D'Qwell Jackson could lose starting job in Cleveland

Browns inside linebacker D’Qwell Jackson led the NFL in tackles with 154 in 2008 and was on pace for 158 in 2009 before a season-ending injury, so we were surprised to read in the Cleveland Plain Dealer a suggestion that he might lose his starting job.

“Restricted free agent D’Qwell Jackson simply needs to wake up,” writes the Plain Dealer‘s Terry Pluto.  “He may not even start on this team. . . .  Jackson’s world has changed with all the new players who can take his job.”
Pluto makes a valid point.  
With Jackson continuing to sit out offseason workouts while refusing to sign his restricted free agent tender, the Browns have upgraded at his position.  They signed Scott Fujita to a three-year, $14 million contract and traded for Chris Gocong with the apparent intention of using him on the inside.  According to Pluto, 2009 second-round pick David Veikune is “making progress” at the position, and Eric Mangini favorite David Bowens can also play inside.
Jackson wants a long-term contract, but the Browns have given no indication that they plan to meet his demands.
Assuming Jackson is healthy and makes good on his promise to not sit out regular season games, we expect him to win a starting job, probably next to Fujita.  However, Jackson isn’t doing himself any favors with regard to depth chart determination by skipping the offseason with a new front office in town.

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  1. You basically said it yourself Florio. It’s likely he’s gonna start anyways, so why not at least try to maximize what you can get out of your employer?

  2. Jackson is small, slow, and can only play ILB in a system that favors larger, faster versatile guys that can switch between positions. He’s not talented enough to be starting on another squad, and he won’t be starting on the Browns this year either. If he finally wises up and gets back into camp he’ll be the 4th best LB at best, and that’s saying something as the Browns don’t have a very solid LB group.

  3. Sorry, but interior linebacker in a bad defense is a guarantee to get huge number of tackles. Doesn’t matter whether you are good or bad.

  4. “Jackson led the NFL in tackles with 154 in 2008”
    Too bad all these tackles were 12 yards AFTER the line of scrimmage. This guy is a special teams player on any other squad. I’m tired of mediocre players on my crappy team wanting big paydays.
    Take a hike D’Qwell.

  5. Tackle totals are misleading. Jackson racks up a dozen tackles a game 5 yards past the line of scrimmage. Before him it was Andra Davis rackin up the stats after giving up first downs. Blame it on the D line or whomever, but I rarely saw him meet a back at or behind the line of scrimmage.

  6. Jackson doesn’t fit the Browns’ style of 3-4 defense. He’s not big enough or aggresive enough. I really like him, his attitude and work ethic but he just doesn’t fit. I’m really surprised he wasn’t dealt during the draft (RFA contract status aside). David Bowens played so damn good inside down the stretch that I would make sure he starts this year, next to Fujita. Gocong will play outside, not inside. Gocong/Benard on one side, Roth on the other, and Fujita and Bowens inside. That’s a versatile and intellegent LB corp.

  7. I hope the Browns can trade this turd. Maybe to Dallas for Crayton…or a fifth round pick next year.
    It’s boring watching him get credit for tackles, when they happen at the end of 5-10 yard gains up the middle. And of the five RFA’s that haven’t signed their tenders, this guy is the most likely one NOT to have a starting spot available.
    Why in the hell would you say “Assuming Jackson is healthy and makes good on his promise to not sit out regular season games, we expect him to win a starting job,” Florio???
    You lose credibility with stupid statements like that.
    Read what Pluto wrote…
    “Jackson’s world has changed with all the new players who can take his job.”
    And that is the truth of it all…

  8. i wish his mom had lost that unnecessary apostrophe and substituted a u for that w.

  9. Ummm… Florio didn’t write this article. Evan Silva did.
    You lose credibility with stupid statements like that, ArtModellsPimp

  10. D’Qwell is solid and anyone in Cleveland that thinks Fujita, Gocong, or Bowens are better off starting is crazy.

  11. The man never made a big play…never. No TFL’s, sacks, picks, nothing. He just makes tackles 5-10 yards downfield 10 times a game. As soon as he went down to injury the defense got faster and more aggressive, and played so much better. He’s getting some bad advice from yes men on this one.

  12. These workouts are optional. Only the hungry show up, learn, and try to make an impression. Maybe D’Qwell isn’t hungry enough. Amazing what a motivator hunger can be. 🙂

  13. Jackson will get the chnce to prove how good he is, I think he is better than Fujita, who is a steady player at best.

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