why? Can’t handle the truth? I don’t follow much baseball, but I do know a few years ago they had the highest payroll and the Marlins had the smallest and still won the big game. So your theory of having “all the talent in the world” doesn’t hold much water in my mind.

  44. Woody Johnson is a legitimate billionaire. If PSL’s aren’t selling, it means a few million off of his massive bottom line. Anyone who thinks that he’s going to let the team’s best players walk over PSL’s is delusional.

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