Vikings prepare for Jasper Brinkley to start

Though middle linebacker E.J. Henderson says he’ll be “ready to rock” for training camp after suffering a gruesome broken leg in December, the Vikings currently assume Jasper Brinkley will be the starter when the season opens in September.

“We’re proceeding right now as if ‘Jasp’ is going to be the middle
,” defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier said Friday, per Tom Pelissero of  “E.J. hasn’t really gone out and done any
drills with us.  So, you can’t say that he’s going to be ready when we
get ready to play the Saints.

“If it happens, we all would be extremely happy.  But right now, we’re
looking at Jasper being that guy.”

Brinkley, a rookie in 2009, played well down the stretch.  At some point, however, he’ll likely yield to Henderson.

“Just seeing the progress he’s made, I’m really encouraged and believing
that he’s going to be back out playing again,” Frazier said of Henderson.  “But originally, I was
concerned, whether or not we had seen his potential last football game
as a Viking.”

Still, with Henderson turning 30 later this year, it could be that Brinkley eventually will get the nod on a full-time basis.

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  1. I’m not sure this is a bad idea. The Vikings defense really stiffened for the two playoff games, both against pretty potent offenses. Held the ladies to almost no points, and the Aints to around 250 total yards (On the road against New Orleans??? That’s crazy solid defense!!!). This tells me Brinkley, who obviously was a target by Dallas’/New Orleans’ O-coordinators, more than held his own and should really improve upon the tremendous down-the-stretch run he had in 2009.
    It seems to me the talking heads are leaving Minnesota out of “best teams” talks, which is interesting, indeed.

  2. Linebacking is not problem spot on that defense, they need help in the secondary. Drew Brees can’t wait for opening night against that group.

  3. Well, if your #1 guy isnt able to practice, wouldn’t your #2 take over?
    EJ will be ready come week one, and I agree with Osterhouse, EJ is a top MLB when healthy. The only problem is, he has yet to do so his entire career.

  4. it does seem odd the minny is getting left out of the conversation. that could have very easily been them in the SB and they return basically the same team.
    as for jasper, he played well for a 4th round rookie, but he struggled mightily in coverage. i hope EJ is back and healthy for the saints.

  5. Funny, Jimmy will comment on a Vikings post, but is steering clear of the Packer sex scandal article.

  6. @Haushchild. Well said. I thought the Vikings had the best team in the league last year, third best at the lowest. I honestly believe the Vikings would have beat any of last years playoff teams 2 out of 3 times and the fact they had about 10 Pro Bowlers, more than any other team in the league, tells me they were also the most talented.
    Teams that did more in the offseason have jumped over the Vikings in a lot of preaseason rankings (Ravens, Jets) and teams the Vikings were and will be better than this year are still getting more respect (Aints, Cowgirls, Fudgpackers). Just Outside the talk about best teams is right where I like to see the Vikes. It will only serve to make the players hungrier once the season starts.

  7. I posted this on another E.J. Henderson story but just in case you haven’t seen it….


  8. @ICEWALKER….real f*cking classy posting the video of it. We didn’t need to see it again.
    @JimmySmith…LOL, you talking about secondary help. I think the Cardinals just scored again on your secondary. Another year older for Woodson and Harris being pretty much done, and not drafting help for the secondary = long year. Have fun watching Favre torch you guys 2 times again.

  9. jasper did a very good job after he got his feet wet the first couple of weeks. i LOVE E.J. but really think that we are just as good with jasper in there. he is very good at the run and with him in we regularly have greenway or leber in during cover situations. both these guys are better then E.J. in coverage anyway i think.

  10. @Hauschild
    Money stats. makes the turnovers hurt so much more, right?
    I thought Vikes would draft outside LB help in the draft but didn’t touch it at all. greenway leber great (thought Leber was an Unrestricted FA and they would need to worry about that?) but nothing else there?

  11. sometimes jimmysmith says some outlandish crap…but i dunno if he’s too far off the mark here.

  12. Not a queens fan but when I saw the injury I thought it was career ending . Glad to see he can atleast try and come back from that.

  13. JimmySmith says:
    June 5, 2010 7:06 PM
    Linebacking is not problem spot on that defense, they need help in the secondary. Drew Brees can’t wait for opening night against that group.
    In other breaking news……. the sky is blue!

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