Anthony Gonzalez is idle again

In a Sunday blog post, Phillip B. Wilson of the Indianapolis Star reveals that Colts wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez is again idle at offseason workouts.

The Colts are currently conducting a mandatory minicamp.  Gonzalez participated in the team’s last round of OTAs.  Jim Caldwell’s coaching staff is not commenting on injuries, so the reason for Gonzalez’s lack of participation is unclear.
Gonzalez, a first-round pick in 2007, caught 57 passes for 664 yards and four touchdowns as Indianapolis’ third receiver in 2008.  Seemingly primed for a breakout last year with Marvin Harrison gone, Gonzalez suffered an injury in Week One and never returned.
Flanker Pierre Garcon and slot receiver Austin Collie flourished with increased opportunity.
The Colts have built up enough depth at receiver to withstand Gonzalez’s loss, but another knee injury would be of concern for his future.  Gonzalez was already in danger of entering the season as no better than a fourth receiver.

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  1. I feel the Colts are one of the more cautious teams regarding injuries. I don’t see any reason for anyone with serious injuries last year, like Gonzo and Sanders, to be going full out all the time. The Colts already had a season ending injury in rookie CB Kevin Thomas, so why risk it?

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  4. I feel bad for Gonzales. He did a pretty good job after Harrison was hurt and it’s too bad that injuries have kept him off the field. Too much talent to keep off the field when healthy so if he can’t get back into the lineup with the Colts, they should let him go so he can catch on with a team that will use his talents.

  5. This is a complete non-story. Dwight Freeney sat out too…its just precautionary. Report some actual NEWS for a change, this is hogwash!

  6. Another possibility is he could be traded. If the Colts like the WRs they had on the field last year better, why not trade him. He is a former 1st round pick. Colts need money to pay Manning. Mathis and Wayne are begging for more money too.

  7. # robert ethen says: June 6, 2010 1:15 PM
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